Pure Nonsense

{I wrote this at 6 AM, Sunday August 6, 2000 - like much of my recent writing, the words simply popped into my head as if being 'dictated' to me. So, I really can claim no credit if you enjoy reading this, nor do I deserve any blame if you think it is 'pure nonsense'}

We all need to focus on our own natural tendency to separate reality from the organisational co-efficients of our own minds. ERMHA needs a trampoline to symbolise the transition between an ideas-based reality and the magnetic interface of a strange new civilisation. But you probably don't need me to tell you that.

In the old days, a person could walk up to reality and say I'm not satisfied with the multiple options you have given me. Such a person could then turn towards their next-door neighbour and smile within the factual context of a shared and mostly predictable mentality. This situation does not exist today since our bodily and our spiritual identities have become embedded into a metabolic and psychological scene. In the best traditions of our common humanity, we seek a new way to become aware of our own existence in each present moment. When the true meaning of this quest is fully understood then a willingness to be a part of the movement will no longer be so difficult or such a cause of disharmony amongst the population.

When the true meaning of all of our thoughts and all of our dreams is nothing more than a random collection of trouble inside a bubble. And to think just five years ago nobody was aware of their own holographic reality except those who found themselves in psychiatric hospitals.

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I will always be internally grateful to my doctor who taught me how to believe in the sentimental journey of human souls into a universe of unparalleled and unexplored possibility. He would often encourage me to let go of all my thoughts and become just another genius who was walking towards his own lifetime. His favourite way to start each day was to chant, 'This is my only world and this is my lonely little world.' before eating his Weetbix (available now at half the usual price).

I wonder where he is today. If all his cells have gone astray. He loved to sing and he loved to play. In time he said all he could say. He lived in muddy waters with his favourite shiny fish and all the animals thanked him for being included in his wish. His wife was nearly ten-feet tall but she learned to find her way and used a jar of Vegemite to help her through each day. His children shouted slogans and sang songs about the sky. They wandered home from school one day and found a secret pie. This pie was coloured from cement and tasted milky in the quietness of another house where the silent teacher spends his time just looking at a mouse.

I like to believe in all the worlds that never end. Where everybody that you meet treats you like their dearest friend. I like to believe in the unlimited potential of the collective human mind. I like to believe the day will come when every heart will open up to the wonderful benefits of simply being kind. I like to spend an hour or two just gazing at the sky. I hope to continue this habit until the moment comes to die.

My doctor likes to collect sacred thoughts from everyone's awareness and interpretation of their own individual reality. He stores them in a notebook and shows them all to me. I cherish each and every thought as sacred as it is. Then I jump back on my cloud and take it for a spin. It spins in ways I can't describe unless you have your own. The only truth you'll ever need is the one I call unknown.


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