Note: some of these are works-in-progress and will be tidied up one day when I get around to it. If I can be bothered.

The Flame

I am a flame at the end of your match
I'm easy to see but impossible to catch
You may use me in any way you wish
Light up a fag or a candle on a dish

I dance and I burn and I throw my light around
Listen closely and you may hear my sacred sound
I cast my light equally to each and every one
The very same light that radiates from the sun

I create shadows in the corners of your room at night
I hope this doesn't cause too much alarm or fright
My light can be absorbed or ignored or even deflected
If you have a mirror, you can see it being reflected

You'll see that my life and light come at a cost
I turn matter into energy and the candle is lost
Where do I go when there's nothing left to burn
That is simply something you may never learn

Unknown Genius (work in progress)

Nikola Tesla is a name you may not know
In his head, amazing ideas did grow
He was born in Serbia a long time ago
A mental giant as these few words may show

(no credit)
(years ahead of his time)
(unfairly regarded as a whacko)
(Edison - Karma)
(Too trusting & idealistic)

One day soon

One day soon
I'll fly away
One day soon
I'll learn to pray
One day soon
I'll stop my screaming
One day soon
Or am I dreaming
One day soon
We'll stop our fighting
One day soon

One day soon

One day soon

The Asylum

There is a place where I can be free
It is the local psychiatric facility
Free to think my craziest thoughts
And talk to lunatics of various sorts

Free from the straitjacket of normality
Free from the absurd requirements of confromity
Free from those sad and desperate rational folk
Free to enjoy the ultimate joke

Twentieth Century Man

Every time I look around
I don't even know if I'm mad
I don't even scream
And I don't even bleed
I walk around all day
With a totally shattered mind
I live my life
In more blindness than the blind
I belong in an asylum
I belong in a jungle
I live in a madhouse
I crawl through a daily nightmare
I blend in with the crowd
They're all crazy too
We need a messiah
Or possibly a few
We delude ourselves daily
We close our eyes to the pain
Keep yourself busy
Go for a walk in the rain
My life has been diluted and polluted
I have become psychotic and anti-biotic
I drown in your rivers
I swim in your pool
I climb every ladder
I laugh like a fool
I am a cork in the ocean
I wander round in slow motion
I am the confused and the misused
I talk in riddles and head for the middles
I am an artificial lifeform in an experimental world
My thoughts are like rocks through a window hurled
I drift randomly through the chaos around me
I'll take another pill as the demons surround me
I sleep in the ugly shadows of the city
I fly like a dragon through the night so pretty
I stroll all around this barren desolation
I watch people gathering to share their isolation
I am a symptom of the twentieth century
Make sure you pray for all those like me

To a Friend

Dianne buzzes around like a bee
It is so plain for all to see
With so many things on her plate
We should forgive her if she's ever late

Dianne rushes here, there and everywhere
Her kind words show she really does care
I feel she must have a heart of gold
But turn the heating on or she gets cold

Dianne talked with me today
She always listens to what I say
Two souls asking the same questions
We ask each other for directions

Farewell Dianne till next we meet
Just knowing you is such a treat
I wish you well in every way
A song to sing, a game to play

Our mate Dave

David talks with us for hours
Through summer's heat and April's showers
We feel his enthusiasm and energy
I think he must run on electricity

Sometimes we become hypnotised
Like moths around a flame mesmerised
We know our opinions will be prized
But sometimes can't get a word in edge-wise

That last line really isn't fair
We all know he truly does care
And asks if we have something to share
He comes to us from who-knows-where
So if you see him around this place
Just smile when you see his beaming face
You'll know that what I say is true
He may want to have a chat with you too

David has been known to laugh a lot
We should find him a nice secluded spot
Where he can laugh his worries away
I hear Acacia ward is open today

The Lady Vanishes

Dijana writes on the back of her hand
This is something I can understand
I also remind myself in this way
Of all the things I'll do today

Dijana now works here at ERMHA
Or anyway that's the current murmur
Her special task is prevocation
I wonder about her concentration

Sometimes she seems to drift away
Is her mind at work or play
This really isn't such a crime
I daydream myself from time to time

Come back Dijana, where have you been
What fabulous sights you must have seen
Have you been away to visit the queen
Or maybe flying over valleys of green

Did you climb some distant mountain peak
You seem to have been gone for a week
Next time you wander so far away
Take us along to brighten our day

One Man's Heaven

I write this little poem as I sit
I'm in Acacia ward until I split
Surrounded by the maddest folk
It is the sweetest, most ironic joke

I'm actually living in another world
Where dreams and magic are unfurled
The people in here have no greed or hate
They all have learned the way to wait

Waiting for the coming of the sun
Knowing they are truly all one
We laugh along with all the staff
My best mate thinks he's a giraffe

I gladly watch over these fragile souls
Some think their minds are full of holes
They cannot handle the jungle outside
This is their refuge where they can hide

They hide not from themselves of course
We are all connected to one pure source
Our hearts and minds have merged with each other
I call every one in here my soul-brother

If you want to join us, please feel free
It really is the best place to be
Surrounded by such understanding
You'll find we are never ever demanding
You'll never know who you might meet
If you take a walk down our secret street
Please visit us if you get the chance
We may even teach your soul to dance


My brain is charged with electric force
I feel as if I could walk though walls
I'm not mad and I'm not insane
I have lions and tigers in my brain

