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The Gyuto Monks of Tibet
The Gyuto Monks of Tibet

Sacred Journey Sacred Space

January 12-21, 2001

Mount Martha Community House
Cnr. Dominion Rd & The Esplanade Mount Martha

Wherever you may be on life's journey
join the Gyuot Monks this new year
on a wonderful ten day cultural odyssey.

Let them share with you their simple
yet practical techniques for moving through
the trials and tribulations of life.

Experience the calm and inner peace
that leads to physical and mental health

Build a sense of personal and universal wellbeing.

Program Structure & Highlights

As usual, the Gyuto Monks will offer a jam packed daily program with something for everyone. All program components are designed for the general public with no prior knowledge or cultural affinity assumed. The Gyuto Monks practice their spiritual beliefs through their daily demeanour and behaviour and it is therefore simply through being in their presence that one is able to experience the pure pleasure and affection - the kindness and compassion - that describes the essence of their Buddhist faith.

Each day throughout the program, the monks will work on the intricate sand sculpture that comprises the two metre circular Mandala of Chakrasamvara - often known as the Mother Mandala - until, on the final day, their offering complete, this symbol of a perfect world will be dissolved and returned to nature in a colorful and noisy procession to the sea.

This year will see an additional symbolic creation - that of a model Peace Monument in the courtyard of Mt Martha House. Called a STUPA or CHORTEN in Tibetan, it is believed that the building of a stupa brings great good fortune on all those associated with it. Constructed of bricks with a prayer inscribed wooden pole in the centre, the whitewashed stupa is filled on the inside with sacred objects and decorated on the outside with auspicious symbols. This model will be the forerunner of a full size stupa being constructed at Gyuto House in South Australia. The Master Stupa Builder is Thubten Khedup, a Gyuto monk who has spent much of the past two years building four important stupas in the grounds of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's palace in Dharamsala in Northern India. We are honoured and privileged to have him here in Australia to build a stupa and thus wish to offer the Mornington Peninsula community the opportunity to learn as much as possible during this program.

All tantric art classes will be directed towards creation of the stupa - whether it be calligraphy fof the thousands of mantras to be encased in the stupa or similarly the small tsa tsa statues which are clay images of the buddhas; painting of the auspicious signs for the outside of the stupa or mani stones to surround it. On completion, there are plans to exhibit the stupa in the regional Gallery.

Morning meditation each day at 10 AM will be followed by by the monks pouring the sands of the mandala and this activity will be ongoing throughout each day. Children's activities will be daily at 11 AM and this year will involve making peace symbols such as mani stone painting, prayer flags, sand sculpture and clay peace tokens. Kite making and flying will be popular as will a session on Tibetan songs and dances. As always, these classes with the monks are suitable for all ages as the monks gear their actions to suit the participants.

Meditation classes will deal with some age old problems of living, offering practical ways of managing our emotions and our physical health to enable us to get the best out of life. The public talks will put into perspective the more painful aspects of being in this world and suggest how we migh view them to give us more peace of mind. Whie the advice is offered by the monks with such humility and grace is presented in a very easy to understand manner, it is, of course, all based on many years of study and practice of Buddhist philosophy.

Additional items of interest on the program include a very entertaining slide show and talk by Tashi Lachman who travels to Tibet every year and who offers insight into life in Tibet that just make everyone want to go there immediately. Until we do, her slides make a reat substitute.

Some of the meditation class titles

'Taking the angst out of anger'

'The energy of desire'

''No Ignorance is Bliss'

'Self Love, Pure Love'

Relationships, Building Happiness

Tonglen Meditation - 'Giving and Receiving'

Remodeling Old Habits

Staying Youthful: Tibetan Wisdom & Western Practice

Some of the Public Talks

'A Simple path to Happiness'

'The Four Noble Truths - The Matrix of Life'

Responding to Loss - Thought Transformation

Leaving a Mark - A Precious Opportunity

Heartfelt Magic - the Mantra of Compassion

Personal Wellbeing - Universal Wellbeing

Sacred Journey - Sacred Destination

Gyuto New Ramoche Monastery

Siddhari, near Dharamsala, Northern India

A Progress report ...

Friends and supporters of the monks across Australia and especially on the Mornington Peninsula, by their maginificent support throughout 1999-2000 during the 'Sounds of Global Harmony' Tour, have enabled the Monastery to make significant progress towards building accomodation for the monks at their new monastery location near Dharamsala, home of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The bricks and concrete in this picture were made possible by your help.

