A few interesting sites

I shall update this file from time to time (if I remember). The most recent additions are to be found down the bottom of the page. Not necessarily the most interesting or edifying, one has to say, which is all in the eye of the beholder, anyway. Have fun. Namaste.

The Age newspaper

ABC Online

Search Engines - ALL THE WEB       or       Google

Send greeting cards via e-mail

Webshots Photographs - can send them as postcards via e-mail

Visit a random buddhist site

Mum's site

Everything you always wanted to know about Buddhism ... but couldn't be bothered asking ...

Geocities - free personal websites

A list of kids sites

National geographic

Computer Guide - very comprehensive list of topics

Burke's Backyard

Poems by Brianna



Fabulous Photos of Ireland

Pocket Guide to the Internet

Life be in it

The Calm Centre

List of Panoramic Exhibitions

Web's Best Photgraphy pages

Cosmic Cookies

Near Death Experience stories


Some more interesting places to visit

Giggle Garden - more email greeting cards

Rough Guide to Australia


Tenzin Palmo - author of Cave in the Snow

Robina Courtin - from the "Chasing Buddha" documentary on SBS

Living Meditation - at BuddhaNet which is a vast resource on all matters concerning Buddhism

Meaning of mantras

Make your mind an Ocean

Some Buddhist Thoughts on Christmas

Garden Of Enlightenment

Contemplations of The Four Sublime States

Buddha Mind - worth a visit for the graphics alone

Panoramic tour of a house in Florida

Sustaining present awareness by Lama Surya Das

Comprehensive guide to gardening links

Daintree Rainforest gallery

Quantum Healing

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Cute animated monster ... www.monsters.net

Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab

Fractal Extreme website

A random site in the Infinite Fractal Loop Webring

Shiva Ashram in Mt Eliza

Brahma Kumaris & Raja Yoga

Interview with Gary Zukav

Gary's website


Karl Kruszelnicki at the ABC wbsite

Random site in health & wellness webring

Tibetan Medicine

Pet Information - how to care for all kinds of creatures great & small

Giggles from Heaven

How to have more contact with spirit beings

Melbourne's Child

Virtual Library History of Science, Technology & Medicine

Afterlife knowledge

Tibetan Portraits

Travel Photos Network

Lord of the Rings

Pageant of Summer

Click here for a random site in the Cartoonists webring

Some excellent links at the Dharma the Cat site

Chanting Gyuto Monks

The Dharmacist - some interesting links also

Dream Time Stories of the Aborigines

William Ricketts philosophy

Web Camera at Burleigh Heads

Striking Images

Living Now excerpts from Nov/Dec 2000

Another list of sites I compiled

December 2000 Update -

Children's Prayer Hospital

Interesting article on karma

Online etch-a-sketch

Bad Puns

Strait Jacket

Some stress links

A few more

Roman Catacombs

Make Money by Mistake

The lost art of having fun

Visualisation for Relaxation

Pyramids Tour

Send your own drawings via email

Readings Bookshops

Mah Jong T shirt

Meaning of life

Love is like a crayon


Stephanie Dowrick

January 2001 Update -

Walking Meditations - I like them all but esp Balance Harmony & Peace

Desktop Meditations - also has some excellent links

Meditations for life

List of books by Anne Wilson Schaef

Glossary of Buddhist terms

A Human Approach to World Peace

More Dalai Lama links

Some thoughts from Osho on the BIG questions - I like the one about 'Why is the world so crazy?' ... though 'What is love?' is spot on also ...

Relax with a book - has a Real Video interview with the Ausssie 'guru of calm' Paul Wilson

Life Mentoring Links page

Sustaining present awareness

The Great Shift

Buddha Sight

Handwriting analysis of Jung & Freud

poem about Baudelaire

Singing the chaos

Baudelaire Page

Life & poetry of Sandy Jeffs

Readings Bookshops

Make Money by Mistake ...

Quote of the day

Interludes with the Gods

Spleen and Ideal lyrics

Lovely Christmas recipes ... for non-carnivores

I SPY books

Click here for link between cancer & personality ...

