Online memorials for the WTC tragedy Sep 11, 2001
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Online memorials for the WTC tragedy

I saved a copy of this animated candle over at   I saved a copy of this animated candle over at   I saved a copy of this animated candle over at   I saved a copy of this animated candle over at   I saved a copy of this animated candle over at   I saved a copy of this animated candle over at   I saved a copy of this animated candle over at  

Note: The top section of this page is basically a copy of an alphabetical list of memorial sites that I found over at Yahoo around about Sept 20 or so. For an updated version of this list, click on the following link:

Yahoo guide to Grief and Remembrance sites

The bottom portion of this page lists some of the sites & responses I've found during my various meanderings in cyberspace since that date. Click here to jump to that lower portion. Or scroll down at your leisure. The choice is yours.

   Click here for the latest additions, as of October 11, 2001

Last Update: January 7th, 2002

9-11 A Day of Terror

911 Memorial

A Cry for Reason

A Day That Will Live In Infamy

A Tribute to Americans Everywhere

A Tribute to My American Friends

Always Remember September 11

American Tribute: A Gesture of Respect For Our Loss
{Click here for an explanation of the movie}

America Under Attack

America's Prayers

America-A Tribute Page

American Heroes of United Flight 93

American Pride

American Tragedy

American Tribute Page

Americans Come Together


Attack on America Survivors' Site


Black Ribbon Campaign

For Love of Freedom

From the World, With Love - includes a free e-book to download

God Bless America

God bless America

God Bless America!

Ground Zero

Heartland Pride

Hope And Unity

In Loving Memory of 9/11

In Loving Memory of Carl "Max" Hammond

In Memoriam

In Memory

In Memory of September 11, 2001

In Memory of Those Lost In This Day Of Sorrow

Internet Sympathy Card

It Hurts...

Lady Liberty’s Still Standing

Lasting Spirits

Let Our Freedom Ring!

Liberty and Freedom

Light a Candle

Light A Candle For Peace

Light A Candle In Memory Of The Terrorism Victims


Love the United States of America

Manhattan Terrorist Attack

May God Guide our Footsteps

Memorial For All Law Enforcement Officers

Memorial for the 9-11-2001 Tragedy

Miracle Stories

My Dear American Friends

My heart and prayers goes to the lives that were taken on September 11, 2001

Never Forget!

One Nation Under God, Indivisible, With Liberty And Justice For All

One Voice

Our American Spirit

Our Thoughts And Prayers Are With You

Our World Trade Center Memorial

Patriotic American

Prayer for those who were exposed to the disaster

Prayers For Peace

Proud To Be An American

Remember America

Remembering Your Spirit

September 11, 2001

September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack/Casualties

September 11th Memorial

September Terror

Sleeping Tiger

Terror In The U.S.

Terrorist Attack Memorial

The Black Page

Their Spirit and Memory Remain

Thoughts And Condolences for NYPD and FDNY

To Remember the Victims and Their Families

To those who are suffering..

Tragedy Untold Strikes America

Tribute Out Of Tragedy

Tribute September 11th 2001

Tuesday, September 11, 2001

Twin Towers: In Memoriam

Unite America Tribute Presentation

United We Stand

Unity and Justice

Victims of the Terrorist Attacks on America on September 11th, 2001

Virtual Condolences

Wall of Americans

We Are Americans

We Will Never Forget

We Will Not Forget

We're Still Here: 11 September 01

Where Were You

World Trade Center and Pentagon Disaster Information and Memorial

World Trade Center Crash

World Trade Center Miracles

World Trade Center Pentagon Memorial

World Trade Center Poem

The World Trade Center Memorial

World Trade Center Tragedy Memorial Page

WTC and Pentagon Memorial

WTC Memorial Quilt

Your True Hero

American Tragedy webring {growing with each passing day ...}

More Webrings

Possible Fraud Schemes - special report on solicitations of donations for victims of terrorist attacks. From the U.S. Department of Justice.

Truth Technologies - in order to help make sites hack-proof, offers free security scans of any web site or network assisting the victims, rescuers or survivors of the September 11 tragedy.

I must remember to actually upload this image ... :)


Huge list of Resources at New York Times online

Another tribute page with some interesting initiatives & links

More search results ...

Another Remembrance photo gallery at the Daily Bulletin site

Berkeley page with loads o' linx

Students reactions to WTC at the Atchison Elementary School

I must remember to actually upload this image ... :) ... cropped from the page of peace messages ...

Candlelight memorial from Sept 14, 2001

Photo Galleries at the LA Times

Sydney Morning Herald   Galleries:     1    2    3    4    5   

A few more linx & photo galleries ...

