Excerpts from Emissary of Light

by James Twyman

From Page 96 -

"How will I communicate this?" I asked him.

"By learning to work with Divine Light, or the essence of creation, you'll learn to communicate truth on every level. Your music will communicate an experience of peace that transcends the music and words. Your teaching will communicate a certainty that will be undeniable. And your writing will communicate the fundamentals of Light, or the intellectual understanding that will enable people to release their fear to experience truth. You will teach what you learn. You will give only that which you allow yourself to receive. This, in fact, is how teaching works.

He stood up and moved to a log just to my left. His presence was riveting. He leaned forward and held my arm.

"For thousands of years the Emissaries of Light have prepared the world for this time. Our only function has been to keep the doors of heaven open, or to keep the flow of Divine Light conscious and strong. Because humanity has chosen this strange path, we have existed to speed up the return to love. Our work has been to translate the energies of hate and fear to joy and innocence. ... We carry out this mission in secret because it is not necessary that people know we are here. Imagine what would happen if they knew we were here. Until now, they have not been ready to understand what it is we do. But that is changing. We have been the guardians of th human race. Until now, we have waited in the shadows for humanity to be ready to control its own destiny. There are now enough enlightened minds to make this possible. The shift from fear to love will be easy if those who have accepted love step forward and act as stewards to this awakening. Knowing about the work of the Emissaries will speed up this movement. When humanity chooses to accept freedom over bondage, our job will be done. This is what you must communicate to the world, Jimmy."

... "This is my home," he said. "Here is everything I own. My entire existence is focused on one thing - extending Divine Light. The meditation session lasts twelve hours every day. When it is over I come here. Nothing changes really. The Light channels through me wherever I am. This is my function, my chosen job. I once was no different from you. I had a regular life, I traveled, I had a family. But then i was called. When I sat down in the center of the wheel my old life disappeared."

"Our job is literally to save the world, not from damnation but from the result of its own violent thoughts. Now that you are here your life will never be the same again. You have accepted most important mission, to proclaim the end of time. But the end of time will not come like people think, in a puff of smoke. Time will end in Light because it began in darkness. Time will end when humanity accepts eternity as its home. This is indeed the single most important moment in history. Your function is to help people understand the true meaning of peace so they can choose love over fear."

I sat down on the chair. "I'm not sure why I'm here or what's going to happen, but this whole thing is beginning to overwhelm me. I'm going to declare the end of time? Please don't misunderstand me, this has been a most incredible exoperience, but I'm frightened to death. If what you're saying is true, then I should be overwhelmed by the importance of this place and what's happenening to me. If it's not, then I should accept that we're both crazy. I'm not sure what to believe."

"You will see for yourself. You won't have to take my word for it for long. Beginning tomorrow you will join us for meditation at midnight. Don't worry about the twelve hours. As you found out earlier today, the Light takes you, you enter into the space of timelessness and then it is over. You will come to my hut every afternoon. I will be your teacher. Then you will leave and return to the United States. You will receive further instructions after you arrive there. The others who came with you will learn what they came to learn. No-one is here by accident, just like you."

... "I know you'll find a way to tell people the truth in a way they can hear you. "Youre good at that."

"But they will think I'm crazy."

"The world is crazy," she said. "Since when has the world been so wise? You'll be telling them that they are made of love. Simple. You'll say that heaven is real and that they can experience it right now. They don't have to die or experience a hundred more lifetimes. This is what everyone is dying to hear. They've just been waiting for someone to say it with certainty. And that's what you'll do. Of course, some people will think you're crazy. But others will understand. Those are the people you're being sent to, I'm sure."

"But why me? Surely there are people a lot more qualified than I am."

"Jimmy, there's something that happens to you when you perform. You become translucent, almost like you disappear. It's as if you become the music and the music becomes you." ...


