Excerpts from Little Book of Kids Talk   &
by Nanette Newman

I purchased this charming little book the other day for $5 Australian. It is one of those delightful pocket-sized books you can just pick up and flick through whenever you have a few spare moments.

The book contains a collection of thoughts & statements made by children of various ages on a wide range of topics such as God, love, school, parents, friends, pets, funerals, politicians and the world-at-large. These have been printed in the kids' own handwriting and spelling which adds greatly to the overall charm of the book. At five bucks it is a real bargain. Food for the soul. I laughed out loud as I read a few pages standing at the bustop on my way home from my shopping excursion. Kids say things that would never occur to an adult in a thousand years.

Here are a few of my favourite selections (you'll just have to imagine how they appear on small pages in the original handwriting ... {Spelling mistakes are NOT typos :) }

Love is important becaus if people did not love each other there wouldn't be any people

I sometimes think I love Everybody and Everything But I know I don't

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If only the world were made of love (Louise aged 7)

Love is hard to do to peeple you don't perticularly like. (Deborah aged 10)

I saw my sister fall out of Love it was very interesting

A man fell in love with my auntie on a train but she pulled a cord and he stoped (Liz aged 6)

I shall see how I like being marrid and if I dont like it I will try sumthing else

It is silly to get married before you are 12

first of all you get in love get married get a baby or you can do it the other way round

I don t know how a baby gets there and Id rather be serprized (Claire aged 8)

My mum only likes little babies. when they get old like me she smacks them. (Ronald aged 5)

A baby dusnt Know how to be norty. It has to be tort. (Rosalie aged 7)

Once I saw a Christmas tree being put to death

Jesus wanted people to be happy but he didnt tell them how to do it

I dont think you know you hav been happy until youre not

Old people and children need to be loved more than those inbetween

Old people read to you till they fall asleep (Craig aged 6)

I hayt scool and scool lunches and the teecher and all my friends (Patrick aged 6)

My best enemy is Mark (David aged 6)

I wouldnt like me as a frend becorse I tell fibs (Ann aged 7)

My friend wants to run away but he doesnt know where to go

Everybody you meet on holiday are nicer than when you meet them at home

Your parents have to tell you off because they don't want you to grow up like them (Simon Aged 10)

When my mummys cross she talks with a Nasty smack in Her voice (Victoria aged 5)

My sister and brother tell lyes it runs in the family

If you're a nurse you have to be dessicated

Our doctor sais it wont hurt while its hurting (Christine aged 7)

I bet if animals had votes they'd vote we didn't eat them (Carole aged 6)

A prime minister is so busy he doesn't have time to think

If I had a vote. I'd vote for the Christmas Party (Sandra aged 6)

Id vote to stop wars but they never ask you that (Mary aged 7)

Why cant you vote for Love? (Brenda aged 8)

When you know my hedgehog he has a wonderful personality (Emma aged 10)

I wish they could Declare love Instead of war. (Deirdre aged 11)

They give you a lovely party when you die

You have to have a funeral so that God knows your coming (Astra aged 9)

All my clothes have had other people in them

I want to dance but my feet won't let me (Sandra aged 6)

I've been growing up all day (Emma aged 4)

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