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Small image of 'principle of sanity and beauty'

Poems May 2001

Random Verses about nothing in particular

I have become the 14th dimension of reality
You cannot begin to imagine what I see in front of me
I am the bone damage of the entire universe
Do you take this life for better or for worse?

I talk to 14 medical experts each day
They sometimes don't have very much to say
I walk to the shops and I walk home again
All will be revealed but I'm not sure when

My doctor performs amazing medical tricks on me
As we eat bananas on an island in the big city
I was polishing my life just the other day
When down came a spider and dragged me away

My soul is pregnant with a poem
But then my mind decides to roam
Across the bridge that's made of foam
Landing somewhere near Paris or Rome

In the individual moments of my life
There is no trouble and no strife
In the individual cells of my physical form
There is enough energy to keep the world warm

The patterns of reality are hard to recognise
Microscopic entities undetectable by eyes
Inch by inch they generate everything you see
But how does one explain the existence of you and me?

Life is a movement between all the opposite ways
A trance-like state in which nobody really behaves
Questions surface from subterranean regions of our minds
If it gets too much, you can always close the blinds

I know what it's like to be crazy
I know what it's like to be sane
I know what it's like to have
A billion thoughts flooding your brain

I used to believe in the miniature availability of life
While trying to balance a dozen or more peas on my knife
My individual brain cells hardly ever agree to work together
But every now and then thoughts tickle me just like a feather

In the amazing crispness of each morning
You turn on the telly and it's always boring
Opening the back door you light up a fag
And wonder if this day will be less of a drag

Suddenly I am the ten lifeforms of the future
In these moments I tend to forget my own nature
If there are no more moments to contemplate
I'll just go outside and dance until eight

When this sentimental journey is finally over
No more rain falls upon the salty ocean
And the distance which this spinning planet may cover
Is determined by a new kind of sideways motion

Aren't Insects Fascinating

An insect crawled on my leg today
I stopped for a silent moment
To watch its curious progress
Then it decided to fly away

Human Behaviour

Why don't we recite poems
To the people that we meet
If they're having an ordinary day
It could be just the treat

Why do we need instructions
On how we should behave
Searching for the perfect advice
From the cradle to the grave

At any given moment
We could be sane or crazy
To switch from one to the other
Simply pick up a daisy

What do I Know

In the beginning
People all believed
This earth was flat
And I am sure
Most were content
To leave it at that

There are probably more poems in the May 2001 journal along with various meanderings and thought bubbles you may like to read ...

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