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September 16, 2001   '

Oh my, not in a very good mood at all ... cannot shrug off black & forlorn thoughts ... I heard yet another person comment on how 'lucky' we are to be in Australia & not in America but honestly, if there are SO many souls in the world filled with anger or hatred or violence or despair ... can you really call ANYBODY lucky ...

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I mean most people would be feel NOTHING but hatred & anger towards the pilots of those planes but I feel compassion. Most of us have had relatively safe, comfortable existences in countries that don't experience extreme hardship or opporession. How can we possibly imagine what it must be like to feel such implacable hatred that you're willing to fly a plane into a building like that ... and the truly TOUGH question few people are willing to tackle is how much contribution to that anger is made by us ordinary citizens of the 'well-off' countries sustaining the way of life that we have come to expect {or demand} ... everything is so intertwined ... nothing occurs in a vacuum ... to us, these men are 'crazy fanatics' ... having never experienced the environment they come from, who are we to judge ... I know that may sound awful when they have just been responsible for such misery & grief but who ULTIMATELY is responsible ... maybe it's ALL of us ... one is tempted to say we're all addicted to a lifestyle which perpetuates the global conditions from which terrorism emerges ...

Being in such a moood ... I impulsively posted 61846 to the forum ... I can't imagine how people will respond ... it will severely test everyone's (a) unconditional forgiveness & (b) picture of themselves & 'reality' ... ????

I suppose i could follow up with one of my faves ... Temporary Insanity ...

... or something like: 'As I've said many times b4, I post whatever happens to pop into my cotton-pickin mind while I'm online. How anyone chooses to interpret my words is entirely up to them. After all, as Osho reminds us, the mind is gibberish '

I really cannot shrug off these dark thoughts ... {part of me doesn't even want to} ... like resigning my membership of the human race (or at least not renewing it) ... {if indeed, I AM human - maybe I am a starseed after all} ... Oh, I don't know what I'm saying ... I should just shut up ... for good ...

.. but I can't ... not yet, anyway ...

I can't imagine anyone ELSE posting such statements as 'We're ALL terrrorists' to the forum ... did I post it just for SHOCK value ... do I really believe it ... at some level ... I am reminded of something from 'Conversations with God' Volume 2 ...

As I keep saying repeatedly here, taken a look at the world lately?

Neale: You keep bringing us back to that. You keep making us look at that. But all that isn't our fault. We can't be blamed for the way the rest of the world is.

It is not a question of blame, it is a question of choice. And if you are not responsible for the choices humankind have been making, and keeps making, who is?

Neale: Well, we can't make ourselves responsible for all of it!

I tell you this: Until you are willing to take responsibility for all of it, you cannot change ANY of it.

You cannot keep saying they did it and they are doing it, and if only they would get it right! Remember the wonderful line from Walt Kelly's comic strip character, Pogo, and never forget it: "We have met the enemy, and they is us."

Neale: We've been repeating the same mistakes for hundreds of years, haven't we ...

For thousands of years, my son. You've been making the same mistakes for thousands of years. Humankind has not evolved in its most basic instincts much beyond the caveman era. Yet every attempt to change that is met by scorn. Every challenge to look at your values, and maybe even restructure them, is greeted with fear, and then anger. Now along comes an idea from me to actually teach higher concepts in schools. Oh boy, now we're really skating on thin ice.

Still, in highly evolved societies, that is exactly what is done.

Testing ...

Hey ... might be an idea to post that little expert {sorry, I meant to say 'excerpt'} to the folks at the forum ... or better still, to the military in the US ...

{and yet, I know of a few participants who would indeed respond with ferocious anger if you dared suggest they bear even the TINIEST responsibility for it all ... as I myself would once have done ... not so VERY long ago ...}

Along with those words of Jack Schwarz about such situations {scroll down to 'If the 200 million people in the United States would just spend fifteen minutes tomorrow morning - say from 9:00 to 9:15 - sending out loving thoughts to everyone in this world ...'}

And yet, there is still a significant remnant of the 'old' me that is severely tempted to scoff and laugh at such suggestions as being ridiculous fairytales ...

While I'm being so open ... I also had a fleeting impulse to post something even more mind-bendingly 'bizarre' next time - something along the lines of: "Why is everyone in such a flutter? This was bound to happen. Literally. After all, this is the 925th time we have run this particular human timeline and on every previous occasion, Mr GW Bush has acted like a cowboy and inadvertently started the final annihilation of mankind. {Well, the annihilation of the physical bodies. The spirits remain untouched.} If you think I'm talking crazy, just meditate a while and it will come back to you. Thanks for playing this game again. Better luck next time. No refunds."

To be honest, {and please tell me if this sounds 'sick' or 'twisted' to you} after posting that statement to the folks at the forum, I had the biggest belly laugh I've had in a week! (apart from those hoistory answers ...)

... maybe this whole business has snapped my mind ... honestly, I am frequently astonished there aren't FAR more people going round the bend when you look at the issue of coping with the knowledge that you belong to a species that has a history {and a PRESENT} like ours ... Geoff, I think it really is time to be quiet for a while ... literally ...

I did send off a couple of emails ... being reasonably honest about where I'm at just at this moment ... and the candle images I have added to the Seven Days of Prayer page ... and realising this is the severest test of all the 'stuff' we've all been discussing ... and the couple of things that have tickled me even in a dark week such as this ... and some reminders of nicer images -


ditto ...

