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Poem written while mowing the lawn

I better remember to upload this image, hadn't I ... :) Taken in the backyard on Nov 1,2001 with my trusty old push mower ...

The universe is a fathomless mystery
Or at least that is the way it appears to me
Galaxies, black holes, space, time and stars
Kittens and babies and fruit stored in jars

Some see the universe as a single thought
A moment of inspiration from some divine source
Those cosmologists tell us it continues to grow
Some of its secrets we just may never know

I often look up into the sky late at night
Watching each star as it sends down its light
This light may have traveled for billions of years
To reach my eyes which rest between my ears

I can get lost in wonder at this infinite view
There must be some nights you feel this way too
I picture a distant figure doing the same
Maybe one day he will call out my name

The universe within is at least as fantastic
Brain, heart and lungs and skin that's elastic
This skin is stretched tight over our muscles and bones
Allowing us to walk, talk and use mobile phones

Skin is also waterproof which is really quite neat
Otherwise we'd have trouble swimming or washing our feet
The great thing about skin is we each have just enough
To cover and protect all of that soft, tender inner stuff

Millions of chemicals sustain each of our lives
Just treat it right and your body thrives
Give it some water, food and the sun's rays
It should last you till the end of your earthly days

Miles upon miles of arteries and veins
Delivering oxygen right into our brains
This gas is part of the air that we breathe
Giving us one more reason to admire trees

Other plants grow in the ground beneath our feet
Which is just as well or we'd have nothing to eat
They grow by mixing sunlight, water and earth
Fuelling our bodies and adding to our mirth

Our biggest mysteries are things we can't measure
Human gifts and abilities which we rightly treasure
Ideas, genius, creativity and imagination
Art, music, and literature all spark fascination

The thoughts in this poem are a mystery too
Are they all mine or do some belong to you
I'd hate to take all the credit for myself
To do so may not be good for my health

Countless miracles around and inside us each day
Rarely do we choose that we'll see them this way
There is a place for logical, rational, linear thought
If we focus solely on it we just might get caught

Consumed by battles which need not be fought
Seeking satisfaction in things sold and bought
Defending these items like soldiers in a fort
We may find our endeavours have come to naught

This little poem really could go on for many days
There are so many things I could mention with praise
But in this crazy world where we push and we shove
The deepest mystery of them all is this thing we call love


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