From Page 155 -

"Fear always seems real. Otherwise you wouldn't give it power over your life. Two of the guidelines I have given you are surrender and trust. To surrender means to understand that you need help to escape from fear. You cannot do it on your own or you would have done it already. You must learn to step back and surrender to the One who can show you truth. You must let go of your ideas of how it should be done and accept the vision of the One who really knows."

"The second guideline is trust. You must trust you will be given a new answer. Trust clears the cobwebs from the dark corners of your mind that darkness has left behind. The more you trust the qucker you'll discover peace."

"There is one final guideline I want to give you: gratitude. Gratitude is to your awakening what plutonium is to a nuclear missile. It is the spark that ignites hidden sources of energy and Light, lifting you to a whole new level of joy and peace. You have so much to be grateful for. You have surrendered to a deeper knowing and way, you have put your trust in this new vision of life, and you are grateful for the incredible new perspectives they have shown you. Your gratitude will fill your heart like a balloon, lifting you above the old thought patterns that kept you bound to the earth. It is a natural experience that marks your entry into whole new dimensions of Light."

He stood up and stepped back from the fire, suddenly excited and animated. "You will be grateful for everything. This is not a trick or a psychological tool. As you release fear through surrender and trust, incredible waves of Light will wash over you. You'll begin to feel joy and peace greater than you ever knew existed. It has always been there, you were just afraid to look. But you're not afraid to look anymore and when you do you will be astonished and amazed. Gratitude will flow out of you like ... like juice from an orange. Oh, and how sweet that juice will tatse!"

... "Humanity has forgotten itself and as you and I and others in the world rememeber our true identity, then share it, humanity itself will remember. Each time the spark of memory dawns on an open mind it sends out a signal to all minds, it creates a ripple that goes through the web of creation, calling it to awaken. Every living creature feeld that ripple in the quietest, deepset chamber of its heart. As more and more beings remember, it will be like throwing a handful of rocks into a lake. A thousand ripples will expand and echo within the heart of creation, and within the heart of each creature, that echo will become a pounding drum calling it to awaken, to come alive. And all of this is born through gratitude, Jimmy. A grateful heart is the most powerful force in the universe."

He was like a child overcome with excitement. Just talking about these things was enough to spark incredible enthusiasm and joy. I could feel it as well. It was as if his joy were overflowing into me, and I stood up and began jumping up and down. Suddenly I was laughing uncontrollably.

"Wow, I can feel it inside me. I can feel the gratitude and joy building, I feel like I'm about to burst."

"Then burst away," he screamed as he threw his hands up in the air. "Youre discovering the passion of waking up. Remembering who you are is not a quiet, somber thing. It's like an electric current that shoots through every part of you. ... This is what you are, Jimmy. Your fear has been hiding this from you. Why? Because you were afraid you would blow apart if you experienced who you really are. Your ego was afraid you would lose your ability to interact with the world. But it's not true. The ego made the world. The spirit only plays with it like a child. The ego makes everything serious and important. The spirit laughs at everything. Which vision of the world do you want, the ego's or the spirit's? What you're feeling right now is the spirit's. If you want it you can have it. There's nothing to be afraid of."

There we were, jumping around the fire with our hands in the air, laughing and screaming. I didn't care if anyone heard us. I felt as if the dam had just broken. The ego had built an enormous wall to hold back passion and joy. Surrender had put a crack in that wall, trust put a hole in it and gratitude blew it apart. I knew I could never build that wall again. I leaned back and drank it in.


From Page 170 -

"You can only see what you allow ourself to see. The children in Medjugorje would be incapable of hearing a message delivered by someone they didn't believe in. Imagine if an apparition of Lord Krishna appeared on that hill instead of the Blessed Mother. A purple man on a hill, that's all they would have seen. But put that same vision in India to six Hindu children and the response would be quite different. The same revelation, a different messenger."

"If you asked my mother, she would tell you that divine revelation only happens to Catholics."