I live a thousand lifetimes every day
I see the world in every possible way
I feel connected to every living creature
Surprisingly my mind does not fracture

I walk on clouds of vibrant mist
My soul soars as if by an angel kissed
I soak up knowledge like a sponge
I catch an idea with an effortless lunge

Should I slow down or even stop
Will my internal resources drop
I don't know and I don't worry
I have no need to rush or hurry

The Lady Vanishes (part2)

Dijana wonders about the spiritual connections
Extending in outward and inward directions
There really are no accidents or co-incidences
In each one of our various circumstances

The souls around you can help light the way
Learning from them is possible each day
Listen to the voices both outward and inner
You'll find your approach is already a winner

With heart and mind open you'll know who to trust
In this way your soul will never develop a crust
I wish you well on your spiritual quest
If you get tired you know just how to rest

Send your mind off to that far-away land
You may see my mates who will offer a hand
Returning refreshed and sparkling new
Each infinite moment will send you its clue


I like to paint onions with bright red faces
I send them to people in various places
They cut and they slice them into a bowl
Or throw them downstairs to watch them roll


I waited for a moment
But the moment never came
I looked all around me
But nothing was the same
In the distance a bird is calling
All around me trees start falling
A giant feather in a golden cup
Crawling sideways I still look up

The Valley of the Dead

I walked into the valley of the dead
No evil did I fear
I walked into the valley of the dead
A million voices did I hear

I was deafened by the noise
And quite blinded by the glow
I watched in silent wonder
And reflected myself into the shallow

My thoughts were stolen and converted
Every idea became inverted
I wandered toward a distant city
Where all the people laughed so pretty

They greeted me with open eyes
I felt that I had won first prize
They kept no secrets and no lies
Every day was a fresh surprise

I walked out of the valley of the dead
Somehow I felt it was quite okay
I remember all the people in that valley
And send them a smile at least once a day

Decisions Decisions

My doctor told me I was mad
I said mate they're all so sad
Then he told me all about the cost
How all the little people got lost

I listened to his tragic story
What happened to the ancient glory
Outsmarted by their own inventions
Despite their very best intentions

Now it's too late to say goodbye
Silent objects pierce the sky
Haunted by their own illusions
Strangers talk of old solutions


People tell me I'm insane
Because of chemicals in my brain
They don't know they cannot see
That I am living in eternity

Blurred Vision

My eyes were cloudy I could not see
All around me there was such a mist
To find out what the trouble may be
I went along to see the optimist
He gave to me a riddle or two
And three candles which were green and blue
The candles he said were to light the way
While the riddles were there to fill the day
I was so happy I almost shouted
Some new ideas had already sprouted
I thanked him with a golden flower
We laughed together for half an hour

Transcendental Medication

Fill me up with chemicals
So that I won't be mad anymore
Fill me up with chemicals
I will sleep on your wooden floor

Fill me up with chemicals
Make me placid and cooperative
Fill me up with chemicals
Is that really any way to live

Fill me up with chemicals
So I'll stop shouting at people
Fill me up with chemicals
I'll climb down from the steeple
Fill me up with chemicals
Stop me from calling the angels
Fill me up with chemicals
Silence the magical distant bells
Sedate me and cruxify me
I want you to lie to me
Strangle my mind
Help me unwind

For The Lonely

Why do some folks seem to have it all
While others are left to feel so small
Why do some wounds never heal
Making life itself seem unreal

Who watches over the lonely hearts
Or are their spirits ripped apart
Is this just the way things are
The most beautiful and fragile souls
Are always wishing upon a star

Do some people just turn to stone
From spending too much time alone
Not by choice but circumstance
Are our lives ruled by blind chance

How fairly are the cards ever dealt
Why do some hearts never melt
Are we pawns in some big game
Can we find someone to blame

These questions are not new at all
Is anyone there to hear my call
Or are we left to our own devices
Left to dream of sweet surprises

Is this the way it must ever be
Wandering alone for eternity
Who decides which dreams come true
Who looks after me and you

Tormented by these eternal questions
I turn to you and ask directions
Do you wonder what it all means
Are you living the same old scenes

Are we united in our confusion
Are we objects of amusement
I wish, I dream, I hope, I pray
Maybe we'll all be lucky one day

As you read this
Stop and Think
Do you really have it all
Including the kitchen sink

Ask yourself if it is true
Are you sometimes lonely too
One kind word, one smile, one glance
Can help another soul to dance

Foreign Nature (draft)

A walk around the zoo can spark a million thoughts
Speculations and wonderings of some unusual sorts
Especially if your companions have that happy knack
Of allowing their minds to wander off the beaten track

First up, we saw some meerkats who were awfully cute
Then a delightful red panda eating a bamboo shoot
I felt very much like Dr Doolittle as strolled around
Trying to imagine how each of their voices would sound

I worried about the karma of keeping animals in cages
Their spirits have been beside us throughout the ages
To solve such a conundrum we must consult with sages
Or was I just going through one of those awkward stages

I remembered wishing I was a dog when just a young lad
Of all the animals, we humans often seem the most sad
We are also the only ones who need to work and toil
Building rivers of concrete over the grass and the soil

The same river of life which flows through each of us
Also animates this splendid diversity of living creatures
Are we simply gorillas who have learned far too much?
Has our cleverness given us the opposite of a Midas touch?