To end a harrowing week a bit more upbeat ... it's Sunday evening and I have just watched the charming comedy 'Waking Ned Devine' - take it from me, it's a real treat if you ever see it advertised anywhere ... anyway, I decided to generate some numbers ...

37, 40, 42, 20, 3, 36, 30

Good Luck!


September 17, 2001   '

So much for being 'quiet' ... :)

I wrote all the following walking to and back from the shops on a very sunny Monday morning. Yetserday got up to 24 degrees (Celsius) and more is forecast ...

I did a spot of reflecting yesterday avo and evening ... and after what I posted to the forum crowd, I really did try to picture myself as the pilot. I mean if 'I am one with all things' is to be more than just a pretty phrase, then I am the pilot. I am also the victims who jumped from those heights. I am also those who watched it all in absolute horror and I am also the relatives driven nearly insane with grief ...

... I found I could NOT honestly summon up ANY hatred for the pilots. I mean I have lived in a relatively safe & comfortable corner of the globe, free from oppression and deprivation. I've never witnessed any significant violence directed at me or my family ... so I can barely imagine the kind of black rage that might brew inside people in the less 'fortunate' parts of the world after what they have witnessed & experienced ... {and yet, having said that, I have also experienced in my life periods of black anger when in that moment of insanity I could very well have felt like flying a plane into a building ...}

With so much suffering, some will sufer in silence and others will not be so silent as we saw on Tuseday ... and we might not yet be ready to face the question as to whether we are accomplices in that suffering ...

I also pondered a couple of possible posts to the forum. For example -

"Whoever shouts the loudest is in fact the furthest from the truth. The voice of truth is a soft whisper. You need to make yourself very still and very quiet to have a chance of listening to it." - Anon

Testing ...

... and possibly a link to that Ken Page e-book:
What am I doing here on earth ... :)

Plus a lot of stuff I merely mulled over and didn't bother scribbling down ...

... it occured to me that hatred is truly blind (as is anger) ... hatred is only possible when you cannot imagine even for an instant being in the other person's shoes ... and as many have said before me, hatred is a poison that does far more damage to the one who hates than the target of their hatred ...

A bit more of the 'suffering in silence' theme - the forum itself shows how reluctant most are to remain silent ... and all they are xeperiencing is anxiety & apprehension ...

Had a bit of a wander round the library this morn and flicked through an interesting looking book called 'The Secret of secrets' - about the power of the subconscious ... the chapter on 'artistic vision' looked intriguing. I may check it out a bit more next time ... :)

Oh yes, during that meditation session yesterday avo, I reminded myself to extend my compassion equally to all, including those whose fear makes them respond with talk of revenge & more violence. The people I am often tempted to indulge in pointless point-scoring exercises, which are like a war, in the sense that nobody really 'wins', both parties are damaged in the process {now, where on earth did I read that ...}

Having said that, it is immensely frustrating because everyone who reacts by filling themselves with hatred & anger becomes another 'victim' of the tragedy, thus making it a greater tradegy ...

I also reflected on some of the Dalai Lama's thoughts on anger and 'enemies' ... and he does say that the REAL enemy is my OWN anger because that's the ONLY thing that can destroy my peace-of-mind ...

One could also say that judgement works much like hatred - we judge another when we cannot imagine being anything like them and we then decide that the way we are in some way 'better' than the way they are ...

Then I went online and checked out a few links like ... Stillness ... :)

Watched part of an excellent memorial service in Canberra. May see if the ABC site has any details on it. An excellent tribute and some quotes about walking through the valley of darkness ...

Another report on the memorial in Canberra ... plus 'Your say on retaliation' ... one wonders at the range of views that will be expressed there ...

Later in the avo, I looked up 'tragedy' & 'victim' in the index of 'Conversations with God'. There's actually NOT a whole lot ... but I did feel moved to scan pages 75 & 76 ... click

Oh yes, there's also that section in the Starbuilders stuff about the victim/perpetrator duality - click & scroll down to 'planetary hallucination' ... :)

{It's actually not quite what I was looking for but it'll do}

Going over a few of thsoe scanned pages ... ah, page 68 asks 'Do you not believe in prayer?' - click and scroll down to 'consider yourself worthy' {to be spoken to by God}

Flicking through CWG again, page 132 - I thought I had scanned it? - has a bit to say on the subjects of evil & war ... if you have a copy why not open it up and see what you make of it. If you don't have a copy, you could always pop down to your local library or bookstore ... :)

Oh yes, there was also an excellent episode of 'Compass' in response to the tragedies ... must see if there's a transcript - click

Visited Inspiration Peak for the first time in a while ... and their links page ... leads me to the world prayers page which has 'random' meditations invocations etc ... click

... one of which has an interesting phrase 'cumbered with your old nonsense' from Emerson ...

For another perspective on the WTC events! - try Bruce Moen's Afterlife Knowledge conversation board ... - includes a few tales of 'retrievals' & assistance ... e.g. click ...

... and thankfully, many calling for NO retaliations ...

Plus 'I would suggest a meditation tonight at seven pm EST, a meditation of love and calmness, a meditation to focus a dome of calm healing energy onto the north american continent, something that will soak up the paranoia and anger and desire for revenge that could lead us into ever deeper waters' ... Amen

Plus this link - click

Kenyan bomb survivor advises 'togetherness'

This message mentions 2012 and a book called "The Gathering" by William Gammill ...

This page has a bit of info on that book ...

Sent off an email or two telling various folks about the stuff being discussed over there ... :)

... and how they OBVIOUSLY do a bit more than just sit around philosophising over such matters ... :)

... and wondering ...

