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Just another conversation

A curious question just popped into my head the other day. What would two fully enlightened beings talk about? At first, I thought the answer was simply nothing. My picture of a fully enlightened being is along the following lines. Such a being would hold no fixed opinions. They would see everything from every possible point of view and would never arbitrarily choose to become permanently attached to any one of them as opposed to all the others. Their thinking would no longer be polarised into seeing things in terms of opposites such as black/white, pleasant/unpleasant, beautiful/ugly. The concept of "the unity of opposites" would have progressed from being just an interesting idea to being a real experience of the way things are.

Furthermore, having no fixed point of view, they would feel no need to articulate it or explain it or defend it in the ways we unenlightened folk seem to delight in doing. They would not be devoting their attention to the ephemeral, transient events of this three dimensional realm. This would obviously exclude such topics as sports and politics, which would be seen from a more transcendent and dispassionate perspective

So, at first glance, it would appear that there would not be a lot to talk about in the conventional sense. They may just choose to get together for a cup of coffee and enjoy each other's presence in silence. If they remained silent, they would both be completely comfortable with the other's silence. They would appreciate the fact that you can often communicate much more through silence than through the limitations of the spoken word.

They would also have completely transcended their egos. So neither would feel any desire to appear clever or brilliant or interesting.

On the other hand, enlightened beings generally have a boundless sense of humour. They may chose to share tales of all the silly things they did along their path to enlightenment. I could list examples of all the silly things we unenlightened folk do but that would fill more pages than I care to imagine. Besides, deep down, we all know how silly these things are. No need to despair, however, since each of these silly tings is a step towards ultimate enlightenment even if it is not viewed in that light at th e time.

They may just decide to compose spontaneous poetry in a gestalt celebration of the infinitely mysterious world they live in.

Thought for the day

Okay, not everyone who reads this will believe in reincarnation. I didn't believe in reincarnation in my previous life either. One beautiful consequence of the idea of reincarnation is that there are really no strangers. Every person you see in your daily travels is conceivably a parent or child or brother or sister from a previous life. Even if they were not a close relative, they may have been of great assistance in a time of need in one of your past lives. Article by Anne O'Nymous & Phil O'Sophical

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