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Geoff Allen's Home Page
J  Geoff Allen's Home Page    [

    Welcome. Here are some recent additions or alterations to my site. Click on whatever takes your fancy ... Greetings    Seven days of prayer    Visit a random site    Sites for sore minds    September journal    WTC memorials    Interesting message board :)    Circle of Light    Mandalas    Meditation Handbook    A few photos :)    Siddhartha    Enjoy ...     

My latest poems, stories, thoughts                                     Take pot luck

   Seven Days of Prayer                  Short Stories                  Poems

Sites worth visiting

Books I have read                       My ideal day program                        

It used to be ... but the image moved ... so here is that pic of the head with no face ... if that makes any sense ... :) ... meant to illustrate a meditative state of 'no-mind' ...

Short Stories   &

The Awakening - a short story about schizophrenia.

Fragments of a conversation

The robot who thought he was human

Just another conversation     {Updated}    7 Days in Heaven & Hell - The story of 7 days in the "loony bin" in February 1999. A few interesting experiences including Unity Consciousness are described. (An attempt to describe the indescribable)     Excerpts from "The Troubled Mind"

Some reflections on Healing      &     Mental Health System

Some thoughts on toxic emotions

A Journey Through madness   {Updated}

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Latest Thoughts etc.   &

Latest Journal entries - updated regularly

   Sites for sore minds      -  updated October 2001

June 2001 poems

Books I have read

A few more random thoughts {chiefly about the experience of schizophrenia}

Random Links Page - June 2001


April 2001 - Love Thy Neighbour?

Poems April 2001 & some poetry links which I have enjoyed visiting

Feb 2001 - Some ducks

Today's Mantra - this piece is a little off-the-wall :)

Some thoughts on the nature of reality & other stuff

What the world might be like if everyone suddenly became a Buddhist

My stir-fry recipe

Proof of the existence of souls

Passing Thoughts {October 2000}

Poems August 2000

Ideas for a short story (for Mental Health Week 2000)

A bedtime story

Incomplete Thoughts {August 2000}

What the future may hold

My impressions of VICSERV conference 2000

New Paradigm June 2000

Pure Nonsense

What is normality?

Imagine That!

What do I believe?

Fun things to do on a winter's day - I wrote this quite some time ago but it's worth a read or two.     Conversations with God {Updated Dec 2001

Whole collection of ideas and quotes Feb 2000

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Poems   &     Several poems about "mental illness"

   January 2002 poems

June 2001 poems

Some unfinished poems Feb 2001

Poems August 2000

More poems Feb 2000     Poems Jan 2000

Some poems from late 1999

Whole bunch of my older poems     More poems are in Journal

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Sites worth visiting &

   Seven Days of Prayer {added September 11, 2001}
after the World Trade Centre crashes

    Take pot luck    

A little more Osho {updated Oct 2001}

Dalai Lama's advice for new Millennium

  Conversations with God {Updated December 2001}

    The Gyuto monks in Australia {updated Feb 2002}

The Way to the Light {updated Feb 2002}

   Journey to Wholeness: the Bipolar Road to Freedom

    The healing of schizophrenia as 'soul in crisis'

Excerpts from Mister God, This is Anna

   Cave In The Snow

Are you as happy as your dog?

Matrix 5

Kids Talk

   The Golden Key by Emmett Fox

Buddhist quote of the moment

The meaning of life

Understanding Love - updated August 2001

   Descriptions of mystical experiences

Awakening The Buddha Within

Humorous Sites

Kindness Meditation Practice

The Law of life

   To dance as if no one is watching

Why People Don't Heal

Inner Smile Meditation

   Excerpts from Emissary of Light

Heart & Soul

Polar bear from greenpeace site ...

Jack Kornfield on mindfulness

   Dadirri: Listening to one another

Native Wisdom for white minds

How Do We Build a Community of Love?

    Michael Leunig Cartoonist {Updated Feb 2002}

   Temporary Insanity

Phoenix Rising

The Bliss of Inner Fire


Poem written while mowing the lawn

Lyrics of "Pray"

   Let's visit a Random Buddhist site

Lyrics of "Affirmation"

To Heal the Broken-Hearted - Hazel Gay
chronicles her 18 year journey through "mental illness"

People can recover from mental illness

   Some sites which give a different view of 'mental illness'
than your friendly neighbourhood psychiatrist

Sablec the Conqueror

Metta Sutra

Poem about the MEEK

Jump to a Random site in the Spirit webring

Questions for smart alecs

Things we can learn from a dog

The finely-tuned universe

The amazing properties of water

Places to Visit

Click on cartoon

Wow Zone {" Wish Only Well"}

Who Are You?

Excerpts from the works of Deepak Chopra

Visit a Random site in the quotations webring.
One of my favourites is here - very eclectic!

Weird fact of the Day.

The Awakening Monk

Chopra webcast on "How to know God"

Planet Earth

Planet Oz {Updated Feb 2002}

   Sites for sore minds - updated October 2001

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