This started me wondering about the people around me
Was it really just by pure chance that they had found me?
Or have we been together in many of our past lives
As brothers and sisters or maybe husbands and wives

Dijana and I became separated from our companions
Lost in another of our deep and meaningful conversations
About fairies and angels and the great cosmic plan
As if from nowhere, there appeared a statue of Peter Pan

Both of us laughed at this quite freaky coincidence
I could swear the statue was about to show us a dance
Soon we caught up with the rest of our motley crew
Ross, Gary, Nicole and Robert to mention just a few

The butterfly house was a wonderful tropical surprise
Instantly my glasses fogged up blinding my very eyes
These colourful and fragile dancers just flutter past my nose
They land on leaves and flowers and even on your clothes

I smiled as I recalled a Zen saying that comes from somewhere like Japan
"Last night I dreamed I was a butterfly, today am I a butterfly dreaming I'm a man?"
I wondered what it would be like to join their beautiful, carefree dance in the sun
If I should come back as an insect, I'm sure I would choose this very one

I could see a theme developing as the day went gently by
The sun blazed down upon us like a beacon in the sky
Our western minds see nature as something to control
We seem to have lost contact with something in our soul

We used to live our lives in a very different style
Instead of driving cars, we would walk every mile
We used to give daily thanks to our Mother Earth
And celebrate each rising of the sun as a new birth

We try to all act so terribly sophisticated
But part of us seems to have disintegrated
Stumbling around like ghosts in the dark
Are we all just travelers on some giant Ark?

We used to be able to breathe in crisp, clean air
We survived without several pairs of Nikes to wear
Have we really made progress or gone into reverse?
When was the last time you read some sacred verse?

We used to celebrate with primitive, tribal rites
Now we spend our days visiting internet sites
We used to believe in magic and dreams
Have we all come apart at the seams?

Our lives have become messy, hurried and frantic
We rarely find time for inspiration or something tantric
I doubt that we are supposed to continue on like this
Many other voices scream out that something is amiss

Can we turn around or is it already too late?
Are we already standing right at Hell's gate?
Who has the answer - is it me or is it you?
Are we all joined by some strange cosmic glue?

I hate to get so heavy all of a sudden
These questions in my head just keep thudding
They just bounce around for most of the day
I try to ignore them but they've decided to stay

Am I just rambling in an incoherent way?
Do I really have anything of value to say?
I leave you these questions to consider at your leisure
I hope this poem gives you something you cannot measure


In a very real sense this message is not new,
Just one soul's tale of how it finally got through,
A belief is an idea you hope is quite true,
Allow it to become more real to you,

There are many laws which govern our lives
From men in skyscrapers to bees in their hives
One law is karma, you are free to ignore it
If you want a picture, I will try to draw it

The law of karma is a complete mystery to most
They would rather believe in UFO's or a ghost
The law of gravity keeps our little planet spinning
While karma keeps track of losing and winning

If you hate something you only destroy yourself
So why not just leave those poisons on the shelf
Love your enemies - I wouldn't suggest it's easy
I promise it won't make you unbearably queasy

Send out kind thoughts to those who need it most
You can do this as easily as putting jam on your toast
Whatever you send out will return to you one day
Try to bear this in mind whether at work or at play

Karma flows smoothly from one lifetime to the next
This is why we humans are so often perplexed
By events and calamities that defy any explanation
You may find the answer in another incarnation

Like any other law, you are free to ignore it
Every action is the result of another before it
It closely resembles Einstein's theory of relativity
It pervades each and every human activity

I wish you all the best on your karmic travels
And as the mystery of your existence unravels
Think about me as I am thinking about you
You may find it quite an enjoyable thing to do

The Messiah Complex

If I could be your strength
I would
If I could fight your demons
I would
If I could heal your pain
I would
If I could dissolve your fears
I would
If I could put wings on your soul
I would
If I could fill your heart with unimagined joy
I would
If I could absorb the pain of the world
I would
If I could I surely would
Maybe I can
I can
I can

Self-portrait in watercolours

Never before in the history of man
Has anyone been as crazy as I am
Never before since the dawn of time
Has anyone had a mind as warped as mine

I'm always coming right out of left field
My eyes are wide open and they never yield
I lost all my marbles many years ago
I walk around slowly as my thoughts glow

I always have my head up in the clouds
This keeps me away from all of the crowds
I happily play with madness and insanity
I have very little time for everyday reality

I laugh at myself and all of my flaws
My head echoes to the distant applause
My thoughts wander all over the place
They dart and they spark and usually race

Most of my life has been spent
Living in a bag full of cement
Most of my life has been just dream
Travelling around on a magic light beam

There is no difference as I now see
Between madness and ultimate reality
There is no difference as you will find
Between a closed and opened mind
I am the man who forgot his own name
I am the one who lives inside the flame
I am a chalk drawing in your mind
I am a guide for all of the blind

I was told by sailors and sold by the sea
I was cold in summer and warmed internally
I was changed by the light from the new moon
I came into the world with a wooden spoon

I am lost and don't wish to be found
The wheels keep spinning around and around
Endlessly, silently, mystically onward
Don't grieve for me. Just look skyward

You may see me strolling down the avenue
I might even wave or smile toward you
If you wave back I'll know who you are
Another visitor from a twinkling star

