It was a grey and chilly day in old Melbourne town when i decided to have a spot of fun with the gang at the good ol' Chopra Forum. This message was posted as # 60,030. Some of you may be interested to navigate back to see what else was happening around that date (May 17, 2001). The navigation takes a bit of getting used to. For instance, say the current message is 60,666 and you wish to go back to the one I mentioned. You would need to select '100 messages per page' and go to page number 7. I hope that makes some sense.

{Assuming the forum is still in existence in cyberland if/when someone reads this page of mine. If it is not, I may save a few of the relevant messages - here. That's IF I remember to save them and upload them.}

Anyway, I found it a useful literary device to 'step outside' myself (which many mystics recommend, in order to experience ultimate reality) and write from the perspective of a visitor from our distant future. It certainly allowed me to explore ideas & possibilities that would not have been possible as 'myself'. Much of the following simply popped into my mind as I sat there tapping away at the keyboard.

And who knows, much truth is spoken in jest. I am sure the prospect of coalescence would appeal greatly to many of the forum participants.

Greetings once again, fellow travelers,

As I said yesterday, I am from a timeframe far into your future. I have enjoyed my brief visit to your time but I must return. Before I do, there may be some among you who are curious about what the future holds. I really shouldn't tell you anything specific but you people look as if you can be trusted.

Eventually, the members of this forum will coalesce into a single entity with remarkable telepathic powers. This entity devotes all its energy to the greater good by transmitting Geoff's insights to all the inhabitants of the universe 24 hours a day. You will finally know what it's like inside Geoff's mind and so will countless billions. I bet some of you are getting excited just at the thought of such a prospect. But please contain yourselves if you can.

Naturally, this process will not happen overnight but it will happen. Believe me.

I can also tell you that one of his famous mantras is still in use millions of years after it first popped spontaneously into his consciousness. "I am the so many nocturnals of worlds". It has already been translated into all the most popular intergalactic languages. Nobody is really sure how or why this particular mantra produces the often magical results that it does. So, we don't worry oursleves trying to look for an explanation of such things. We're much less uptight in the future. There are now entire solar systems devoted exclusively to singing or chanting this mantra on an ongoing basis.

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So, why not be among the first on your block to start singing this enchanted phrase. You'll be so glad you did.

{Those of you who may be still a little uptight about such matters can start off slowly by whispering it gently under your breath or singing it silently in the canyons of your minds as you go about your daily activities}

That's about all I have to say for now. I may be back. See you in the future. Have fun. Drive safely and all that crap.

As a parting gesture, here's a nice link that may provide some of you with an insight or two, especially the section on 'Evolution and the concept of time':

Glossary from the WingMakers time capsule


P.S. If Geoff's behaviour sometimes seems erratic & inexplicable, have patience. He is already subconsciously channeling several cosmic entities. Some psychiatrists mistakenly call this phenomenon 'schizophrenia'. Just as some people used to believe the earth was flat.

If you are wondering why I am speaking about Geoff as if he is not here, our records indicate that at this juncture he takes a brief hiatus from his computer for a week or so. So, he'll never bother reading this message. Nobody ever delves back much past the most recent 50 messages or so, which is a pity because there are some unread gems lurking in the 60,000 messages at this place. Such is life.

Have no fear. He will return with fresh enthusiasm and new and perplexing insights into the ultimate nature of reality which are simply mind gobbling. Mind you, I won't tell you what they are. I wouldn't want to spoil anyone's fun. And let's all admit it, there is a lot of fun to be experienced within this illusion of uncertainty. Omniscience was such a bore. That's why we all created this realm in the first place.

Ooops. forget I said that last sentence. Wipe your memories clean. I may have damaged the timeline continuum for this universe. How careless of me.

Our records also indicate that some of you are not getting enough exercise. Remember, a healthy body reflects a healthy mind and vice versa. So, quit staring at this flickering monitor radiating god-knows-what into your eyeballs and go outside and hug a tree or something.

Until we meet again (some sunny day)


Then I had a few ideas for what i may post upon my return ...

May the force be with you

Upon my return ?? (with 'fresh enthusiasm & new & perplexing insights into the ultimate mysteries of existence') ...

I'm back. Did anyone miss me? If you did, then shame on you. You should be practising nonattachment. Actually, I'm finding nonattachment to be a lot more fun than I would at first have imagined. Maybe that Buddha dude was really onto something 2500 years ago.

Okay, have I missed anything exciting while I was away? Did any of you mugs post anything remotely interesting? Or was it the same old, same old. Only kidding, you know I love everyone here, especially you. There's no need at all for your posts to be interesting or stimulating in any way. No pressure. No expectations. One day all-the-world will live this way. Won't it be grand. I think I better go now, the doctors want to give me some happy pills. Sayonara.

Anyone have any questions at all? I have now well & truly realised with indescribable clarity the absolute truth of the statement: "Meditation is the (only) answer to every question you have ever asked or will ever ask". Words are useless. Laguage is so inadequate. Woefully insufficient. No wonder the Taoists say: "He who knows does not speak."

Here's a couple of other random comments it might be useful to post at some stage -

* Please feel entirely free to vent your frustrations onto me but that is no REAL solution to your problem. You have simply misunderstood the nature of your own existence.

* One day you will understand these words. that day may even be today. You are still clinging to the illusion that your way of viewing or interpreting reality is somehow 'better' than somebody else's. Now, there's nothing intrinsically 'wrong' with this but such clinging is ultimately the source of every painful experience that human beings go through on their path to the truth.