"And that is the filter your mother will see through. If she believes that she alone is right and that other people of different faiths cannot have an equally valid experience of God, then she has put a ceiling on her own experience. This is the problem with concepts, they always have a limit, or a ceiling. The ultimate goal, and this is what you are learning here, is not to have a ceiling at all. This happens by releasing all your concepts. When you no longer use symbols to see God you will see God directly, the reality beyond all symbol and concepts. This is the experience of non-judgement and it is present in every releigion and tradition. It is through non-judgement that all religions and traditions unite and become one."

His explanation made sense to me. In some ways he was bridging the gap between the way i was raised and the things I now believed. So many of my friends consider themselves "recovering Catholics". I never related to those feelings because I was somehow able to skate across the negative aspects of Catholicism and see the beauty and depth. And yet the message of the Church was still often centred on guilt, sin, and punishment. Everything I was now experiencing showed me something different, a God of forgiveness, not of punishment.

... I saw Nadina as I was walking along the path towards the house. She was sitting beside a pond, staring into space. When she saw me she smiled and motioned for me to come sit with her.

She said, "It's so peaceful here. I dont understand what's happening but something is changing inside me. I can feel it. I was so worried before, nothing was going right and I was dissatisfied with my life. Now I realise I don't have to leave Rijeka to be happy. I can be happy right where I am."

... "The work the Emissaries do is the most important in the world. And yet it is quiet, removed. Their work is done in secret without prestige or praise. No-one even knows they're here. People go on with their lives, never knowing who it is that has been nurturing them. like children who never fully appreciate what their parents have done to raise them. The world may never know what the Emissaries have done, and that's fine. That is why I love these people. This is the purest form of unconditional love I have ever seen."

... He and the other Emissaries had been saving us for centureis. The doubts were still there but there was also the confidence i would be given everything I would need. The journey was just beginning.

... "I'm afraid people will think I'm crazy."

"You're afraid people will think you're crazy for what?"

"I'm afraid people will think I'm crazy if I tell them about the Emissaries."


I learned that although they honor Teacher and the other Emissaries they don't treat them like gurus or saints. The Emissaries teach equality regardless of one's function or job. Holding anyone on a pedestal creates division and division leads to fear.


From Page 180 -

"The final lesson is about the true meaning of love. I have said before that fear is the self-imposed block to the awareness of love's presence. When fear is released, love is revealed. And yet the true experience of love is beyond anything you can now imagine. It lies past all the images and symbols you have made to obscure love's call. And yet it is closer than you know, closer than your breath or even the silent whisper of love's longing for itself. And what is the secret that love has whispered into your half-closed ear, the distant echo that has haunted you so? You are the very essence of Love. This very moment, just as you are, in spite of all the preconceived ideas you have of yourself, love claims you and accepts you."

"You have forgotten who you are because in your fear of losing love you have witheld that which is your foundation. Love by its very nature is a gift that is freely given. And yet this gift is know only as it is given again. Only when love is breathed from one heart to another is it fully experienced. When love is witheld it is forgotten, and because you and love were born together, you are forgotten with her. She lies hidden within you beside the still forgotten memory of your truest Self. Though asleep and dreaming, she awaits the dawn when her name is called and she is again brought back to life. And the awakening of love is your awakening as well, so intimately linked, all from giving freely that which you are: the full awareness of love's presence. But this awakening process requires that you give up all the ways you have tried to limit and contain her."

"True, or unconditional, love is unaware of the strange demands you impose on your relationships. Love is the same for all. Your attempts to reserve love for specific relationships and then withold it from others is the very thing that has blocked your vision of love's presence. Give as love gives - just as the sun that gives its light to all who ask, or the sparrow that sings not for the one who listens, but for the song itself. When you give love, love is your reward. When you judge some people as worthy of your giving and other people as undeserving, then it is you who is undeserving; not because you have been judged by love but because you have forgotten love's law."