Lament # 57

What kind of people are we
Are we as kind as we can be
What kind of world is this
What kind of things do we miss
What kind of place have we made
What kind of games have we played
What kind of souls are we
Are we souls that can live free
What kind of times are these
What kind of people do we please
What kind of lives do we seek
What do we leave for the meek
What kind of poem am I writing
What kind of battles am I fighting
What kind of words can I use
Am I here just to amuse
What kind of ending is coming up
Will it be gentle or quite abrupt

Further Education

Show me some of the orbiting satellites
Show me some of the orbits of the moon
Show me some of the modern world
Show me how your dreams have unfurled
Show me people in their offices at night
Show me how to set their minds right
Show me a rainbow with a pot of gold coins
Show me a man who mends all the joins
Show me a diamond from every angle
Show me a way to make problems untangle
Show me a place where people live in peace
Show me a quiet valley for my soul's release
Show me a time and a method and a way
Show me eternity in every single day

The Modern Mystic

I spend my days in quiet contemplation
My soul belongs to no single nation
My heart radiates love and kindness to all around
I fill my mind with a single, magic, silent sound

I have no need for noisy entertainment
I seek to free people from their containment
I sometimes laugh at nothing at all
I watch the autumn leaves as they fall

I sometimes seem a million miles away
I try to visit but I cannot stay
My spirit wanders through time and space
A smile is never very far from my face

I sing and chant in the middle of the day
I can always find games for myself to play
My mind drifts through space and time
I am a character in a nursery rhyme

You may see my in your street one day
I might not have very much to say
You may regard me as somewhat odd
Do not worry, I'm just talking to God


Cradle me and hide me
I know you never denied me
Cover me and deliver me
I still find you a mystery

Warm me and envelop me
I feel my trust developing
Guard me and protect me
So that no evil can infect me
more .....

Tell Me

Tell me if your thoughts are swirling
Tell me why the world keeps whirling
Tell me if your name is strange
Tell me why the words never change

Tell me fast or tell me slow
Tell me all I need to know
Tell me why this planet is hurting
Tell me all that we are skirting

Tell me this and tell me that
Tell me that I am a cat
Tell me things to make me shout
Tell me what my life is about

Tell me if your world is buried
Tell me what the ghosts have ferried
Tell me if this poem should rhyme
Tell me about the nature of time

Tell me, tell me, tell me now
Tell me how to milk a cow
Tell me why the world keeps spinning
Tell me if the good guys are winning

Tell me about angels in the sky
Tell me why some people cry
Tell me how you sleep at night
Tell me if the time is right

Tell me some dreams just die
Tell me about the biggest lie
Tell me how to keep my wits
Tell me if this jumper fits

Tell me you will be my friend
Tell me it will never end
Tell me even if you're not sure
Tell me what eternity is for

Tell me stories to make me scream
Tell me that this is all a dream
Tell me all your darkest fears
Tell me why the walls have ears

Tell me a joke that isn't funny
Tell me how you spend your money
Tell me why I fall apart
Tell me if you have a heart

Tell me a million things at once
Tell me how to be a dunce
Tell me if this poem's too long
Tell me if it could be a song

Tell me if I'm rambling on
Tell me about the once upon
Tell me if I am insane
Tell me why you ate my brain

Tell me crazy things to say
Tell me why I die each day
Tell me slowly. Tell me quick
Tell me I'm a lunatic

Tell me where my marbles are
Tell me what's inside the jar
Tell me tales that are bizarre
Tell me about a distant star

Tell me if I'm round the bend
Tell me when the world will mend
Tell me how to fly a kite
Tell me where to find the light

Tell me what will make you laugh
Tell me about finding the path
Tell me when the music stops
Tell me why my energy drops

Tell me how to make them smile
Tell me
Tell me
Tell me

The Onion

There are infinite layers to reality
You could ponder them for all eternity
Depending on your own personality
You might regard this as just insanity

Look closely at all things around you
Can you see what does surround you
You breathe the air that now has found you
Cosmic rays will always pound you

We stand in the middle of several infinities
This can disturb our delicate sensibilities

subatomic realm
planetary scale
a little similar in theme to the othe poem
about life as a subatomic particle .....

Some think me mad

Some think of time as a linear thing
I think of the colours on an insect's wing
Some think me mad, some think me weird
I think they look for things to be feared


Group Therapy

I want everyone here at this table
To sing out loud if they are able
I want everyone here with me
To sit and contemplate eternity

I want everyone here in this room
To picture themselves as a new broom
I want everyone who is currently here
To sweep aside all doubt and all fear

It's okay to be crazy

(more ideas out of fold a banana - Phil)

It's okay to be crazy

It's okay to be crazy

It's okay to be crazy
Deep down everyone is a clown
It's okay to be crazy
Craziness can make a smile out of a frown

It's okay to be crazy
It can be fun to act a bit weird
It's okay to be crazy
It really is nothing to be feared

It's okay to be crazy
You may find it quite liberating
It's okay to be crazy
Just do it and stop deliberating

It's okay to be crazy
It can definitely be lots of fun
It's okay to be crazy
Don't worry if you're the only one

Don't worry if others think you terribly odd
Crazy people are actually a lot closer to God


Lately I've been going mad
Walking around. Looking sad.
Telling stories of aliens in my brain
They will lock me up because I'm insane


My Life as a subatomic particle

Poems written in July


Black mood
Black day
Black life
Black world
Black thoughts
Black dreams
I cannot hide from the blackness
It is inside me
I cannot run from the blackness
It will divide me
In the black hole I drown
Drowning in my own blackness
No hope
No future
No light
No fight
No life
I drown