Web english teacher

Berkeley Digital Library

Conversations with God email group

Conversations with God website

Are You Getting Enlightened or Losing Your Mind?

Sacred Earth - the wonderful photography of Courtney Milne

Interview with James Twyman

Why Science Cannot Cure Cancer and AIDS without Your Help

I awake

Great Books Online

e.g. Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson

{That site also has dictionary, thesaurus, quotations, encyclopedia etc}

Internet Public Library

The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations

Shared Visions

Inner Smile Meditation

The critical mass of enlightenment

Arts & Healing Network

Questions for smart-alecs

OzEmail Home page

visualisation for relieving pain

Paintings of JMW Turner

Temporary Insanity

The Way To The Light

7 Gifts of the third millennium

Footsteps in the sand

This thing called life


The Whole Soul Hug


Click here for good karma

Sand Mandala

List of best Mandala sites

Bridging Heaven & Earth

Website of Susan Jeffers - author of 'I'm OK ... you're a Brat!'

Interesting colloquial version of the Tao Te Ching

Tonglen meditation: Exchanging Oneself for Others

Kiss of God

The Gyuto Monks

A Random Joke

Earth Echo

All I need to know about life I learned from my dog


Science of Mind - based on the writings of Ernest Holmes


Sometime during eternity by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Silly limericks for kids

Collection of Quotations websites

More Sacred Music

The Mystic

UG Krishnamurti and his non-philosophy ...  

Contemporary Pioneers of Human Consciousness

The Wings of Wisdom - has interview with James Twyman

Excerpts from his book Emissary of Light

Bede Griffiths - reflections on the contemplative life

That site has some excellent links, including 'inner explorations' & St Michael's Abbey & The Empty Bell which are worth checkin out, IMO

The 100th Monkey

Women of Wisdom

Chanting - including Overtone

Primordial sound meditation

Mandala Project - Quilts - interesting ... & links ...

To dance as if no one is watching

Awakening Into Awareness

Interlude Retreat has a huge list of meditations, including a great driving meditation - which would sure reduce the incidence of 'road rage'; plus 'the art of hugging' & 'sitting down, doing nothing' and many others ...

The Golden Key by Emmett Fox plus 'You can't afford the luxury of a negative thought'

Namaste:    Meaning    Poem    Definition    Namaste Life    Namaste cafe

March 2001 Update -


Elias - some very interesting 'transcripts' on an astonishing range of subjects

Photo Voyage - Nature's Medicine

Rick Strassman - author of 'The Spirit Molecule'

World as Tantric Adventure

Excellent 'family' site

Cape Schanck - I've been on these rocks ... :) {Photo 0257 especially}

HUGE list of animal welfare sites

Ashtar Command

Some great Aussie photos

The Reader's Vine - book reviews, discussion and over 1700 web links

The Third Alternative - correspondence about Krishnamurti

Chalk Drawings on the pavement

Natural Visions

What is Love?

May 2001 Update

Quips & quotes

SHINE Consumer Newsletter April 2001

Intereting histroy of herbology in various parts of the globe

Sandy MacGregor's website

James Finn Garner - author of Politically Correct Bedtime Stories amongst other things

Some Jung excerpts & links ...

Psychotherapy, Meditation & Spirituality

Extensive Links Page - if you don't find something in this list that you find illuminating or stimulating then you're just not trying ...

Writings - includes The Bipolar Road to Freedom

Cellular Awakening

Interesting discussion of spirtuality & mental health by Les Mitchell

A Dream for One World by Segev Perets

The Silly Vicar

The Noosphere - The Expanding Web of Consciousness

A few 'unexplained' links - includes Wing Makers website which is well worth a visit or two

Cropped from one of my faves that ended up with Dave?? 'The Plodder' ... :)


Khyentse Rinpoche

Zen Ponderings #428

Multidimensional cellular healing

Rainer Maria Rilke Poetry Archive

More dolphin links than you're ever likely to need - some fabulous art & photography

Mother Nature - an extensive online library about health matters

The Esoteric Philosophy Homepage

B E F O R E   T H E   B E G I N N I N G

Heart & Soul Healing

   Sites for sore minds   

{And many more links may be found in my journal ...}