"You, in your essence are the foundation of unconditional love. The water you give refreshes the whole universe, for you are not separate from one part of the universe but are intimately linked to all. Let your gift be free, then. Let it flow from you and wash over all those you see, all those who cross your path. Do not think that you cannot still have relationships that are more involved than others. Involvement has nothing to do with love. There will always be those in your life with whom you share the deeper pulse of your thoughts and those whom you do not. But the love you give is the same for each of them. It is but the recognition of the very same life of which you are continually reborn."

"Love is a knowing, a pure understanding. It knows that all things are whole, regardless of their appearance or delusion, and it gives itself wholly, without judgement, without recognizing the difference between this relationship or that. It understands that there is only one real relationship and it is the one we all share, the Self that is beyond the thought or the idea of Love, the holy encounter of life with life. The secret of unconditional love is that we are all the same, holy beyond imagination. This is what the release of fear reveals. This is what you are all looking for. And this is what you will find when you open your heart to every element of creation."

We sat there for a very long time without saying a word. The silence was overwhelming. I looked up at Teacher and thought I noticed a change. His face began to glow, I was sure of it. The Light radiated from him and all around him. Then it extended to include all of us. We were engulfed in the Light. I cannot describe what this is like because it is beyond anything the world can understand. Several of the women and attendants stood up from their chairs. One of them started jumping up in the air and another began laughing out loud. Soon we were all laughing and dancing, moving with the energy and sharing the Light. I could no longer tell the difference between myself and the others. In that instant I understood everything. I was teacher. I was the Light. I swam in the ocean of sameness and knew I would never leave again.

From Page 195 -

"Do you think it's possible there could be a secret society that has kept the world from destroying itself? ... They do a special type of meditation that cancels out much of the negative energy in the world and replaces it with what they call Divine Light. What would you say about that?"

I felt I had just destroyed everything I had learned. I couldn't have given a more ridiculous description. Arthur laughed, "I don't know. Anything is possible."

"Don't laugh because I have just spent the last two weeks at such a place."

"So, what are you going to do?"

"Do you believe me?"

"Of course I believe you," he said smiling.

"But don't you think it's way out there? I mean if someone came up to me with a story like that I would think they were either crazy or .. I dont know, just crazy."

"Who's to say how these things work? You know as well as I do that Spirit moves in mysterious ways. I've sometimes wondered what was holding everything together. This must be the answer. So what now? What are you going to do?"

"I haven't the slightest idea. Teacher said that I would just know when the time is right. Well, the time must not be right. Should I start doing workshops? Should I write letters to magazines?"

"Why don't you write another book?"

"Because I don't do that anymore. I'm a musician not a writer. My first book went nowhere. It was a lot of fun, but I need a way that will make the whole world know about the Emissaries. I have this incredible responsibility. I don't know why they chose me, but they did."

... My uncertainty about my "function" in life paralysed me. There was no one to turn to since I had told no one else about the Emissaries. I became very depressed. Each day I walked around the island hoping the waves would wash a bottle onto the shore that would have the answer to all my problems. I was beginning to feel like the Emissaries had made a terrible mistake. Maybe I wasn't the one to bring this message to the world. Maybe I should just forget about the whole thing.

... When I picked up my guitar the music was hollow and lifeless. I tried to forget everything that had happened to me. I nearly succeeded in convincing myself it never really happened. Or perhaps I was set up. Maybe these people were nothing more than crazy dreamers sitting out in the woods making themselves feel important.It was time to forget it all and get on with my life. I couldn't let this craziness destroy me.

Then one night I had a dream. Suddenly I was standing outside the meditation building. It was broad daylight and I wondered if a session was going on. I went inside. teacher was sitting there looking at me.

"Are you ready yet?"

"If you're asking if I'm ready to start, the answer is that I'm beyond ready. I've been wandering around for months waiting for a clue. I've just about given up. Why can't you just tell me how I'm supposed to do this? You obviously know what needs to be done."

"Only you can decide. You have so many gifts, Jimmy. It doesn't even matter how you do it. Just begin somewhere.