Today's mantra: "Why am I the only person laughing here"

September 18, 2001   '

From an email - click for an archive of quotes from our old mate, the Daily Lama

... or as Dave would no doubt recall ... the 'delayed llama' ...

Note: I may alter some of yesterday's links from those Afterlife Knowledge messages ... click ... ??

Sent a couple of e-cards, including one from Oz-e-greetings - click ... that great ocean road scenery is an eternal favourite ... :)

Looks like the Afterlife Knowledge newlsetters are worth a gander too ... click :)

One of those latest postings does express sentiments I've wrestled with on countless occasions - click

The Matthew Books - also a tip from that conversation baord ...

The reviews are intersting ... 'as civilisation hurtles towards the abyss' ... hmmm


Today's mantra: "People love the world and they love to believe in all the questions of the lifetimes"

September 19, 2001   '

Popped into the library again briefly this morning on my way to do a spot of grocery shopping. Picked up an intriguing looking book by David Icke called 'The Robots Rebellion' - even photcopied a couple of pages at 'random' ... may transcribe this avo if I remmeber ... :)

Oh yes, while I was there, I logged onto the web and by some incredible coincidink, someone has posted a link at the Chopra forum to that message about sending pure, unconditional love to those trapped in hate ... :)

Maybe things are starting to take off ... about bloody time, some would say!

{It was 61990 as I recall ...}

Note - with the passage of time, that message will scrool off the list of most recent contributions. When that happens, you may care to click here for an 'archived' copy ... :)

As I walked from the library to the shops, it occured to me - maybe our greatest fear is that we belong to a species that did arise by 'pure chance' and we just happen to be so perverse & so deranged a species that we seem bound to inevitably annihilate ourselves ...

I did end up typing some of those excerpts into a file. They seem to tie in rather nicely with the PUL message ... click here to read a little of what I'm talking about. Looks like I may have to actually borrow that book next time ... :)

Listening to yet another (pointless) debate on the refugee situation etc ... and people speaking of the 'quality of life' here being so much better than elsewhere ... ah, but is it really? If people are filled with fear, paranoia, hatred and anger and feverishly seeking to 'protect' their standard of living ... hmmm

From another of today's emails - Prayers of Peace - ADD yours ...

Sent off a couple of emails of my own pointing various people towrds stuff they might find useful or illuminating ... including some of my recent wanderings ... and some of our mate Leunig's toons -

Leunig 1

Leunig 2

Leunig 3

Main Leunig page ...

Our greatest fear {funny though, I thought it was Nelson Mandela who first said this? ... maybe even he wasn't the first ... 'some thoughts are experienced more personally, I call them mine'}

Today's mantra: 'I used to believe in all the federal movements of worlds'

September 20, 2001   '

Listened to an interesting interview with Ian Gawler on the radio this morning about his journey. For those who aint heard of him, he was diagnosed with cancer 25 years ago & given very little time to live and he felt the urge to pursue alternative approaches, including meditation & visualisation. You'd have to say his approach was somewhat successful. :)

Must see if there's a transcript at the ABC site. Click on 'Local radio' and then 774 Melbourne ... I did record much of it on cassette, so if you behave yourselves I may transcribe bits & pieces ... one phrase that did stick in my mind was of 'showing people a possibility' and then it's up to them what they choose to do with it ...

One of his books is 'You can conquer cancer' and I shall endeavour to rememeber to plug that phrase into Google next time I'm online. But you know me ... :)

Gawler Foundation

Let's love the hell out of the terrorists :)

The Man from Snowy River - plus a bit about its history & Banjo Patterson ...

Quite a few more intrstin messages ... e.g. click

... which led me to ... Journey of souls - haven't had the opportunity to delve into it in depth just yet but my hunch is it would be worth a peek ... :)

Sent off a few more emails ... especially pointing a couple of people towards the Afterlif Knowledge messages ... and saying that I still have to pinch myself because it really is NOT that long ago I would have absolutely scoffed & laughed at this stuff as mere fantasy or even delsuion ... and telling them it's perfectly okay if they think I've flipped :) ... and in a very real sense I have ...

... and how those who automatically respond by filling themselves with thoughts of revenge & hatred, when you're operating at that level you SIMPLY cannot imagine ANY other possibility and you would have to regard those preaching forgiveness & non-anger as being nuts ...

Not to be judgemental or anything, but I always had this burning inner sense that there were vastly better answers than most people seemed willing to accept ... but for so very long I had no inkling as to what they might be or where I might 'find' them ... :)

That reminds me. I mentioned a while back that I had watched an amazing story on the ABC a few months back about this guy who had his 3 daughters killed and how he had completely forgiven the killer and he explained why. I think there's a link to his website somewhere or other. He also said most people think he's nuts for doing what he did. His name is Sandy McGregor. Here's a transcript of his interview if you was interested -

Sandy McGregor's story


Here is a link to ABC Melbourne radio - seems it's a bit early for the Gawler interview to be online but they have other neat stuff ...

Did a check of my random link generator and it took me to ... guess where ... yep, Seven days of prayer {even though the FIRST seven days has elapsed ... :)

Today's mantra: "My life exists within a vertical framework of unamed realities and unknown possibilities"


September 21, 2001   '

Mad an interesting discovery last evening while cleaning up my hard-drive somewhat ... well, it may not be a discovery as such as my memory isn't infallible :)

... anyway, I found a few pick of the Allen girls at the 'blowhole' down near Cape Schanck presumably. So I may as well make a page of them and shoot it off into cyberland ... click {ASSUMING, that is, I remembr to UPLOAD the images ... }

Around the same time, reading over some 'old' links ...