The monks are currently located in a very remote part of the stae of Arunachal Pradesh, near the border of Tibet. Access is difficult and impossible for anyone not a resident. Moving will bring improved medical and educational opportunities as well as closer contact with more of Tibetan diaspora. It is hoped that by the end of next year, many of the monks will be able to be housed there. The Monastery has promised to send us regular updates during 2001 to illustrate the development. We hope to be able to help again this year in order to make their dream a reality.

Our Gyuto Monk Sponsorship Scheme is the means by which we contribute to the provision of curret living costs of the monk - food, education and medical treatment. Our ambition is to find sponsors for all 480 monks at a cost of approx. $30 per month - we only need another 261 sponsors!

You can become a regular sponsor of Gyuto Monastery building program or our ongoing Monk Sponsorship be emailing us for further information at:

or Phone: 088 386 3424

CD Launch ...

'Sounds of Global Harmony'

The Gyuto Monks will launch a CD during the program - a collaborative first which combines the timeless voices of the monks with some very new Australian harmonic sounds. The cello, harmonic whirlies and singing of Sarah Hopkins, the didgeridoo of Chris Neville and the shakuhachi of Mount Martha resident Anne Norman meld with the monks chanting to produce unique and unforgettable 'Sounds of Global Harmony'.

A very special evening will be the Tibetan cookfest which will comprise a special cooking experience. Tibetan style with an informal dinner and chats with the monks about life in Tibet.

The 'Sacred Sounds' open air concert will be a memorable summer sunset event as the timeless chanting of the monks is heard echoing over the sound of the waves.

Why Sponsor a Gyuto Monk?

The Gyuto Monks ... A Brief History

The Gyuto Tantric University has been a rich and precious thread in the Tibetan life tapestry since its inception in 1474

Founded by a disciple of His Holiness, the first Dalai Lama, the University-Monastery imparted on the monks a sacred Buddhist Tantric education in arts and sciences that is totally unique. their trademark is a form of multi-phonic chanting that is said only to arise from the throat of a person who has realised selfless wisdom ... chanting that was first heard by Western ears just over 30 years ago.

Prior to the Chinese invasion of Tibet, there were 900 Gyuto monks ... after the Chinese massacre of their capital city, Lhasa, in 1959, only 60 monks were able to follow His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama to safety in exile in India.

Why The Monks Need Sponsors

Since fleeing to Northern India, the surviving Gyuto monks have gone about re-establishing their University and initiating a new generation of monks into the sacred Tantric teaching. But the monks are refugees ... unsupported by Government or society in their new home ... and just the day-to-day needs of such a community places an immense financial drain on their extremely limited resources.

And, as China continues its systematic destruction of Tibetan religion and culture, more and more young men are risking their lives to journey to the only place where theese ancient, sacred teachings are available.

Your money will not only help keep a Gyuto monk alive ... it will help keep these ancient practices alive as well!

How Can I Help?

You can help by sponsoring a Gyuto Monk.

A donation of $30 per month will provide for the most urgent needs of a monk -
food, shelter, medicines and education.

The Gyuto Monk Sponsorship Program is totally voluntary

Payments can be made at intervals of one, three, six, or 12 months.
Receipts are available if a stamped self-addressed envelope is included with payment.

On joining the Gyuto Monk Sponsorship Program, you will be given a photograph and profile of your representative Monk. You are able to correspond with your monk if you wish.

Every cent we receive is sent to Gyuto ...
We deduct no expenses from your donations

Gyuto House Australia

Gyuto House is unique in the West ... a cultural, art and philosophy centre based on ancient and enduring principles and ethics within the Gelug-pa lineage of Tibetan Budhism as practiced by the Gyuto Monks.

It came into being in 1996 ... the year His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama came to Australia

Our purpose is to provide a range of different opportunities for people to experience the wisdom of the monks ... to be touched by their humility ... and to apply the philosophical teachings in their own lives and actions.

We used to call it a "centre without walls", because in those early days, it was more a spiritual and emotional presence than a physical one.

In 1997, Gyuto House moved into a rented residence in the Adelaide Hills, and in 1998, property was purchased close to the ocean and rolling hills of Second Valley, about 50 minutes south of Adelaide.

Gyuto House continues to evolve ... and now, we have Ann Cameron who has volunteered to co-ordinate our national monk sponsorship. Ann is only too happy to answer any questions you may have about supporting a monk.

For general information about Gyuto House & tours by the monks, contact:

Maureen Fallon (Director)
Gyuto House Australia
Riverside Drive
Second Valley
South Australia

For sponsorship Information:

Ann Cameron
PO Box 18
South Australia

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