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Larson cartoon of aliens 'fishing' for humans :)

Poems April 2001

Buried Treasure

There are at least twenty different ways
To rearrange this ancient phrase
Try to forget everything you know
Down into the heart of reality you'll go

Suddenly a light is seen up ahead
You may start to wonder if you are alive or dead
Fear not and just walk right into the cave
This surely is the very best way to behave

Federal agents will rush to your assistance
But the light has a strange, unearthly persistence
A moment can seem like several thousand years
In a dimension that gives you no reason for tears

Decorated with flowers, the skeptics dance on
Dedicated to the pursuit of things I won't mention
In the beginning, the garden was quite spacious
Cabbages and lemons growing on shoe laces

If you find this verse a bit hard to follow
Here is one notion you may care to borrow
Reality is far more than you can touch and see
It responds to thoughts arising from you and from me

The Pursuit of Happiness

I was born towards the end of eternity
I travelled backwards through time to this present century
I rolled a pink onion towards the next forest
The people were grateful and gave me a spelling test

I was born yesterday and the day before that
Sometimes I'm a dolphin but right now I'm a cat
My identity fluctuates in a somewhat random fashion
I keep my possessions in bags to stop them from smashing

Lumpy Custard

Life is a bowl of lumpy custard
If your dreams are old and rusted
Life is a spoonful of soggy porridge
An endless quest for useless knowledge

Life is a series of unanswered questions
Everyone is desperate to offer suggestions
All known opinions are arbitrary and incomplete
Truth rests silently between your head and your feet

A Grain of Salt

Life is a game without any rules
A game that is played by wise men and fools
A game that has no beginning or end
Where each of us learns new ways to pretend

This next verse really needs some work
Sometimes I feel like such a jerk
A little patience and a lot of luck
And we can avoid being hit by that truck

Just bring your mind
To a complete standstill
And you'll have more bliss
Than you know how to handle

You may laugh
You may even scoff
You might just wish
To twist my head off

Nevertheless I speak the truth
No doubt you'll ask where is my proof
What's true is true is true it's true
There is no difference between me and you

Greetings Earthlings

I am a stranger in a strange land
So many things I can not understand
Why do you kill
Why do you hate
Why does your anger
Never seem to abate
Will the next soul I encounter
Have any answer
Even if they are currently
Dying from cancer

Daze of Our Lives

Time is a monster that chokes you to death
Closer to the grave with every single breath
Time is a hunter and you are its prey
Your moment of departure may come today

Therapy at Home

I talked to the men
With sand in their hair
They told me that I'm
Neither here nor there

I watched all the men
With tears in their eyes
They told me that I
Should turn to the skies

Private Toughts

Things that I would never say
Pop into my mind every single day
These thoughts sit down and stay a while
They must be stored in some secret file


There are so many things that will drive you insane
Chemicals running around the inside of your brain
Sit back, relax, enjoy the ride
Let your feeble grip on reality slide

... totally deranged ... nothing has changed ...

More to follow ...

A few more embryonic verses

{These need to brew a bit longer but you're quite welcome to read them and email me if you have any suggestions. Please keep your suggestions nice, you wouldn't want to upset me now, would you?}

I used to believe in all the federal mornings of life
With my sanity perched neatly along the edge of a knife

We're all busy looking for somebody to blame
Simply look in the mirror to know the culprit's name

In a predatory society, who is it that suffers the most
When even the winners appear to be the shadow of a ghost

Everyone says that you can't be too careful
I ignore this advice whenever I'm able
Fear is the only reason this world is unstable
Between caution and fear one must walk on a cable

I used to wonder if my life
Could really be any more strange
And then one day I found
A way to medically rearrrange

People always give themselves no ordinary mentions
The clashing of human egos generates endless tensions

{Deja Vu}

I was wondering through my lifetime
Without a care in the world
When suddenly I stopped
For a moment

People give themselves instructions
On how to spend each day
The right amount of sleeping
Plenty of time for play

Speaking with trees is our new plan of action
As the latest messiah becomes a media attraction

What are the federal distances of your mind
Can you expect to keep doing things until you go blind

Milk is the sudden namesake of the world
A planet is born when new elements are unfurled
Milk is the earliest possibility of PLIFTASHOLICK
In the famous fields where the wild snails frolic

Everything I say and whenever I am heard to speak
I try to keep my tongue lodged firmly in one cheek
Being humble is a virtue not only for the meek
Human beings talk on nearly every Wednesday of the week

I am an exact digital representation of the entire universe
I shouldn't really complain because things could be worse

I love to count my fingers
To make sure they're still attached
There are many holes in my head
That have never ever been patched

Pay me from the money and the dollars of the world

My doctor told me there were nipples on my brain
And if they remained there I would surely go insane

Update May 10th -

Poems May 2001

Image of a brain from Brahma Kumaris site ...

As I said, those verses above need to percolate for a while in the strange and mysterious uncharted region known as my mind. It is a wild and untamed land that has not yet been fully explored. You might like to bookmark this page or add it to your Favourites. Then you can come back on a regular basis to see what has become of these embryos.

You may find that if you read these poems daily and recite them to everyone you meet that your life becomes more pleasant and much more efficient.

In the meantime, I have been busily transcribing some thought provoking sections from a book I borrowed from the library, called Ultimate Journey by Bob Monroe. I had previously thumbed through this book at the library and even photocopied a couple of pages. If you've ever asked yourself why things are the way they are or why they appear the way they appear, you might find something in this book that resonates with you. Or you may not. I'm not a mind reader just yet. But what have you got to lose except maybe your tenuous grip on what we loosely call 'reality' and that's no great loss, in my opinion.

The book also says some things about 'the Big L' that you might just find useful at some stage during your next hundred lifetimes or so. If you wish to persuse the book excerpts, kindly click here.

Last Updated: May the 4th, 2001

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