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Some humorous sites

Some humorous sites

Funny answers given on History exams

Funny answers on other exams. This site is huge.

More funny mistakes in essays

Excerpts from Kids Talk

Out of the mouths of babes

Funny answers kids have given on science tests.

More of the same

Visit a random site in the Cartoonists webring

Deep thoughts

Funny Bonez

Funky Pages

Kids in church

Kids humour

Assorted funny stuff

proverbs & one-liners

Life is too precious to be taken seriously

Kids Jokes

Heart Warmers

Buddhist Humour

Dharma the cat - Buddhist Cartoons etc

More Buddhist humour

Funny personals

More Kids Humour

The Darwin Awards!


Facts of life (humourous)

Sir Murray Rivers

Riddle du Jour

Swami Beyondananda Guidelines for Enlightenment

Billy's letters from Computer Camp

Dear Abby

Poem - "Blessed are the Meek"

Mondegreens - misheard song lyrics ... "The ants are my friends"

Words of Wisdom from The Simpsons

More Simpsons Wisdom

Links to some independent comic strips

3 Guys who draw

Daily Llama

You might be a Monty Python fan if ...

Monty Python song lyrics

Family heart

Funny Film Translations

Kids answers

& more

Funny Instructions

Funny Movie Title translations

Goon Shows

More funny translations

and still more ...

Slip Ups

Laughter is the best medicine

Wise King Otto

The Python version of Wise King Otto in Happy Valley

Funny Pickup Lines

Audio highlights from 3LO radio in Melbourne

Things people do

Things people say


Kids say the darndest things

And God created ...

More religious humour

The Funny Bone

Letters from Summer Camp

To be continued ... maybe ...