What is normality?

This piece is a work-in-progress ...

Normality. What is it? Nobody can really define it yet the vast majority of us presume to know exactly what it is and that it is a worthwhile goal. Moreover, it is seen as a "standard" and we tend to worry over anyone or anything that deviates too far from this standard.

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When do you suppose the word "normal" was first used? Can you imagine the moment it was first coined?

I am not normal. I have absolutely no desire to be normal. I seek something far grander. Not just for myself but for everyone else. What we call normality at this point in human history is but a pale shadow of what human experience CAN and WILL be.

Our love, if it exists at all, is so diluted and conditional as to make one weep. We won't get anywhere until the vast majority of the human population on this planet have come into contact with their true nature which is pure, unconditional love. Unconditional means unconditional means that you don't attach any conditions or restrictions on whom it is given to or shared with. So, we're a little way from creating a world permeated by unconditional love just at the moment. But we'll get there.

As I write these words, I am aware that this is a radical concept for most people ... but that is changing. I live for the day when these words will no longer raise even one eyebrow. In fact they will no longer need to be said. DEEP down, in places nobody likes to talk about, everyone knows that normality is crap. It is an illusion. But nobody wants to be the first to say anything for fear of being seen as crazy!

Whereas in actuality it is those who daily continue the pretence and the sham trying to convince themselves and those around them that normality has merit and validity ... these are the people who are in fact crazy. They are literally out-of-their-minds because they can never afford to be honest with themselves. If this all sounds a bit harsh, consider this - you won't liberate anyone by reinforcing their delusions. Waking them up may require a bit of shaking and an initial shock.

To encapsulate this into a single motto - Immagine the day when the word "normal" no longer exists in anyones vocabulary. Along with a few other words that currently seem entrenched in our collective vocabulary, such as fear, anger, blame, disapproval, expectation, psychiatry, hatred, weird, impossible, should etc ...

Yes, I'm sure most if not all of the world's current misery can be traced back to two words - "normal" and "should". If you doubt how much impact a little word like "should" has on people's lives, try this little exercise. For one entire day, monitor every thought you have and every conversation you hear. Take note of how often the word pops up. Then imagine if that word was no longer part of our consciousness. This would stop many thought processes dead in their tracks.

Unless one is suddenly caiming omniscience, the use of the word "should" is really quite laughable. The person using the word is saying that of all the possible ways of assessing or analysing a person or situation, you have found THE one which is correct. This is a tough concept to put into words but once you atart to appreciate how multi-faceted & multi-dimensional reality and our lives are then holding onto one fixed point-of-view becomes literally impossible and thus all points-of-view are indistinguishable from each other. To hold rigidly to one fixed point is extremely arbitrary and is coloured by personal experiences and circumstances.

I'm sure that once we start to see ourselves and each other as We Truly Are then these words and concepts and limitations will simply peel away and be discarded as a snake would discard an old skin. As Conversations With God says, "Expectations ruin relationships". And expectations invariably involve the use of the word "should"


A lot of this sounded much clearer and coherent while it was swimming around in my head, then I made the fatal error of trying to put it down onto paper and expect others to know what I'm rabbiting on about. Oh well ...

August 2000 update -

I decided to add this to my front page. I really should re-visit a lot of the material from Feb to May 1999 just after Acacia ward when I was permanently on 'cloud nine' and I thought it would stay like that forever ...

Then I made the fatal mistake of trying to explain 'all this stuff' to people who had only ever experienced ordinary states of consciousness (apart from their time in the dream state) ...

I seem to remember writing down ideas such as these -

Schizophrenics are in fact beings from the future. Their consciousness is simply incompatible with what we currently call 'normality'.

What is normality after all? - it is a strange and magnetic experience which derives from the only world of reality.

I beleive that what we call 'madness' is simply a higher form of consciousness. However, if a person is not yet prepared to dwell in this higher realm they tend to freak out and in turn they may freak out those around him and thus wind up in a psychiatric ward.

Yet, just a couple of years ago i would have couched my opinion of normality in far less diplomatic words! I would have said something along these lines - "I took one look at normality and I thought well that's a load of crap - why would anyone live like that - I'm certainly not going to do THAT - what else is there? And so I made myself psychotic and it's turned out rather well, I must say. I really pity those poor sods who stay normal their entire life but what can you expect if you lie to yourself every day. As I always say, there's nothing wrong with the average normal human being that a few ounces of lead won't fix."

So I have come a fair way ...

Update August 11 -

Normality is merely one phase that you pass through during the long and mysterious evolution of your soul. Like puberty, it is characterised by the conviction that you 'know it all' when in reality you have barely scratched the surface. It also tends to be characterised by intermittent bouts of anger, jealousy, blame, animosity and other agitations. When these bouts become fewer and further apart, you may be emerging from this phase of your journey ...

Heaps more to come ... eventually ... when i get around to it ... if I can be bothered ...

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