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Heart and Mind expanding sites

Places to visit


Conversations with God website

Waking up - it's not what you think

Dalai Lama's advice for new Millennium

Deepak Chopra Forum Highlights
from May & June 2000

Chopra Forum resurrected

Excerpts from the works of Deepak Chopra

near-death-experience stories

Wow Zone - "Wish Only Well"

Excerpts from Conversations With God

Tenzin Palmo interviews & excerpts from Cave In The Snow

Emissary of Light

Writings in the light


A Buddhist approach to mental illness

Thoughtforms & Affirmations

Sites for Kids
Or the young at heart

Melchizedek article on the 4th dimension

Personal stories at

The existence Game

Jack Kornfield on mindfulness

Secrets of telepathy (This site
also has "Return of the Dove"

Book review of Songs Of The Arcturians

Huge list of all kinds of links

What do you pack for a Spiritual Journey?

Soul food ministry

What is enlightenment -
here or here or here

Buddhist quote of the moment

Message about "world pain"

Mavericks of the mind

Christmas Voice Files

Internet Kids & Family Yellow Pages

Dreams from Nov 1999 New Paradigm

My Ideal Day Program

Compilation of Interesting Links
- for the Chopra Forum

Biggest collection of LINKS I've ever seeen

Hazel Gay's home page -
To heal the broken-hearted

VICSERV Home page -
has links to many related sites

1st Person - poetry & first hand
accounts of "Mental Illness"

Allan Pinches site -
many articles about "mental illness"
and recovery and support workers etc.

The Secrets of Heaven and Hell

The Madman at Poetry Shack site


2000 course - "The farther you go
into truth, the deeper it is"

Ask the budgie - spiritual wisdom
from our fine feathered friends

Robert Aitken site

The hunger site - feed the
hungry with a click of the mouse

Deepak Chopra and his work

mindlessness meditation

The Value of Psychotic Experience

Other articles by Alan Watts

Power to share

Vernon Howard site


World Puja

The Game

Kiss of God Home Page

electronic books at Buddhanet

Monroe Institute

Brahma Kumaris

Bruce Moen & Afterlife Knowledge

Kindness Meditation Practice

Inner Smile Meditation

Article on Compassion

Light Party site

"When God Talks Back"

"Broken by the Light"

Vision of Awakening

Eternity in a moment
- NDE & kids

Dharma the cat
- Buddhist Cartoons etc

More links

How to know God

Practicing the Good Heart

Religious symbolism

The Good Heart

All Spirit

Unity consciousness

Using Adversity to Wake Up

Tonglen practice from
The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

Nexus Magazine
- for information anarchists

Journal of scientist's transcendent experiences

Science, Consciousness and God
- includes Alice in Quantumland

Questions for smart-alecs

Long, dark night of the soul

Shroud of Turin website

The Mahabharata

Medjugorje website

Dark Zen website
- an interesting slant on Zen Buddhism

Dalai Lama Millennial message

The Celestine Insights

Celestine Vision website

Secrets of Telepathy

School of Wisdom

Happiness, Karma and Mind

The Light Mission Community-Forum Archives

The Gangaji Foundation

Click here for Ram Dass Board - search engine

Inspiration Peak Forums

Talk City

Rebecca's Ghost: Poetry & Forums

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