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Rumi inspired artwork

Descriptions of Mystical Experiences

Well, it's March 13, 2001 and a lovely autumn day here in Melbourne, Australia. After some recent emails, I suddenly decided to compile a little list of sites that describe various types of mystical or transcendent human experiences. Naturally, that which appeals to me may not appeal to everyone but I hope you find something interesting or illuminating amongst these sites. If not, that's cool. Maybe next time.  

As I compile this list, I have not fully perused ALL the sites listed. So, if you should by chance read something here that leaves you totally confused and bewildered, join the club. It may be just what you need to read, even if you don't quite realise it just yet.

Here are the sites along with a brief description:

The journey towards unity consciousness at the SPIRITWEB site

The Multi-Dimensional Hitch-hiker's Guide to Unity Consciousness

Mystical experiences & Altered States of Consciousness

Pure Consciousness/Mystical Experiences - this site also delves into alien abduction experiences, hypnosis, near-death experiences and an article entitled 'Schizophrenic Visions as Manifestations of the Collective Unconscious' ... interesting to say the least ...

Accounts of various mystical experiences & practices

A list of experiences at the Altered States oc Consciousness Centre site {added July 2001}

Personal description of 2 mystical experiences as well as notes on karma and a poem or two

Mystical experience registry - haven't had time to check all these out yet ...

The Archive of Scientists' Transcendent Experiences - ditto

More thoughts & descriptions

Experiences of ecstasy

Glimpses of Eternity

Huge list of resources at a site called simply 'Realisation'

Emissary of Light

Rumi - mystical poet

The difference between bliss & pleasure

A page about Thomas Merton

Varieties of religious experience by William James

Happy for no good reason



Waking up - it's not what you think

The Journey

DeoxyRiboNucleic HyperDimension - the Gaian Mind

And that's just from a quick ferret around this morning, barely scratching the surface of this subject ... more to come ... maybe ...

I agree wholeheartedly with the following quote from this review of A Gift of Love:

"Our unfulfilled longings result in addiction which, I believe, is the number one problem in our culture today. And addiction is just a second-class substitute for the true experience of ecstasy."

It's the complete absence of that transcendent/ecstatic experience that leads people to do all the dysfunctional & crazy things that people are currently doing. IMO.

Speaking of quotes, here is a site which declares that 'meditation is the answer to all the questions you have ever asked' ...   ... it also has some nice photos of a place near me called William Ricketts Sanctuary, which is well worth a visit if you ever decide to travel to this land Down Under

Google has become my favourite search engine. The above list is only a partial selection from the thousands of 'results'. Here are a few of the actual searches I used, so you can have a hunt around for yourself -

"Descriptions of transcendent experiences"

"Descriptions of mystical experiences"

"Unity Consciousness"

Note: each page lists about ten results and you can navigate the pages by the links down the bottom of each page where the "Goooooogle" sign is. It looks a little like this -

I MUST remember to upload this screen captured image ... if not people might become awfully confused

You might also care to plug in such words as satori or nirvana or spiritual awakening or bliss... the possibilities are limited only by your imagination ... you could also try words like ecstasy or union with God or the divine ... but you probably get the idea by now ...

Then there's a little list of some books I have read, which includes extensive excerpts about this whole area of human experience ...

You might also like to visit my list of 'Interesting mental health sites', some of which delve into the rather vexing question of where is the boundary (if any) between a 'psychotic' experience and a 'mystical' one ...  

Interesting mental health sites


Last updated: March 14, 2001

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