Once you do this, every so-called upsetting situation will become an opportunity for the creation of something new and beautiful, and every so-called tormentor or tyrant will become your teacher. Reality is an interpretation. And if you choose to interpret reality in this way, you will have many teachers around you, and many opportunities to evolve ...

So THAT is where I first read the phrase about reality being an interpretation ... :) You can read the rest of those excepts by clicking here

... and a bit lower down that same page ... 'Unfortunately that hasn't worked, because the mechanisms of disease are not the origins of disease' ... :)

{Interesting synchronicity with the Ian Gawler interview yesterday morn ...}

Also last evening, I picked up a CD I haven't listened to in a while, 'Cascade' by Terry Oldfield. Here's the description from the sleeve:

Cascade, a prism of sparkling music and a myth, an eternal vision that captures the beauty of the ancient Gods of Olympus. Haunting flute and pan-pipes, distant bird calls, gentle echoes of crystal-clear sounds and celestial effects weave in and out of your senses like sunflecked butterflies; wooing you into their restful, leafy groves. Majestic and moving, Cascade is the gift of inspired spirituality; working through the mastery of one of the most skilled and talented composers of our time. A masterpiece of superb quality that will live forever in your dreams.

{Looks as if I'll have to give it another listen, won't I ... }

Plus a quote from Mazzini:

Music is the harmonious voice of creation;
                                     an echoe of the inner world;
                                                       one note of the divine concord which the entire universe is destined one day to sound.

Interestingly, that CD was circa 1986, when I was not into 'spirituality' in ANY way at all ... :) {FAR from it!}

A most welcome email from someone who found my site while searching for info on 'Cave In The Snow' ... :)

... and commenting that the 12 years in that cave in the himalayas hasn't done Tenzin Palmo any harm ... but also asking if it's really necessary to do what she did to get to where she is ... hmmm ... {and if so, what chance do the rest of us mugs have ... }

Apparently the ABC attended yesterday's huge multifaith gathering at the tennis centre ... may have some audio or transcript soon ...

Added these 2 links to my 'Seven days of prayer page' {thy just pooped into my thoughts as I listened to MIKE Oldfield last evening}}

Meditation for Children

Kids drawing for peace

Somethin that also popped into my h=ead was that I must get myself off to William Ricketts Santuary again, some time soon ... :)

In a very busy couple of days, a most interesting article by Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) apparently published in the Guardian ... very measured & reasonable and gave a good overview of Islam and how a terrorist is NOT acting according to its true spirit ... may see if I can find a link or 2 ...

Well, this page is not the article in question but worth a peek - mate, ANYTHING can be said to be worth a peek :) since it's a little tough to personally expereince ALL conceivable points of view ina single lifetime ... :)

Here is a link to a Cat Stevens site ...

Waking Ned Devine

Terry Oldfield

Yet another perspective on the WTC - click ... plus the 'three possible endings' link ...

From anotheremail - Earth Millennium Project

Plus www.earthmillennium.com

A couple more emails ...


Yesterday's email exchanges - talk of James Twyman and the Door to Eternity ... :)

This page & site look worthy of a bit more of a peek ...

Today's mantra: "Focus solely on your OWN thoughts & actions. You have no real power to modify the thinking or behaviour of another and any attempt to do so is likely to drive you completely nuts in the long run "

September 22, 2001   '

Interesting coincidink! One of the recent messages at the Conversation Board is in reply to a 'skeptic' and lists that Fred Alan Wolf link! ... along with Paul davies etc ... :) click

... and yet to the true skeptic, if direct experience is the only real proof, how are they supposed to initiate such a direct expereince when their current picture of reality is that it's sheer fantasy/imagination ...

A couple more emails ... about asking if people are 'OK' ... and honestly, I would have to say the vast majority are so disconnected & dysfunctional there is NO way I'd classify them as ok ... yet reminding myself not to judge them for the crazy things they might do while in such a state {of Temporary Insanity} ...


Testing ...

Perhaps I 'shouldn't' but I did pop my big head in and post 62075

... I mean on the one hand it could be said to be ruffling feathers ... and yet, it is also true that nobody CAN ruffle your feathers unless you're very disconnected ... hmmm ... and on the other other hand one also wishes to cultivate compassion for those who are feeling so lost & disconnected ... :)

... yes, the 'ultimate' is to pray for those who would attack you verbally/emotionally simply because in their fear & disconnection they cannot comprehend how you think the way you do and are so attached to their way of thinking that they feel compelled to attack anyone whose views 'clash' with theirs ...

... then there's the issue of 'spiritual pride' (or smugness) which I've read warnings about! :) ... I suppose it means 'looking down' on others who haven't awakened just yet ... hmmm :)

And in my OWN personal case ... to keep pinching myself! because just 3 years ago I WAS one of the scoffers and skeptics and would have absolutely laughed in your face if you'd suggested what my website would currently contain! ...