Attack on America - a HUGE list of commentary, links & resources. Includes a list of hoaxes, e.g. 'light a candle for satellite photo' ... :) {Mind you, it also includes a lovely image of 'earth lights' from space}

[Speaking of which, click here for Sept 2001 astronomy pics of the day. The one for Sept 25 is quite something. Sept 24 aint bad either ...]

The Interfaith Alliance

Network to Global Fellowship

International Interfaith Centre

I must remember to actually upload this image ... :) ... cropped from one of the webring logos ...


Faith responds to terrorism

Alan Cohen's reflections. He also has an interesting Q&A page

How to stand with those who are targeted by hate

Sir Froggie's Positive News Network:


Healing from terrorism sickness

Locus of responsibility {Note: You may need to scrool down or switch pages to find the message that was posted on 29 Sept, 2001 that mentions this phrase. As of Oct 11, it's on page 5 but that may change. The messages are listed in 'reverse' date order, so it will always appear on the LAST page listed, one would imagine.}

Peace Poem

The threads of memory

Peace Pole project

Ordinary lives

Cropped image from the front page of about 'faith responds to terrorism'

Wall of Prayers

Carleton campus response

Global Consciousness and the WTC disaster

Working for change

WTC Retrievals at the afterlife knowledge site

American Tragedy webring

Even more webrings - the list seems to be expanding by with each passing day :)

Reaction to a tragedy

The talking cure

I saved a copy of this animated candle over at

A prayer for the women of Afghanistan

Pete Russell's site {added Oct 3rd, 2001}

Tid Bits from various sources across the web that inspire, awaken and inform. Nice links page too. :)

World Peace Experiment - huge list of (you guessed it) links abt peace, healing, spirit, positive news, ACIM & even some fun linx :)

A few more Peace links at the Infinity Affinity site

Readers Forum - some Q & A about the events of Sept 11th & some other stuff

Can't cry hard enough - or click on the amended link that takes you here

{You can also download the movie to your PC, if you so choose - click here}

I must remember to actually upload this image ... :) ... cropped from the can't cry hard enough images ...

The angel of the twin towers { or click here}

911 meditation transcript

Global Meditations has some interesting angles on Sep 11th

Picture of Peace - thanx to Inspiration Peak for emailing me this story, prompting me to look it up ... :)

{Here are the other results of that search at Google - click}

Reaching out for Peace on Earth

Peace messages from Union Square in New York

I must remember to actually upload this image ... :) ... cropped from one of the webring logos ...

New Humans, New Earth

Attack on our spirits & other Newsletters

Can't we all just get along?

The Fine Line has some interesting stories & images from a New Yorker

The Unity of Humanity

How to keep your centredness, calm & inner peace even in the midst of a terrorist bombing

Planetary Activation Organisation Newsletter for October 2001. {Note: this link may change, as October will only be the 'current' month for a limited time }

Quantum Awakening Newsletter October 2001 {Note: Likewise, after November 2001, you'll most likely have to click on 'Past Newlsetters', for obvious reasons}

How close are you to the shift?

I must remember to actually upload this image ... :) ... cropped from one of the webring logos ...

Transmuting Fear - a handy article any day of the week

Idea for a Peace chain email

False Gods

What you can do

Article about the date September 17, 2001 & its significance

In memory & celebration

On Today (written Sept 11, 2001)

American Buddhist Service held on Sept 15, 2001

Interesting religious atricles at Dallas News - I like the one about the 70 year old Dallas Buddhist master, Lid Juarez ... but there are also a few abt Sept 11 ... Note: I checked back on Oct 13 and the article must have moved into the archives ... you might like to search the archives, or you can click here for a copy of the article at another site. :)

The Providence Journal site also has comprehensive day by day coverage of Sept 11 & its aftermath

Another copy - including PDF format

I must remember to actually upload this image ... :) ... cropped from one of the webring logos ...

WTC mourning site

Buddhist Peace Fellowship {Note: they were having a few server problems around October 12 & 13, so check back if the page seems 'empty'}

Response to recent world events from the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order

Prayer to prevent war

Advice page from the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition

A different rhetoric

Loving kindness for killers? Huh?

Another memorial service from the West Covina Buddhist Temple

Rest In Peace - includes audio of Thich Nhat Hahn reading one of his poems

Thich Nhat Hahn page at Spiritwalk added since the events of Sept 11th

Click here for the Unified Buddhist Church which has even more stuff from
Thich Nhat Hahn :)

... including 35 mins of audio & a transcript of Embracing Anger from Sept 25th

Click here for the audio of 'Embracing Anger' {plus an intro}

On a similar theme, not specific to the events of Sept 11, click here for an interview with the Dalai Lama where he speaks about 'inner disarmament'

A call for spiritual action

I must remember to actually upload this image ... :) ... cropped from one of the webring logos ...