"I don't know if I can. I've practically forgotten everything you taught me. And yet I have no energy to do anything else. I feel like I'm caught in the middle and can't move. I can't find peace anywhere whether I'm in Croatia or Chicago or Boston. Everywhere I go there is nothing but confusion."

"Don't look for peace here, Jimmy. But find it everywhere."

I looked at him. "What did you say? That's the telepathic message all of you used to send to me at the end of each session. 'Seek not peace here, but find it everywhere'"

... We began walking in the direction of Teacher's hut. The dream was completely real, as if I weren't dreaming at all, but back in Croatia.

... "Do you remember when I told you about seeing past the masks people wear? Our masks are the ways we hide who we really are. You can't heal a mask but you can heal what is behind it. Simply by seeing that the face behind the mask is already perfect. It is already healed. Healing, then, is simply helping people take off their masks and showing them who they really are."

... The chant finally made sense. Suddenly I understood everything. The Peace of God is all that is real. This is the foundation of truth. It was so simple, I could not believe I had resisted it.

... "Humanity is ready for this message, Jimmy. They will believe you, I assure you. They want to believe in the Emissaries of Light. The world has been waiting for people to tell the truth, the truth they have always felt inside them, but that they could never quite identify. Tell them what the Emissaries have done for them. Teach them that they are ready to take a new step, a step so tiny it will hardly be noticed. And yet this tiny step is a leap past the conflict and fear that has seemed so real for so long. Humanity is ready but it must believe it is ready. This is your purpose, to declare its readiness."

... Suddenly I was alone. I woke up and sat up in my bed It was suddenly so clear. I knew I didn't have any time to waste. I got out of bed, turned on the light and sat down at the desk.

Emissary of Light by James Twyman

People will believe me, I thought. They'll believe because they need to. It was midnight. I wrote for twelve hours straight.


..... From Page 251 ....

"What is the Door to Eternity?"

"It is an entryway to truth that has been right in front of you all along. As a human being, you exist in a three-dimensional universe. And yet there are other dimensions of which you are completely unaware but that you have the ability to access. This is what a true Emissary does, move between these different dimensions. There is literally a door that is always directly in fron of you. You need to learn to sense and actually see the door, then put your attention to it. The more attention you give it, the more energy you will receive from it. And then it will pull you through it, all of you. It will put you to the fourth dimension, a dimension beyond time and space, what you might call the causal level of existence. It is here that you will truly experience Divine Light, the source of creation. And then you will step back, back to the physical universe, and yet you will bring something of the fourth dimension back with you. This is what you will share. This is the gift an Emissary gives to the world."

"You're telling me that i will step through the door physically? You mean I will actually step into a whole new world?"

"You are the one who thinks your body and spirit are separate. I said that you will step through the door completely, every element of your being. This includes your physical body. Even it must be transformed by the Light. When you do step through the door, you may decide not to come back. There is nothing wrong with that decision, but you must remember that you chose to become an Emissary and an Emmissary always comes back. They are a link between the two worlds, the world of illusions and the real world. You and those who come after you will be like a signal to the rest of humanity. You will show them the way, just like I showed you the way."

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"You must step through the Door to Eternity, the door that leads away from time. This is the step that all the other lessons have led to. It begins with the release of fear then sees past the illusion of separartion. Once you have allowed Divine Light to build within you and permeate your being, only then are you ready to see the door. All it takes is a shift in perception to see it."

"How can I see the Door to Eternity?"

"Your desire will show it to you. I can help you focus your attention on the Door, but it is your desire to see it that reveals the passage to the foruth dimension."

Teacher asked me to sit down and close my eyes. He then led me through the meditation I learned when we were still with the Emissaries. I pulled my emotions together and projected them through my heart. My entire body was filled with an amazing energy. The symbols on the rocks seemed to charge the air. The energy flooded from my heart and filled the area with Light.