A plea for understanding

Don't think me unfriendly
Don't think me unkind
It's hard to be warm and smiling
While battling the demons in my mind

My Life as a subatomic particle (unfinished)

I am a proton inside your brain
Part of the network that keeps you sane
Electrons fly around me in a crazy whirl
I am part of the glue that makes up your world

You cannot see me because of my current size
There are limits to what you can spot with human eyes
I am not quite invisible, just unimaginably small
A billion times smaller than your average golf ball

I'm not actually a particle in the usual sense
The forces around me generally keep me tense
I am governed by the principle of uncertainty
So I'm sure you can relate very easily to me

Like you, I am really a manifestation of energy
Inside my atomic world time passes very slowly
The rules of my world were uncovered by Einstein and others
Quarks, leptons and muons are just some of my brothers

A long time ago, in a galaxy very far away
I lived inside a star, that's where I thought I'd stay
In an instant my comfortable existence seemed over
As my home simply exploded into a super nova

As a proton I have surely travelled around
I used to be part of the vibrations of sound
I have lived inside dozens of creatures
Versatility is just one of my many features

The real world is everything you never see
An invisible realm is your true reality
You never see the air that sustains you
A thought is born and dies beyond view

So here I am now living inside your head
I will reside here until after you are dead
Then as your flesh dissolves and decays
I will become part of the earth for countless days

Then I will continue my great cosmic journey
If you are ever reborn, I will still be turning
I may even be in some of the food that you eat
Being back in your brain would be such a treat

Idle Thoughts

I spin my name
I spin my number
I spell them out
In silent slumber
I learn to speak
I start to scream
I want to fall
Into the icy stream
I count the stars
I lose my way
I wake in cold
Inside all day
I fall from grace
I start to wonder
I call your name
It starts to thunder
I drift through walls
I dance on clouds
I spin the wheel
I calm the crowds
I grab your hand
It seems so small
In such a world
I have it all

Stream of Consciousness # 47

You were there in a chair
With no home or a care
Cars in cases on Chinese lakes
Total discipline is what it takes
Formless, nameless, cold and wet
I forget and that's where I met
In the field the rabbits learn
Burning burning they fall asleep
Folks in cars drop their cigars
Jackets and hats and golden smiles
Tigers in pyjamas talking to crocodiles
Early in the day the monkeys decide to play
Indifferent and stolen from the next tree
Bananas and oranges and the old cotton field
Handled with care in a jar of cement
The demons in my mind are playing their games
Indecent armies parading their angry flames
Allowing and empowering as they fold a candle
This episode ends with a book on the table

Our little trip

On a grey Melbourne day we set off for the sanctuary
Built by William Ricketts earlier this century
Gilbert, Owen and Dijana to name just a few
Yvonne, Rebecca and Geoff came along too

We packed all the food into tight little bags
Stopping from time to time to light up some fags
Soon we were climbing up Mount Dandenong
The air was so fresh. The birds were in song

Our lunch was eaten in the carpark at noon
Someone it seems had forgotten the spoon
This oversight did not cause an unruly scene
Which would have spoiled a place so serene

We paid our money and went in through a gate
Rebecca rushed around like a white rabbit who's late
The rest of us strolled slowly along every path
Looking in wonder at brother William's art

The statues all grow out of the very rock
At first this comes as a bit of a shock
Soon you relax and feel quite at ease
This place has an aura that surely does please

A poem about Owen started to brew in my head
Based on a few of the things that he said
I never knew he was as warped as us too
Suddenly I saw him as one of our crew

Most of the figures have a calm, relaxed pose
Untroubled about wearing very few clothes
Hands, feet and bodies all remarkably real
I suspect our presence is something they can feel

Some of the grottos have archways I'll mention
That appear to be portals to another dimension
This idea may sound a bit strange to you
At the time we felt it could surely be true

As a group we continued but stopped now and then
To inspect some more figures of possums and men
The eyes in their heads have that far-away gaze
Dijana knows just what I mean by that phrase

They seem to be more than mere stone and wood
You'd swear they can hear you and tell if you're good
We took a few photos to prove we were there
But I'll never forget those eyes that just stare

They stare into a distant time and another place
When everyone had that serene look on their face
A look that speaks of such pure, inner peace
William seems to have captured it with ease

They look not at you or through you but past you
Back to a time when the world was quite new
With none of our modern stress and commotion
When walking around was the commonest motion

I felt my mind wandering back to that dreamtime
Where everything had its own reason and rhyme
William Ricketts must have been so connected
To all of the creatures that he so respected

This really is a place you should see
You may not view it quite the same as me
In time we all walked back to the car
We drove to the lookout which was not too far

We parked for a while without having to pay
Grateful to Dijana for her own special way
She has a delightful talent for being vague
Which she quite often turns to good advantage

In the mist, the city seemed a distant mirage
A ghostly illusion with nobody in charge
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It started to rain but I didn't mind one bit
We found a nice spot to chat and to sit

The conversation took its usual course
As if we were part of some great unseen force
We laughed and we quite lost track of time
I felt we were part of a nursery rhyme

On the drive back the lively discussion went on
We talked about the nature of time and reincarnation
Aliens, Easter Island, Jules Verne, and personality
I felt everyone was on the same wavelength as me