The shoes of clay have crumbled

The war Bin Laden has already won by Jonathan Freedland of 'The Guardian'

The Prophets Reading Room currently has a few articles in response to Sep 11, 2001

In Times of trouble

When the going gets rough

Place of Peace Awards

The World Trade Centre Event     {also Why did the World Trade Centre Event occur?}

Awakening Peace

A Healing Response

Positive News re: Sept. 11th, 2001
e.g. An airline hiring a comic to relax passengers

An open letter to our national leaders

Out of crisis faith hope & courage abide

National Book of Remembrance at Legacy

911 - a turning point?

I must remember to actually upload this image ... :) ... cropped from one of the webring logos ...

Extensive list of coverage and links from the Open Directory Project

Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, publisher of 'Hinduism Today' offers his view

A time to heal

Petals of Wisdom collected by Thich Nu Chan Nguyen

Centre for Contemplative Mind in Society is working on building an online space for contemplation & reflection in response to the events of September 11, 2001.
Check back with them 'soon'. {As of October 13th, it's still a work-in-progress}

Healing thoughts on terrorism by David Spangler

InnerSelf Magazine has an extensive list of responses & feedback to the events of Sep 11.
You might also like to checkout this page at their site.

Continuing religious reflections

I must remember to actually upload this image ... :) ... cropped from one of the webring logos ...

ICQ Light a Memorial Candle - over 750,000 as of October 13

Letter from Tamim Ansary, an Afghani American

Overnight Sage

Do Muslims really love Death? by Dave Winer

Letters to the editor

9/11 - ways to help & respond

Link exchange

LA Weekly special report

I must remember to actually upload this image ... :) ... cropped from one of the webring logos ...

Let the Healing Begin

Peace trees

Peace Letters   -    part of the    Ring of the White Dove

More Webrings in response to Sep 11th, 2001

Holding the Light - not active just yet (as of Oct 14)

Memorial Gallery - about 433 images as of Oct 14th

I saved a copy of this animated gif over at

Crisis in Consciousness

Another channeled message courtesy of the Sedona Journal of Emergence

The Children of the next 1000 years by Druvalo Melchidezek

The Waves of Darkness - some portions have relevance to Sep 11th

Federation Flash Newsletter Summer 2001 edition has an interesting article called
'True beliefs', which is worth a read. Part of the wonderful Starbuilders website.

Another perspective from the Andromedan Council newsgroup

Also an interview with Alex Collier about the level of apathy in the world - click here

We are at the crossroads by Chief Arvol Looking Horse

Love in action

{                  }

The Sleeping Giant Will Awaken

Editor's comment at the New Heaven, New Earth site

Seeker Magazine for October 2001. Naturally, with the passing of the days, at some point you'll need to click on 'Previous Issues' to access this edition.

The Whimsical Project - send in your own ideas about 'what we should do now ...'

Helpful writings from Shambhala authors such as Shaun McNiff, Bernie Glassman, Toni Packer, Tulku Thondup, David Richo, Ezra Bayda & Pema Chodron

The day our world changed ... and what to do about it

Remembering the victims - detailed obituaries. You can also send condolences by signing a guest book

Karen's Path After September 11 by Karen Lier

Beyond Good & Evil by Arjuna Nick Ardagh

Reflections and Commentary at the Sojourners website - a HUGE list, actually :)

I must remember to actually upload this image ... :) ... cropped from one of the webring logos ...

A Spiritual Healing Perspective

Harusami's Random Thoughts following September 11th

Hold a Vision by Veronica Hay

Make your own sanctuary by Ginny Lloyd

A message from Lazaris

Messages and comments inspired by the September 11 tragedy

Essays on September 11th at the Common Dreams site

I must remember to actually upload this image ... :) ... cropped from one of the webring logos ...

Letters to the Nonduality Salon following September 11th

A Reflection by Sandra Bishop on September 11. And one from the next day

In Loving Memory from the 'Spirit Awakened' site

Memorial Page at Watercolour Angels

A personal perspective from Gregg Braden

Renewal of faith in the wake of tragedy: just my story from the Spiritual Sanctuary site

We say suicide ... they call it martyrdom from Suzanne Goldenberg

I must remember to actually upload this image ... :) ... cropped from one of the galleries at ...

Terrorism - another transmission from the re-connections site.
Also What's ahead for planet Earth ?

Current Shaumbra newsletter {well, it's 'current' as of mid-October, 20001 anyway}

If no luck, try clicking here

Response by John Hogue, including the Nostradamus 'hoax'

Justice not revenge from 'Yes!' magazine

Perspectives on healing from 'The Messenger'

Review of Crisis Events from the Academy for Future Science

The spiritual meaning of the 9-11 crisis

A message from Sogyal Rinpoche to the US Sangha

I must remember to actually upload this image ... :) ... cropped from one of the webring logos ...

Find the terrorist

Attempt Newsletter October 2001. Naturally, after a while it will be found in the archives.

