Sablec The Conqueror

Sablec is a Vulcan Viking Warrior. The Vulcans lived somewhat primitive, although they had the most advanced technological equipment and data in this section of the Dehogdronesphere. The intriguing part is that Vulcan, known as the planet of fire, actually developed all their advanced systems without the use of fire. But one day, Sablec the bright spark, decided he wanted to make smoke so he invented matches. Once striking the match he set Vulcan a blaze. The Vulcan people fled the planet and Sablec was ban ished from being with Vulcans for one samtetrons (approx. 100,000 earth years), (but in Vulcan time is approx. 10 years).

He was alone flying off into the universe, and being such a caring Viking he decided to visit many prohibited planets which by Vulcan law was not allowed to inhabit. He has spent many dootrenos conquering dominant power hungry regimes, thus saving beings from slavery from greedy overseers. These stories will be told later. But one story thus a few earthlings know of is when he was thrown out of an extraordinary planet constellation, by failing to meet the conditions of the planets requirement by the slave p eople to remove his chains and metal formed objects to carry out victory over these planets. For it was because of metallic instruments these people were enslaved.

These slaves used to chant mantras developing a force field of protection although the Demon Rulers of their planet had developed far more extreme measures of combat and protection. Thus Sablec Kanoptrasion was hurled right across the universe into the earth and sun constellation. Before he could gather his senses and control of his chariot, he was hurled into the gravitational pull of the earth, and his craft managed to land safely.

Now Sablec for the time being was earthbound until he could reconstruct his self-capability to leave. So while being here decided to venture this planet earth where as being in the same solar system as Vulcan these two planets had vowed silence and separation (feuding) about 10,000 dipesetrons ago. So there was very little knowledge of the Earth and its people.

Sablec as all Vulcans, do have very special abilities to create, manifest and also destroy, just by speaking things into and out of existence. As Sablec could not fly his chariot around the earth, as it was too suspicious and he had no idea of the sophistication of this planet's quatrngenilogy. After all, as being thrown onto earth, he did not have time to examine their styles of life. The only things ever spoken in myth and candid laughter was that earth was run by mighedreorons. But on earth they called t hemselves people. Sablec sat for a while and mesmerise of himself into the form and knowing of earth ways, by absorbing the atmosphere and transferring the air and its contents into visible pictures thus transfiguring as a human.

As Sablec knows that all the answers of each planet lies in a composition of the atmosphere. For each planet that which was ever spoken, thought, or done since the beginning, the now, and the here after is present within the composition of each planets atmosphere. Sablec saw the earthlings in all their intelligence and wisdom advanced as they were he considered them as backward and uncivilised more than any other planet he had visited. This made his job somewhat harder on earth as adopting the mentality of humans he feared he might lose his powers and not be able to stretch forth and finish conquering the universe. He found it so amazing that on earth the only way earth people could make possible anything was largely contributed to the fact they had to use their hand s and that was the only way they could create. Sablec could step through doorways of Dimensions and place himself anywhere he wanted to on the earth which he did often. But he would rather keep himself visible to humans as un-evolved as they where; was so highly intriguing to him that he couldn't help but wonder what was the core of their existence and how they had managed to evolve this for.

As he began to learn about the earth he began to realise that earthlings were controlled not as much by their own selves or minds. But has placed much higher values upon things as War, politics and economics, disregarding the fact of life and even death, but, in gaining Powers of wealth and Dominance by the things which were outside of their own minds and body. Sablec quite often broken into hysterical laughter because of this, but also developed as strong compassion for these people. Even though Sablec wa s an evolved being so far greater than all the mentality of the earthlings put together he still could not find a way to help them because of their greed and power of greed and dominance. One day he decided to fly around the world in a Jumbo Jet to develop a sense power that these rich people had. He did not take a passenger seat and fly but by the power of speech spoke his own jumbo jet into existence and entered himself and the jet into the computer and the things necessary to fit himself into the world a s an everyday human, Birth certificate, tax number etc. He even gave himself a new name.

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As Sablec was studying human life form he also decided to make himself a down-trodden hobo that was mentally ill on a pension, so as to see the type of respect he may get as a nobody. But in doing this he became as if and as a result, would temporarily lose his special powers due to the fact that Governing bodies would see him as a depraved lunatic which after all was what he wanted (for his research). But what he didn't realise was that in living like this they also captured him and dosed him up with some very strong medicine. He felt doomed, in all the cosmos and esetranocudemoner he had never encountered this. So until he could find a way back to the metonaneraganbatic existence he was stuck with this. He developed many mentally ill friends and quite often would be found in the spring; sinking a few billy, to try and release the hold the medication had on him and anything else he could get hold of. Now as a pensioner he was very deprived of a sufficient life as he was now governed by money. If you go to th e spring, usually on a Thursday, you will be bound to meet Sablec, getting drunk and telling wild and wonderful stories of Planet Vulcan and the tales of conquering most of the entire galaxy, from dominant beings, and also not forgetting his Jumbo Jet flights around the world as a multi-trillionaire that has been pirated out of his money by hi-jackers and military personally for the exploration of war politics and wealth. Be sure to get your next copy of Sablec the Vulcan to hear of some of the exciting sto ries and see how he gets some of his special power back. If you miss the next copy always remember you can always go to the Springvale hotel and he'll be there telling wild stories of when he was conquering the universe and drinking and trying to remember and release the special powers he had.

Copyright - Gilbert James 1999