Driving on past galleries, tea houses and little shops
This is usually the stage where our energy drops
But as a group we stayed wide awake
As Owen decided which road to take

Reading William's poems from the book that we bought
We realised he was a man apart from the usual sort
The foundation of his life was a very old recipe
Love every creature was his simple philosophy

We could all learn something from this eccentric
Who made his home out of wood rather than brick
He shared his days with the animals and trees
He never married which explains his pure peace

William Ricketts died in Nineteen Ninety Three
I'm sure his spirit still dwells in this vicinity
Try to come along to visit his fine works
Like most artists he sure had a few quirks

His video is available at the park's front office
It may be well worth your while to purchase
To see what he looked like when he was around
You'll find his voice has a transcendent sound

Too soon we were back in civilisation
All were left with the same realisation
We'd all been time travelers just for one day
All of us need a sanctuary for our spirits to play

16th April 1999
Words by Geoff Allen
Inspiration provided by Gilbert, Owen, Dijana, Rebecca, Yvonne, and William Ricketts

Wide awake at 3 AM

I was glorified and petrified in the forest
I was normalised and testified in your eyes
I fell boldly and coldly from the moon
I walked backwards while holding a spoon

I sang silently and politely in the cave
I found sixteen ways to fill the day
I drowned in beauty and fresh showers
I grew as a weed among the flowers

I played in the secret hallways of your mind
I rose skyward in a shaft of golden light
I saw all the peoples of the world
Gathering on hilltops during the cold night

I whispered to angels and saw them smile
I wished for harmony and the echoes of laughter
I felt sweet agonies deep in my soul
I quietly dreamed the bliss of the ever after

What is Time

Hours, seconds, minutes and years
The passage of time is one of our fears
They say time passes but is this true?
Is time something we all move through?

Does time flow or does it wander?
These strange questions I will ponder
You say your time is running out
There's no need to scream or shout

Time is built on twelve paradoxes
It flows downhill and into boxes
If you feel you're running late
Think of time as curved not straight

Time bends your mind into its own shape
Its many layers are like a window drape
Open the curtains and you may find
Time is a product of your rational mind


I used to complain about my mutilated life
Until I looked out at the trouble and strife
Going on all over this wide, troubled world
In the foetal position I'll stay tightly curled

This will protect me from all the pain
Or maybe I'd be better off totally insane
Of this cruel world I'd be not aware
I could roam free without a care

Mystery Woman

I remember her eyes
Eyes that hypnotise
Eyes that looked deep
Deep into my soul
I couldn't help myself
From looking back
Looking back
Deep into her soul
We were locked
Locked in an eternal stare
I was mesmerised
I was hypnotised
It lasted a moment
It lasted forever
Our spirits merged
Merged and combined
What paradise would I find
It was a moment
A moment so sublime
Was it a dream
Too good to be true
Was she an angel
Sent to give me a clue
I don't know and I don't care
I'm still locked
Locked in that eternal stare

Schizophrenia (earlier version)

Walking around in a plastic dream
I look into the mirror and scream
Tormented by demons and unseen forces
My mind is wild like stampeding horses

Why is it so
Does anyone know
Who is to blame
Is everyone the same

I used to walk down the street
And scream at everyone I meet
So they locked me away
From the world ev'ry day

I crawled through the walls
So they showed me some normals
They strangled my mind
To help me unwind

I am a human experimental life-form
My blood flows backwards to keep me warm
My eyes have seen the truth inside
In truth there is no place to hide

I used to think I was a robot from outer space
With wires in my head and a little plastic face
I used to believe that I had such magic powers
Which I would gladly practice for many hours

I used to think ants were crawling on my brain
I stared at the world and only saw the pain
I used to see monsters and ghosts everywhere
I stayed inside and I continued the stare

The world drags me underground
I feel like I'm already drowned
I suffocate in the open air
I fall down and don't even care

I watch all the people silently screaming
In a world of delusions the tears are streaming
While fools and lunatics lead them astray
Into endless cycles of work and of play

People ask me if I can save the world
I tell them to leave all the flags unfurled
People ask me about my frozen lifetime
I tell them not to believe in the crime

People ask me about the human mysteries
I tell them to jump up into the trees
People ask me about the human struggle
I tell them they should blow more bubbles

People ask me about the stars in the sky
Which vanish in the twinkling of an eye
My choice is the choice of lifetimes
Your choice is the choice of new crimes

In my mind I build a green forest
Where monkeys frolic and birds nest
The forest is real in every sense
No need for alarms or even a fence

Identity Crisis (also been rewritten substantially)

I am a magnetic point of light
I am an insect in a field of snow
I fight to set things right
My thoughts begin to glow

I call myself the ancient warrior
I am a knight in borrowed armour
I crawl upon this icy land
Sparks fly out from my hand

I am shattered and reconstructed
Every pathway seems disconnected
Reality dissolves as I grab it
Like some careless alien bandit

I am a horse with no rider
I am a wizard without a spell
I am a rock without a spider
I am a bucket in the wishing well

Ideas and possibilities flower
In a staggering electric shower
Endless words and nameless ways
Fill the air with ghostly haze

I am not worried by this sight
It arrives on its nightly flight
I wait in quiet expectation
I welcome it with hesitation

I am a rope twisted and cut
I am priest alone in a tiny hut
I am sun without a planet
I am a freely spinning magnet