* Hey, folks! Haven't you heard? Reality is an interpretation. Words such as 'hostile', like it or not are merely a personal REACTION to or interpretation of the actions of another. In essence, all events are neutral. The choice of interpretation is up to the individual. Of course, it only becomes a CONSCIOUS choice once the individual has awoken. :)

* On criticising the actions or nonactions of others ... do you honestly believe the best contribution you can make to the universe is the energy of judging another's actions or nonactions ... {needs work} ...

* All human misery ultimately stems from a false belief about the true nature of your own existence

* At the end of the day, your own direct experience is the ONLY reality on which you can base ANY conclusions. {Of course, meditation allows you access to an entire realm of consciousness & experience that is universal rather than personal & individual}

* What am I doing for the starving kiddies? I am radiating pure love energy into the world rather than the dark energy of accusation & blame & judgement.

* Fear affects the way everyone behaves - the children of strangers - if you sense that the parents are operating from a place where their minds are filled with thoughts of mistrust & suspicion & worry ...

* More in journal around May 22 ...

Once upon a time, the people of the world believed the earth was flat. At the time, it seemed a perfectly reasonable description of reality based on the facts known to people of that era. We like to look back and ask how could they be so silly but at the time few people would have given any consideration to an alternative picture of reality.

Hey, has anyone here read How to know God? I was browsing in a shop the other day and happened to open this book at 'random' to page 129. It talks about Abraham Maslow and peak experiences and Freud and monsters and redefining human nature. Looks like a good read. I think it's by some bloke called Chopra or something like that. But as we all know, what's in a name?

Here is an elephant stamp for the first among you who transcribes the relevant section from the paperback edition of "HTKG" and posts it to the forum. The little voices in my head are telling me that it is vital to the evolution of mankind that somebody does me this little favour. I would go out and purchase a copy myself but I couldn't be bothered. :)

If we are indeed all ONE, would anyone out there care to pay my electricity bills this month? :)

Google search of schizophrenia & channeling cosmic entities

I channeled one entity that informed me that I am the medical namesake of reality, which I found a rather amusing way of looking at things ... :)

I can understand that based on your own present lifetime experience you could make such a statement but you need to realise I was misdiagnosed (I can hardly blame the psychiatrists at the time, I am reminded of Jesus on the cross saying "Forgive them, for they know not what they do") Anyway, I was plugged directly into the mind of God and it made me appear quite 'mad'. So, you see, everything I say is literally the gospel truth. One day you too will plug into the mind of God and you will see that what I say is true. Until that blessed day, please feel entirely free to regard me as a lunatic or anything else that makes you feel comfortable. But not TOO comfortable. Extreme comfort is actually the sign of a lazy or frightened soul that believes it has stopped growing ... :)

For those of you who feel they may be starseeds or not-of-this-world, you might like to try the following sites:

Are you a starseed?

The Wanderers Forum

Starseed profile

Noosphere - the expanding web of consciousness

Star People ~ Beyonders ~ Wanderers

Network of Light Visualisation Project

ET101: The cosmic instruction manual for planetary evolution

The Starseed Transmissions by Ken Carey

Some Links:

Sites for sore minds - compiled around the same period in May 2001.

Cosmic Awareness website - seemed somehow appropriate. Enjoy exploring the literally millions of words transcribed from these Cosmic Awareness readings.

Click here for some poetry at the Wingmakers site

Click here for the main Wingmakers site. I was drawn to this comment:

"For those of you visiting this site for the first time, please be patient with the disclosure I've made related to the WingMakers and their time capsule. This is not an easy story to grasp or to tell. You'll need to be both persistent and patient in your review of these materials. It's taken me over six months to come to terms with the WingMakers and what their story is really all about. It's an enormous story, unlike anything I had ever experienced before. But it's worth the time and effort to investigate it, and if you do, don't be surprised if things in your life take on an entirely new perspective. That's what these materials can enable if you spend the time with them. I hope that you do"

Click here for links to the WingMakers community

Click here for their download page

Google search of schizophrenia & channeling cosmic entities did indeed toss up some interesting results.

A few more suggestions or links I may post to the gang

Update June 5th, 2001 -

It has been an interesting couple of weeks at the forum, one way or other ... then over the days of June 3, 4, 5 I put together one of my more inspired (thought that is always in the eye of the beholder) contributions. To see what I mean, you'll need to click here ...

I could give some background to the post but it is fairly self-explanatory, if somewhat rambling and tangential in character. This is nothing new for me. As I say in the body of the message, large portions of it are simply whatever nonsense happened to pop into my head while I was tapping away at the keyboard. There are enough links embedded in the post to keep anyone out of mischief for some time.

Note: as of this moment, I have not actually posted it to the forum. It is conceivable I will have a change-of-heart and decide not to post it. It is also conceivable I will have a heart attack in the middle of this sentence and thus never have the chance to post it. However, should that happen, you wouldn't be reading these words as I would also not have had the chance to upload this file from my computer to my website. Unless, of course, my spirit, after departing my body, manages to telepathically convince some passer-by to break into my house and do likewise.

{Update: Eventually got posted as message 60333}

I suppose the delicious irony is that if the forum participants were all pretty much in general agreement and no dissenting voices were being aired, I probly would not have been 'provoked' (or inspired - reality is an interpretation, after all) into composing that post in dribs & drabs over the course of two or three days and to write what I did in the way that I did ...

On further reflection, I suppose I could have supplied a bookmark {as above} and pointed out that the sentence structure was precisely designed to work on a subliminal or microscopic level and bypasss the ordinary, everyday rational aspect of a person's consciousness and if read several times daily and clicking on the links and meditating on them while about to nod off ... the results might amaze you ...

Trust me. I wouldn't mislead you now, would I?

Just after posting that, I found some interesting Persinger links about magnets and brains and consciousness and stuff like that - see journal entries for June 6th 2001 ...

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