As I wrote a couple of days ago, it's hard to top that advice of sending pure, unconditional love to those trapped in hate ... :) {or doubt or confusion or whatever}

{And yet, another part of me felt like posting something to the effect that I'm sure the million or so impoverished Afghanis fleeing the country and with aid workers also pulling out they face a very real prospect of countless thousands starving. I'm sure they're not among those giving GW a standing ovation. So much for a 'clean strike' with no innocent casualties ... and the first shots haven't even bin fired yet ...}

{As well as a fleeting impulse to point out the delicious irony of someone who has always knocked others who try to 'change someone else's way of thinking' and now he's doing just that very thing and getting exceptionally frustrated when it has little or no impact ... [not to mention the unquestioning alignment with the words of Mr George W, when in the past encouraging people to question the words of e.g. Deepak ] ... and as i posted a while back (and I do not ALWAYS heed my own advice :), it's a simple question 'why does it bother you' ... and really, MOST of us are like that - we tend to 'defend' our own personal view on reality as being 'better' than the alternatives ... hmmm ... and thus we divide humanity into 'Us' & 'Them' ... I heard the best definition at that VICSERV conference 2000, namely 'Us' is everyone who thinks like me and 'Them' is everyone else ... ... and if you step back from it all you gotta laugh at how crazy it is to behave like that ...}

So, I still have some 'inner disarmament' to work on because it really is an exquisite irony for someone to post the words of George W as if they are beyond being questioned in any way, yet the SAME person has mocked & scoffed those who post the words of other sources ... :) I guess that's karma ...

{I hesitate to mention the sentiments of 'you make me sick' which is the ultimate in being rigidly attached to a point of view and in reality nobody IS responsible for your emotions - but you'll have a awfully tough time persuading upwards of 99% of the present human population of that truth! }

Yet, the truth is, we're all sitting on the 'sidelines' - I'm sure the irony is completely lost on the Afghanis ... :(

Then the latest Beacons of Light newsletter arrives ... and not surprisingly it's titled 'Farewell to the sword' ...

And from the CWG email discussion group ... Brother, if you don't mind ...

... so I added a few more linky-winkies to Seven days of Prayer page ...

Let the healing begin

Click & scroll down to 'I should be in a place like this' ... :)

Some intereting posts about reincarnation & whether it works on a 'voluntary' level ... hmmm :)

There's also this one that makes a timely point about pain & expectations! :)

Speaking of reincarnation and reading about the parallels between presidents Lincoln & Kennedy, here is an interestin page ... :)

And just in case you want ANOTHER message board to peruse ... click :)

As a final (?) reflection on some of today's ramblings, the guidelines at this board hmmm ... :) would probably significantly REDUCE the no. of messages at the Chopra Forum ... :) It is a tricky one. On the one hand, I agree that 'maintaining the sacredness of the energy here' is a wonderful policy. On the other hand, if no dissenting voices are heard then there's no chance for them to have their (fearful) positions challenged & responded to?? {which has frequently produced some timely 'stuff' at the Chopra place - along with the sound & fury } hmmm ...

Those guidelines remind me of some of the stuff in the Jeremiah material ...

Well ... a final quote from a past president ... click & scrool down to JFK's words about the 'conscientious objector' ... :)

Angel music - also from the planet lightworker message board ...

I ended up adding several new linx to that Seven days of Prayer page ...

Today's mantra: 'I used to love to believe in all the political half-bubbling of life'

September 23, 2001   '

Pasted (oops, I mean 'posted' !) # 62081 pointin people towards the 'other' message board ... hmmm :)

Another oopsies - ah, I forgot to include the bit about 'Fear makes us do some crazy things at times' ... oh well ...

How the world saw America's tragedy

... No coincidink? after some of yesterday's ramblings, read this message about
all assignments are equal ... something to bear in mind! :)

That led me to Healing from depression

So ... posted it to the other crew ...

And may as well suggest it for the VICSERV links page ... :)

... as well as my myths page

Peace pilgrim

... so impressed by it, I went back & posted it as 62085 ... :)

Some interesting emails too ... :) ... about what we post or say or write being nothing more than a reflection of the moment ... and I know I myself have posted some absolute drivel in my time ... and it's up to the OTHER person to choose to be upset or not by any words/actions ... and how some days I feel like the most clueless person on this planet but on those days I generally don't post or send emails, so nobody knows but me ... :)

Ah yes, plus some virus alerts! one coming from my ISP - click. Hopefully they'll leave the tips & advice up for a while. The other virus sounds sinister! Coming in the form of a 'virtual card' for you ... if ONLY these virus-writing chappies could turn their talents to more wholesome pursuits, they'd be much happier ... :)

CLICK here for the info on the 'virtual card' virus ... hmm, on reading that info, the 'alert' itself may be the hoax ... some people need to get a life ... :)

WE speak to this phenomenon you have labeled "channeling" – for it is not some supernatural magical thing. It is the activation of a BELIEF within the RECEIVER that such phenomenon exists and can take place. Then… VIOLA…"channel transmissions" begin and are created through the Belief System of the Listener/Channel, who is IN TRUTH, sending forth THAT WHICH IS ALREADY CONTAINED WITHIN THEM.

Click here for more ... that ALSO came from a perusal of the Planet
Lightworker messages ... :)

This message from Sept 11, 2001 is worth a read or two too ... click on 'Sept 11'

Hmmm ... I wonder what the public discussion forum at that particlar site looks like ... :)

Took a pleasant afternoon stroll down by the creek and did a spot of reflecting on the experience of anger ... and how you might go about trying to explain or describe it to a visiting race of highly advanced beings that have lived in peace & harmony & co-operation for countless generations ... :)

... You'd probly end up classing it as a kind of madness and ask them for any help they care to offer ... :)

{Let alone discussing the experience of hatred or revenge or violence ...}

Apparently that 'tribute to heroes' concert raised 2 Million a minute?? boy ... click

Pick a card ...