"Now I want you to focus your attention about ten feet in front of you. Don't focus on anything in particular, just allow your gaze to hover in empty space. Now allow the Light that is being projected from your heart to fill that empty space. Don't try to see the Door with your eyes at first, but use your intuition and emotions. It is right in front of you. You just need to notice that the Light that is coming from your chest is disappearing in the area you are focussing on. It is actually being pulled into the Door. As this happens, you will feel yourself expanding. It will happen slowly, but as you allow the energy to build you will begin to see an opening - not a physical opening, but one that exists beyond the physical. It is a new dimension, the entryway to a new level of existence."

As he spoke I began to sense something like a door or an opening hovering about ten feet in front of me. I couldn't see it with my eyes but I did feel it. The Light coming from my heart began to disappear in the area of the opening. After about a minute something began to change. I could see something forming, almost like a piece of clear plastic floating in space. The Light was hitting the opening and then disappearing as if it were being sucked in. I felt myself wanting to go to the Door. Seeing it filled me with incredible peace and joy, and I wanted to see where it led.

"Allow the door to take you," Teacher said. "The Light you are projecting into the Door is like a rope that pulls you closer. Let it pull you out of time to eternity. Let your desire grow strong and increase until you feel you must go to it. The Light will pull you. Just let yourself be taken."

I felt myself being sucked into the Door. Everything around me began to fade and my mind did not operate as it normally did. I was totally at peace, yet filled with an incredible energy. I didn't know if my body was moving or not. All I knew was that my essence was being pulled forward, as if this was the fulfillment of my entire life, to step out of time. I was floating through space, moving slowly toward the Door. As I did, I could see through it, as if the whole universe were on the other side. If I stepped through I knew the world would disappear. Everything I knew would be gone.

Suddenly I was moving backward, back into my body. I was afraid, and with that thought the Door to Eternity began to disappear. A few seconds later I was aware of my surroundings, the rock I was sitting on, and teacher still sitting in front of me.

"What happened?" I asked him, disappointed that I was back.

"Fear is what happened. You were afraid of what would happen if you stepped outside of time. Just for an instant you believed that everything you know would disappear forever, as if everything you love would be gone. Fear is the only thing that keeps you from seeing the Door to Eternity. It doesn't surprise me that this happened. I would have been amazed if you were able to step through so quickly. Just being aware of the Door is a major step. That alone is a great accomplishment."

"Will I be able to see the Door again?"

"Look in front of you and see if you can see it."

I took a deep breath and let my gaze hover where i saw the door before. Within a few seconds I could see it, just as it had been. Once again I felt the incredible peace of being aware of the Door to Eternity.

"When you've seen the Door once, you will always be able to see it again." Teacher said. " You just need to know how to look. You've trained your eyes not to see it. But you can relearn and discover what has always been right in front of you eyes. Stepping through the Door is something that will happen on its own when you have completely released your fear. You will step out of time and experience eternity, then you will step back as an Emissary of Light. I have taught you everything I can about this. There is another who is coming to you. He will be the one who will take you to the next level."

"What do you mean?" I asked. "Do you mean that I will have another teacher? Where will you be?"

"I'll be right where I've always been - within you. I cannot tell you anything more about the one who will come, only that you need him and he can help you. All I will say is this: You must be diligent and focus your mind on one thing - steppinf through the Door to Eternity. This must be your single goal. Nothing else matters but this."

The light around Teacher's body began to grow brighter until it was hard to see him. It was as if he was being taken by the Light, or going through the Door himself.

"Remember, Jimmy, there is no death. I did not die, and regardless of how you perceive your body, only life is real. Tell everybody what you have seen. Help them to understand how holy they are, that they are all Emissaries of Light. Humanity has taken an incredible step, and with that step comes new responsibilities. Help them put down their toys and accept peace where ir really is - within. I am always with you, Jimmy. Never forget that."

Suddenly he was gone. The light vanished and I was sitting alone at the top of the hill. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I felt a sense of peace that I had never felt before, a feeling of certainty that everything was in perfect order. Then I stood up, looked around me, and walked down the hill.

The End


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