These four walls cannot hide me
With a million words to guide me
Madness never comes too soon
I hold on tight to the internal tune

Fellow Traveler

Gilbert walks upon this earth
He has done so since his birth
His mind is full of wondrous stories
All about the lost and ancient glories

Gilbert looks after his young daughter
Right from wrong he has surely taught her
I met her one day with her heart of gold
In what magic ways will her future unfold

Gilbert wanders through uncharted lands
He seems to have an artist's hands
And wonders about all things divine
Is his quest much the same as mine

Tell me Gilbert, have you seen God
In his footsteps have you trod
I wish you well and bon voyage
I hope your spirit continues its charge

The minutes tick by

ERMHA has two consumer meetings per week
A path to a brighter future is what we seek
Seven or more souls all gathered in one room
Fighting our way through impenetrable gloom

Led by King David, his voice so commanding
He helps us along with our understanding
Will we find answers or will we not
Well at least the tea is usually hot

It's not always serious, sometimes we tell jokes
Believe me. It's true. I wouldn't lie to you folks
I am now in a position to confirm the rumour
That some of the staff have a warped sense of humour

Come along to our meetings and give us a hand
You will hear more details of what is planned
Your opinions and desires are important to us
But if you come along be sure not to cuss

What is a poem

What is a poem
Just words on a page
What is a poem
Sentences in a cage

What is a poem
I'm sure I don't know
What is a poem
A seed that may grow

It may grow in ways the poet never intended
If every phrase remains open ended
It may lay dormant for a thousand years
Then spring into life to dissolve all fears

Just between you and me
There are many things a poem can be
It can be a pile of meaningless words
Or send your soul flying among the birds

Life itself is a poem
Written by us all
The young and the old
The short and the tall

Life is a poem
Written each day
With all that you do
And all that you say

Life is a poem
Let's write it well
We can make a Heaven
Out of any Hell

Life is a poem
Let's join yours and mine
Combine all our verses
Who cares if it rhymes

Life is a poem
Come write it with me
Some of the words
Are in you but not me

Life is a poem
This one must end
Before too long
Write yours with a friend


People wonder about the spiritual connections
Extending in outward and inward directions
There really are no accidents or co-incidences
In each one of our various circumstances

The souls around you can help light the way
Learning from them is possible each day
Listen to the voices both outward and inner
You'll find your approach is already a winner

With heart and mind open you'll know who to trust
In this way your soul will never develop a crust
I wish you well on your spiritual quest
If you get tired you know just how to rest

Send your mind off to that far-away land
You may see my mates who will offer a hand
Returning refreshed and sparkling new
Each infinite moment will send you its clue

Listen to Deepak as he talks of Merlin and Arthur
You'll feel as if your soul is making a departure
He advises us all to seek the wizard within
Just hearing his voice can make your head spin

Like William Ricketts his voice is transcendental
The message he gives is pure and fundamental
Universal love is the path we should all seek
Not just an idea for one day of the week

Is he the teacher we have all been awaiting
Or just one of many I seem to be anticipating
Maybe the true teacher is always with us
If we can seek the silence away from the fuss

The Living Nightmare

What is schizophrenia? I hear you all ask.
To capture it in words is an impossible task
Imagine a nightmare that just never ends
Nobody can wake you, not even your friends

A hundred conversations going on in your mind
You can't tell what's real. They're all intertwined
You feel some external force controls every thought
You're in some great cosmic battle that has to be fought

At its worst it is just indescribable torture
For what sins have I been cruelly brought here
As if your soul itself is being stretched on a rack
You can't tell who is making this monstrous attack

Alone and confused with nowhere to turn
An unknown assailant causes your spirit to burn
Burning as if you are walking through Hell
You wonder if anyone will even hear you yell

Sometimes the chaos subsides in your head
You feel like a ghost already dead
As if your heart has just stopped beating
Even this calm is relatively fleeting

You pray for the bliss of annihilation
Such is the depth of relentless desperation
Drowning in misery, you surface for air
Only to be dragged back down in despair

This is what schizophrenia is. Be quite sure
It is all I describe and a whole lot more
Some kill themselves when they can no longer endure
The medicines do help but they are no real cure

Yet those of us who emerge through to the other side
Bring you a message that we just cannot hide
As a race, we humans have simply lost touch
The stress of our journey has become far too much

As a race, we humans have gone off the track
I wonder if there is any way back
As a race, we humans have quite lost the plot
Adrift at sea without even a yacht

Our focus on all we can touch and can see
Has distracted us all from our true destiny
Materialism is truly humanity's madness
The real cause of the world's current sadness

We are all of one spirit. It lies deep within
It's very simple. All of us lose or all of us win.
We've proved to ourselves that God doesn't exist
But does anyone truly want to live as an atheist

So that when you die you just disappear
That certainly would be something to fear
To see all this wonder as just pure chance
And every thought results from a chemical dance

As I now see it, society as a whole
Is slowly dying from cancer of the soul
I wonder if there is a simple remedy
"Love one another" seems a good one to me

This may sound simplistic or just a dream
You might say my head is full of whipped cream
Dreams can come true if you dream long enough
Maybe our problems aren't impossibly tough

A promise

Maree, Maree what can I say
I have no poem for you today
I tried my best, I really did
Maybe you should offer me a few quid

Sometimes the words just fall onto the page
But nothing is coming, not at this stage
Maybe I should just give it a rest
Until I'm back to my very best