Checking out some 'random' links ... "Man is divided into false personality and authentic individuality. Every man on the earth who is not in deep meditation is schizophrenic; there is no need for any other symptoms. It is just the natural, almost natural condition, from being told for thousands of years to be hypocrites" ... click :)

... which led to yet another Osho page about truth & consistency hmmm ... click

The New Man

Meditative Art

Killing & Victims?

100 Monkeys jumping on the bed :)

Today's meditation: "Imagine a world where no matter how you behaved nobody ever felt the remotest impulse to apply an adjective to your actions"

{So the following words would simply not exist in the dictionary - stupid, insult, moron, deadbeat, loser, loony, you-name-it ... violence, anger ... imagine if these words TRULY had no meaning ... agree ... employer ... ownership ... }

September 24, 2001   '

Testin ...

Um ... if you thought I had located every possible perspective on the events of Sep 11, well ... try these -

Wingmakers Forum

La Rouche - interview conducted 'live' at the time of the WTC event. He has some interesting things to say abt who may or may not be responsible ... not to mention some commmentary on the whole Gore-Bush situation ... :)

911: Some positive perspectives

Belief in humanity

The greatest terrorist

... led me to ... Will the real God, please stand up ... :)

... and as if we haven't visited enuf forums lately ... Matrix 5 :)

How's this for a radical idea on the subject of psychotherapy ... to be willing to be drowned youself ... click :)


ditto :)

WTC crash, pool of life - interesting forum

Eckhart Tolle's 'The Power of Now'

... I like the quote during one interview - 'All ancient teachings agree that the normal human state of consciousness is, as I call it, a state of insanity' ...

Marianne Williamson has a list of yet more perspectives ... :)

The spiritual aspects of pets

Click :)

... the Lilli Pierce link looks promisin ... :)

Hmmm ... I had scribbled down a couple of thoughts on the weekend about Mr George W and the current 'situation' ... well, it may pay to read the followin ...

Bush is walking into a trap -- Interesting News Commentary - NOTE: I have yet to read through this page myself and included this link while I am offline which may not be too wise. On the other hand, you're all probly old enough and ugly enough to make up your own minds by this stage ... :)

Ah yes, the other day I was flicking through 'Conversations with God' and wasn't even looking at the topic of 'war' or violence ... when I came upon this page ... :)

September 25, 2001   '

Ah yes, amosngst yesterday's meanderings I found a site which now seems defunct (or shifted) ... which had some timely things 2 say about silence etc ... {I think I found it from one of the threads at the Wingmakers dicsussion forum ...}

Anyway, to see a couple of 'cached' pages -

Home page {NOTE: the links are 'dead' but I discovered if you paste the link address into Google you get a cached copy}

For example - click here for links to a cached copy of the page on silence ... now, how long this cache remains 'valid' at the Google site is something I wouldn't even hazard a guess at ... :)

Click here for another ...

... you get the idea ...

Some even more interesting messages posted over at Light Worker ... :)

Here's a couple of linx they posted as well -

Allow all things ...

Fabulous image of the sun on Sep 24th

{or click here - You can click on 'calendar' to see previous images. Many are quite stunnig}

Interesting Interview

13 moon calendar

Art by Janosh

Light a candle

... I sent 'May peace prevail on earth' and was amazed how rapidly it scrolled down the page upon hitting 'refresh' to see if I could light another ... it seems you cannot, so those candles represent at least 1.4 million different PC's ... unless one sought out the 'cookie' the site must have sent ... :)

I don't know ... the things some people get up to ... just received news of another virus masquerading as a 'Vote for peace' ... click for more details ...

{New series 'Congo' on the ABC soon ...}

oopsies ... oh well, 62127 ... maybe I am addicted ... :)

Thena again, without these 'slipups' there would be no opportunities for nonjudgement & forgiveness ... even if the 'other' attacks in relentless ways ... true compassion WHILE being attacked would have to be as rare as hen's teeth ... :)

Which is., I suppose, why the words of Christ 'Forgive them for they know not what they do' are such an extraordinary example of forgiveness - to recognise that ANY attack comes from people who (for the moment) have no REAL idea of their true nature ...

{Likewise with any counter-attack}

May be timely to remind myself of that message to send
pure, unconditional love to those trapped in hate ... :)

I mean if ANYONE knows intimately what it is like to be literally BLINDED by rage & anger it's me ... along with Mr. Zukav ... :)

Earth Flags - a great idea for somebody's peace poles ... :)

Just about to have my online time expire 4 today ... Kids links

Plus wow! - check this out - click

Hopefully that is the correct link ... and click on the image for a larger version ... says it all ... :)

Just an afterthought ... anyone who calls me a 'nut' believing it to be an insult doesn't know me very well ...

{comment }

Only in Melbourne ... a couple of nights ago we had the warmest overnight temp ever for a September night (around 21 degrees C) ... now it's chilly & hail on the way ... :)

Today's mantra: "I was born in the middle of the medical history of mankind"

September 26, 2001   '

After yesterday's events ... I was reminded of a couple of things I've scanned - one from Osho & the other from that fab little book ET 101 ... :)

One of those recent links has a FAQ page and mentions the Heaven's Gate group ... whom many would dismiss as 'loonies' ... yet it's all a matter of perspective (or a perspective of matter) ... I mean if you're nor sure of where you yourself are headed after you die, how on earth can you be certian where another living soul was headed. Unless you're an annihilationist and just assume we all perish utterly after our last gasp ...