The terror koan

Awakening to Peace. Also The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Buddhism

More Buddhist Reflections on the 9-11 Tragedies from the Liberation Park website

Some Notes on Observational Perceptions and Events Subsequent to September 11, 2001 - you may need to scroll down this page to reach this section ... or click here

I must remember to actually upload this image ... :) ... cropped from one of the webring logos ...

The twin towers, planetary initiation, and the day of truth (a PDF file)
Or click here

{ Click here if you don't already have the Adobe Acrobat reader that reads PDF files}

The bigger picture

The wave of darkness

Seeds for a new humanity

Sept 11th was pre-destined? - an interview with Dannion Brinkley, author of
'Saved by the Light'. If that link is defunct, try clicking here

Transmutation News October 2001

Advice from McMan's Depression & Bipolar Web

Consecutive 'miracles' in the world series 2001 - involving the New York Yankees :)
Or click here      Or maybe here

Thoughts on 911 at the A.R.T. website (added Nov 24, 2001) {Added Dec 15, 2001}

Already a few books abt Sep 11, 2001

Healing Perspectives since September 11th

Light Mission Newsletter for Sep 22, 2001

A proper response by Guy Spiro of 'The Monthly Aspectarian'

I must remember to actually upload this image ... :) ... cropped from one of the webring logos ...

Discussion about the colour of revenge by Omanisa Ross

A Buddhist monastery turns out to be a heckuva good place to be the week after September 11th, according to Douglas Imbrogno, editor of 'Hundredth Mountain'

Osho on terrorism - also some nice cartoons :)

Sometimes it's just not funny from Swami Beyondananda, whose own site is worth a peek

The Taliban's Prayer

Some 'toons from Mike Luckovich

Many more cartoonists on related matters.      You may also like to click here.

Leunig's view:        1        2        3        4        5        6        7        8

Cropped from one of the Teapot of Truth stamps - very cute ... :)

New Dimensions Broadcasting - includes some interesting audio links

Peace Pledge

Charlene Padilla's tribute.     Or click here for a random site in the 'Path of Light' web ring

Have we really tried ? by Marianne Williamson

I must remember to actually upload this image ... :) ... cropped from one of the webring logos ...

Courtney Milne ? - need to check this link when next I'm online ... well, it seems to have nothing much to do with Sept 11 itself but it does have some nice images. :)

Click here should that link become obsolete - it did refer to an event on Oct 2nd, which has now passed, as must all things ...

I must remember to actually upload this image ... :) ... cropped from the page with the prayer for afghanistan ...

The Spiritual Challenge after the attacks - an excellent collection of articles & resources at the BeliefNet site from such people as Desmond Tutu, Thich Naht Hanh, Lama Surya Das & many others. Includes prayer circles, meditations, daily offerings & memorials ...

A collection of essays at the Religious Tolerance website

Group Meditations and Perspectives over at the Spiritweb site

Spiritual Mobilisation page at the Spiritwalk site - a huge list of responses & resources

Circle of Light

Seven Days of Prayer

Update 2002 -

Chris Macke's photos in the aftermath of WTC {added Jan 2, 2002}

Post 9/11 Poetry resources {added Jan 4, 2002}

I had a dream ...

The war on howeverism :)

Audio of Thoughts on the Sept. 11 attacks by Thubten Chodron {added Jan 7, 2002}

Interview with Deepak Chopra about 'The Deeper Wound' at a site called Talk to Tara

A search for 'The Deeper Wound', which is available at Amazon online

The Conversation: Making Sense of These Times

A Million Prayers by James Twyman

Terrorism & Nonviolence {all added Jan 15, 2002}

Mr War {added Jan 18, 2002}

Imagine all the people living life in peace ... {added Jan 23, 2002}

WTC 360 panorama {added Feb 2, 2002, which is 2-2-2}

I have seen what the eagle sees {added Feb 6, 2002}

Remembering the WTC - more panoramic images of the towers, the candle vigils etc

New York at night prints by Tom Menegatos {added Feb 8, 2002}

Archive of Sep 11 websites {added Feb 11, 2002}

The Canadian Spiritual ThinkTank: Devoted to Peace in the wake of Sept 11, 2001 {added Feb 21, 2002}

New York Skyline World Trade Center Print by Stephen Johnson - 50% of proceeds go to charities {added March 7, 2002}

Six months on ...

Towers of Light - may need to download a 'player' to view the video. {added March 11, 2002}

A few more links about the light towers

On that day

Osho World editorial

More wtc panoramas {March 28, 2002}

Image from the Black Ribbon Campaign Homepage ...
Black Ribbon Campaign

If you happen to find any mistakes or broken linx on this page, please feel perfectly free to send me an email, by clicking on the candle below. Or if you just feel like dropping me a comment or a suggestion, I'd be more than happy to hear from you.

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