I'll write you something, honest I will
Sometimes I feel like such a dill
Until I do, keep your spirits up
I may soon drink from inspiration's cup

So cheer up Maree, things could be worse
I haven't yet captured your spirit in verse
Whenever I do, you'll hear of it first
Make me a cuppa, I'm dying of thirst


Words can hypnotise
Words can criticise
Words can send your spirit soaring
Words can be so dull and boring

Words can make you laugh or cry
Words can mean hello or goodbye
Words can set your pulse to racing
Or solve the problems you are facing

Words can tear your soul apart
Words can mend a broken heart
Words can wound as well as heal
Depending on the way you feel

Words can make your head just spin
Words can let the sunshine in
Words can confuse the sharpest mind
Words can bring light to the blind

Words can label things yours and mine
Words can illuminate the divine
Words can send you off to sleep
Or give you a precious memory to keep

Words have their own energy and magic
Words describe the wondrous and the tragic
Words can never do these things
Unless your heart and soul have wings

The River of Lost Souls

Here I am. Back again.
In the river of lost souls
Who can you turn to when nobody has a clue
Drowning in the river of lost souls

I look around me at the scared and lonely faces
Some try to pretend they are not really lost
Others find themselves in such ghastly places
In the end we all pay the full cost

I was on an island so peaceful and calm
I forgot about the river filled with lost souls
Now I have once more been grabbed by the arm
To be dragged down into the blackest of holes

This cannot be happening. No, not again.
I walked among angels, now I have fallen
Is there a way out of this cold, dark den
No longer can I hear Tibetan bells calling

I swim against the current but it is too much
So I collapse and drift lifeless downstream
It seems I have lost that simple magic touch
I have no energy left even to manage a scream

Waiting For Dianne

"I'll just be thirty seconds", Dianne said
I've been waiting long enough to bake some bread
Dianne has her own unique concept of time
I think she must live in a nursery rhyme

No, wait. I have it. Suddenly I can see
This really isn't an unsolved mystery
Dianne's situation is something I fully understand
Like Alice before her, she lives in her own Wonderland

Where time runs slower or faster according to whim
You may see a fellow whose hat has a wide brim
I wonder if that is where Dianne is currently
Sitting and chatting at the Mad Hatter's tea party

To keep up with Dianne you'll need to be keen
You may even need to invest in a time machine
Or find a collapsed star with a very special role
I hear time distorts when you're near a black hole

Using Dianne's concept of time, you should know
Those dinosaurs all perished about five minutes ago
The big bang happened in the middle of last week
And tomorrow the earth will be handed over to the meek

So wave to Dianne as she passes you by
You'll wonder if time really does fly
It's not her fault as we all can see
She lives in a different time zone from you and me

If you find yourself waiting for Dianne
Just take note of this simple plan
Don't count the seconds or wait by the door
If you are patient, you'll find that she's worth waiting for

Another sanctuary

Three weeks after William Ricketts
We went to Helesville and heard some crickets
With Dijana and Owen I felt a sense of déjà vu
I wondered if this little trip would be magical too

We crowded into the bus. I sat facing the wrong way
This is nothing new for me - I do it every day
Desmond and Mark chatted with me as we sat
Mark's jokes made us grin like that Cheshire cat

Sasha drove us on past dams, autumn trees and grapevines
The conversation followed its customary lines
We trusted our driver and our navigator
I was sure we would arrive sooner or later

Before we knew it we were parking the bus
Some ibis were there in the carpark to greet us
Mark remembered that famous scene from Psycho
He picked up a large knife and joked with us so

Dianne had kindly arranged free entry for us all
She could not make the trip which made our hearts fall
We must remember to give thanks to Dianne
I'm sure I speak for every woman and man

Bernie and Barbara were our guides for the day
First we saw koalas who sleep 18 hours a day
Bernie said we could learn much form these creatures
Stress and confusion form no part of their features

Our next destination was the birds of prey
Not something that you see every day
First up was a kite with its effortless flight
Then came an owl who hunts in the night

The wedge tailed eagle was the biggest we saw
With razor sharp talons and wide wings that soar
I'd hate to be a mouse in a field at play
These eagles can spot them from a mile away
I wondered how it feels to have that gift of flight
Sometimes I manage it in my dreams at night
Perhaps I'll come back as an eagle or a dove
Taking to the air is something I'd love

We then wandered along to see some reptiles
One lizard was exercising in the strangest of styles
Unlike us humans they rarely dash about
Someone said they can teach us to chill out

Brolgas seem to know something of romance
The males woo their partners with a ritual dance
They mate for life and go to live in a marsh
With none of our crazy desire to rush

Dijana thought the echidnas were quite cute
But don't hug one or the pain will be acute
Strolling around we saw dingoes and wombats
Some platypus and parrots but absolutely no cats

We stopped for our lunch at a picnic table
Fresh food was prepared as soon as we were able
It was so pleasant to share this meal together
While enjoying another day of sunny autumn weather

After lunch we decided we had wandered enough
Some went to the shop to purchase some stuff
Gary's shirt had an eagle's image upon it
That seemed to convey the bird's spirit

Reflecting on the day, I came to one conclusion
Mankind seems to be the only one lost in confusion
These birds and other creatures could teach us a lot
They may even be able to help us retrieve the plot

Geoff Allen


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