Anyways, here's the page I'm yapping about ...

... I love the phrase 'she continues to serve as our microphone into your reality' ... :) ... and the 'still, small voice within you' ... kinda sounds like somethin I posted to the Chopra mob just the other day ... :)

... plus 'you are either going to resonate with this material or you will not' :) along with leaving behind all the 'baggage of your old identities' ... sounds nice ...

Actually, while walking home from the shops, maybe the most apt little jog to the memory is something I first read AT the forum, quite a while back ... Caroline Myss & somethin along the lines of 'Don't assume i'm not on a spiritual path. Maybe my purpose in life is to give you the shits.' ... or words to that effect ...

Let alone the idea that some other people may very well be different aspects of your self incarnated and you were 'bound' to encounter them! ... :) now, where did I read that?? ... was it over at Spiritweb?? ...

Earth Site

Crop of page about the master being predictable and the student being entirely unpredictable. :) One day you may choose to be patient loving & kind. Next day you may choose to be angry, ugly & sad ...

Some interesting results from that Myss quote I half-remembered ... on second thoughts maybe it said something about 'piss you off' ... :)

Click here

or hear ...

Added a few more linkx to my random file lately ...

... and the first place it sends me to is Playing with your mind ... I think somebody is pulling my leg ... :)

What is a mystic?

More great stuff on 'Totally Wild' - pity it's on at the 'kid's hour' - it's far more nourishing viewing thatn the vast majortiry of 'adult' shows ...

e.g. a fabulous tapestry by a mob called 'Kid's Earth Fund' or somwthin like that ... click

San Diego Chuldren's museum

Also somthin about schoolkiddies sendin paper cranes to NY ...

Cranes for peace

This page has even more info ...

More wingmakers forums

Yes, the more I read of the wingmakers site, the more appealing the CD of the material sounds - songs, word, paintings, philosophy, poetry ... :)

e.g. Chamber Paintings ...

So, again, quite a few additions to that Seven days of prayer file ...

e.g. Millennium Peace site - includes some wonderful linx

... such as Gregory Smith & many otters ...

September 27, 2001   '

Some remarkable dreams lately ... one a couple of nights ago trying (in vain?) to explain how this 3-d universe is akin to a tiny bubble - from INSIDE the bubble, you might be tempted to believe the bubble is all that exists ... or something like that ... and so you'd be pretty much incapable of even imagining the view from 'outside' it ... :)

Sent along an update :)

Updated link - Science, Consciousness & God {used to be here}

Another memorial page

More intrstin messages ... click

... or this one ...

Yet another perspextive ... :)

How water reflects our consciousness

That same site has ... a little something from ... Eckhart ... :)

Discovered a HUGE list of memorial sites - click & sent it off to the lightworker site ... :)

{click ... it was followed by a message from an archangel ... click}

... but it would seem to go into a 'holding' bay prior to being available 4 others to read. One wonders what the Chopra place would resemble with such a policy ... :)

Turtle image from the townsville website

I couldn't resist the temptation ... here's yet another after-afterthought about recent exchanges :) ... 'Do you honestly believe that Mr George W & the US military have the capacity to (a) identify beyond a reasonable doubt who truly is 'behind' the attacks {given that those who were actually directly involved are all dead} and then (b) go out and locate and 'bring to justice' all those people without the slightest risk of killing anyone who was NOT involved ... you have more faith than I do! That's WAY more far-fetched than ANY of the ideas you lampoon so freely ... :)

Native American Prophecy from Jean Reddeman
{aka Wasaki Emani Wi, or 'Strong Walking Woman'}

... a name to look up when next we're online ... :) Though I can imagine a few feathers being ruffled when she describes recent events as an 'incident' ...

Today's mantra: "I don't even know why my life has become such a weird thing"

September 28, 2001   '

One world mural - at the teaching tolerance site ...

Students reactions to WTC at the Atchison Elementary School ... {many people believe this planet itself is an 'elementary school' ... and we've all been held back! }

... yes, that explaining the inexplicable page has a TON of stuff ... would be nice 4 adults to read NOT just the kids ... :)

The Peace Poem

Warming up ... 27 (Celsius) forecast for tomorrow ... the Brisbane players should feel right at home in it ... and 'normally' you'd expect a team on a 15 game winning streak in such a tough comp to be overwhelming favourites ...

Lovely shot of the great ocean road here in Victoria - worth a trip to Australia on its own ... :)

I keep being amazed at both the amount & diversity of 'stuff' I've unearthed since Sept 11. It's realy only two and a half weeks but already the list is enormous. I suppose it could turn out to be one of THE most pivotal events inhuman history ... certainly if it ignites WW3 it will be ... :)

Next time I happen 2b online ... Shawnigan Lake School Canada amongst many others from that 'world reaction' link - click ...

Oh, and I found a message board which makes the Chopra forum look exceptionally tame by comparison (in terms of intensity & vitriol) ... click ... yet, still some gems amongst the rubble - 'When a person resorts to invective and name-calling it generally means that he or she is arguing from a position of weakness' ... amen ... :)

{... and I can ONLY make a statement like that one when I've spent a substantial portion of this current lifetime doing PRECISELY that myself ... }

... when (or if) you stand back from it all and take a good look, getting upset merely because another being happens to hold different opinions or beliefs from yourself is utterly nuts! Yet MOST of the human population regard it as perfectly standard behaviour ... the ONLY thing that's more nuts is to allow that to escalate into actual violence ...

Yes, not many folks posting thoughts along the lines of this message ... and I'm dead sure most of them would just dismiss such views as loopy ... :) {As I myself would have done, not so very long ago }

Yet, who's really the loopy one? ... to basically say, oh well, we've acted like barbarians for centuries why change now ...

Today's mantra: 'I used to ask myself several questions about my own ridiculous life'

September 29, 2001   '

On the telly last night heard someone condemning the terrorists as having distorted minds (or something like that) ... and it occurs to me, what;'s the point of saying that? If someone truly is disturbed or 'beyond resaon' then your words will have literally zero impact ... hmmm

As if we need a few more ...

The Spiritual Challenge ... which is part of the beliefnet site - quite a few prayer circles too ...

... also an atricle about taking prayer from 'gimme' to 'thanks' ... :)

A quick trip 2 the library and picked up an gorgeous book called 'Sacred Earth, Sacred Stones' by Brian Leigh Molyneaux & Piers Vitebsky. Must look up the folowin next time I'm connected ...

* Uxmal pyramid of the magician

* Newgrange chamber

* Toraja rock tombs

* Malinalco rock temples

* Sacred living space

* Luoyang caves

* fabulous double page photo of Mach Pichu

* Plus Llyn Padarn in Snowdownia

* Minakshi temple

* Angkor Thom - Borobudur

* Lapchi Kang

* Temple of heaven in Beijing - ceiling

Ah ... I hadn't thought of seeing what (if any) responses have been posted over at Spiritweb - quite a few! ... :)

So ... I have added most of the latest discoveries to the BOTTOM portion of this file ... {Note: I gotta keep reminding myself I uploaded it to that subdirectory ... oh well, it's already large enuf many would say ... :)}

Ancient World Art


Pyramid of the magician



Llyn Padarn

Castles of Wales

Snowdownia photgraphic links

Cropped image from the front page of www.ncccusa.org about 'faith responds to terrorism'

The deadly torsions of war

They keep coming ...

Global Consciousness and the WTC disaster

Interesting religious atricles at Dallas News - I like the one about the 70 year old Dallas Buddhist master, Lid Juarez ... but there are also a few abt Sept 11 ... :)

Mountain Light Sanctuary - they have a ... peace pole ! ... :)

Some intersting discussions alongside those articles at beliefnet ... here's one that caught my eye: 'the locus of responsibility for any tragedy is too diffuse for simplistic judgments to have any meaning. Terrorism doesn't emerge out of a vacuum. Violence is always the symptom of a much larger, more complex web of problems, the blame of which cannot be traced to any single individual, organisation, or nation' ... or we're all interwoven & interconnected, so we're ALL responsible at some level ...

Another interesting contribution ... - esp the observation that 'Atta shared possibly more with us than we would like to admit' ...

... plus some interesting discussion & advice re the Hemi-sync process ---> clcick :) WTC Retrievals at the afterlife knowledge site

Sent a couple of e-mails, mainly observing how this week has absolutely flown by, unlike the week after Sep 11 which seemed to last forever. Maybe someone is fiddling with the time-line continuum ... :)

Ocean Planet - tons of linx, incl Townsville aquarium

Shattering Glass

Making fire - found it while seacrhing for something else entirely - ah! it's that Buddha Mind site! ... :)

Timely transcript - this Sunday's broadcast features Mark Epstein & ironically it is an interview recorded last July in ... you guessed it ... the WTC ...

Animal Hospital - includes some amusing 'bloopers' ... :)

September 30, 2001   '

The rather large no. of linx in yesterday's journal was mainly due to a glitch at my ISP which allowed me to remian online for longer than my usual alloted daily ration ... :)

Interesting offer :)

Buddhist-Catholic dialogue {something I would once have probly compared to trying to talk to martians }

Another list of somebod'ys favourite places

Alan Cohen's refelctions on Sep 11. He's coming down under soon ...

Amarok - well worth a listen, IMHO ... :)

Watching all the colour & movement of Grand final weekend ... I couldn't help but wonder ...not for the first time ... how amazing it might be if we could only channel all that human passion & energy & attention & focus onto something that actually MATTERS ... :)

"I am your own voice, speaking to you from a seemingly external form, reminding you of that which you already know. You have scripted me a few lines as an actor in the play you are producing. You have hired me to say the words you would choose to hear at this moment. I am a character in your dream, a reflection of your own self."

Click here to read a bit more ...

{62293 - had considered many, many of recent 'stuff' ... including the kind offer mentioned earlier ... }

An artist's contribution

Looking over the vast amount of stuff I have discovered in just the past week or so ... and the range of views & perspectives & reasponses ... it occurs to me that we are not generally all that comfy with ambiguity & complexity ... if you honestly investigate ANY situation or event in depth and don't just leap to the easy answers, it soon becomes apparent how truly interwoven everything & everyone is and how unrealistic it is to isolate or demonise any particular group or individual ... well, that's how I see it. Your mileage may vary ... :)

Today's mantra: 'My life sometimes seems so baffling that I have to sit under a tree'

13, 40, 34, 15, 24, 2, 23     Good Luck!

Cropped image from the front page of www.ncccusa.org about 'faith responds to terrorism'

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Lovely pic from Rose's birthday in 2000 - Olivia & Rose in the kitchen at Bunyip looking angelic - the kind of photo that invariably evokes the comment 'Isn't it a shame they have to grow up' ...


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