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Poems June 2001

Another poem written without the assistance of drugs

My life has become such a boring event
I sleep under the stars without even a tent
My life seems like one thing after another
Where everyone I meet is my sister or my brother

Reality is one of the things I am interested in
When I think about it my head starts to spin
Then I take a nap and collect all my thoughts
And sort them into categories of various sorts

At death, who knows where your spirit may go
It may depend much on the seeds you now sow
Or the sticks and stones and insults you throw
Already your thoughts are beginning to slow

I shout out words and they make no sense
Because my mind dwells in some future tense
If you like to think that I am insane
Take another look at your own brain

Human beings are formed by unknown forces
Chinese people seem to love their sauces
I spend all my dollars down at the shops
Where even the slowest penny eventually drops

My life has been ruined by microscopic dust
I wonder if there's a soul on earth I can trust
My thoughts are so feeble and really pathetic
The skin on my face looks awfully synthetic

I'm only kidding about those last four lines
A cosmic prankster who is unafraid of fines
You might think it strange or somewhat askew
That I even bother to say these things to you

I should be locked away from the rest of humanity
So that i can explore the boundaries of my sanity
My life has been miniaturised by the Australian government
The federal employees know just where the money went

I was so busy working for the people
Inside the church and it's golden steeple
Oliver sudden I fell to the ground
Upon hearing a single and most sacred sound

I was lost and have now been found
Inside my very own burial mound
I was born in the middle of my own internal nightmare
However it appears, life is never unfair

People always ask me if I have lost my mind
I thank themfor their concern and I know they will find
The golden shape of tiny robots dancing
Whistling and chanting can be life enhancing

I want to live in a world
Where everyone understands their own directions
And illness is always cured
Without any need for painful injections

I bet you won't live in the shade too much longer
As all of your muscles and tissues grow stronger
A bone in the hand is worth two in the corner
There must be a reason why the winters are warmer

Some men and women can glow in the dark
While looking for a nice place to park
In their individual minds there are many avenues
So they go into the newsagent to buy some new shoes

Our technology has advanced in huge leaps and bounds
We now have plastic discs which play our favourite sounds
Yet our understanding of our selves remains laughingly primitive
How often do we sit and wonder about the universe in which we live

Most people have barely a clue about their true identity
You are infinitely more thatn you believe yourself to be
This poem will be continued inside your head
Think of it when snug and curled up in your bed


People tell me that I'm crazy
They say that I'm insane
I send them all a dollar
So they may ride the train


By our example
We show children
Who to love
Who to hate
And the result
I gotta say
It aint great

July 2001 update:

Possible extra verses for yesterday's poem

I used to beleive in all the conventional concepts of mankind
Until the day I realised that the blind were teaching the blind
I felt there must be other dimensions of experience to find
So I slowly cleared all the garbage and nonsense from my mind

Our technology has advanced in huge leaps and bounds
We now have plastic discs which play our favourite sounds
Yet our understanding of our selves remains laughingly primitive
How often do we sit and wonder about the universe in which we live

The allure of impermanence

If 25 doctors cannot tell me my own name
Then my life might as well continue vaguely the same
I can't even work out if my decisions are real
Or if the bones in my leg are now rods of steel

I live each day with only minor emotional damage
And greet each new moment as warmly as I can manage
I like to enjoy this transatlantic voyage
But sometimes I wonder if it's all a mirage

I am a traveling salesman from another cosmic location
This is where I choose to spend my summer vacation
I look at the grass and the trees and the sun
And remember that deep down we are all one

I like to perplex people with my crazy behaviour
They thank me and sometimes regard me as a saviour
In the beginning there were no words for us to say
Then everything changed and evolved into what you see today

I'd like to introduce you to your very own reality
Floating inside your mind is another kind of duality
You think you feel things down in your soul
What else could you possibly need to be whole

Here's a little something I penned when I was having a slight dip in my equanimity. It accurately reflects the mood I was in but it's arguable if I should hold onto it at all ...


Moments of Clarity

I spent yesterday going in and out of my mind
Wondering why some thoughts are horrid while others are kind
I looked into the face of the people passing by
Watching for a smile or a twinkle in their eye

I used to borrow my life from the people on TV
Hoping that I could see what the dead can see
I was medically purified by a little jar of chemicals
In the hallways of our minds lurk unborn radicals

I used to believe in the repetition of a single sound
Suddenly my mind was nowhere at all to be found
In the silence a million thoughts waited to be drowned
This poem is not typical of the ideas that are floating around

Smile like a crocodile

People use their angry brains
Constructing bombs to put in planes
Scrambling after imaginary gains
Their souls rattling unseen chains

The Chameleon

Sometimes I think that everything I have ever written
Is complete and utter crap
Then the voices that live inside my head tell me
To go and take a little nap

The endless search for clarity

These new words have no meaning
Due to a flaw in our reality screening
You may mention things to your friends
About the world that never ends

Why do we say the things we do
To be honest with you I haven't a clue
Are we seeking to impress
I guess that's it more or less

People with clarity are extremely rare
They wander neither here nor there
You may spot them if you're attentive
Their words are never vague or tentative

Twenty Questions

Ask me if I'm crazy
I'll say yes or no
Ask me how I'm going
I'll say fast or slow

Ask me about the twenty doctors
I'll tell you that it's so
There are always twenty doctors
All sitting in a row

Lesson 43

The damage of life is all an illusion
So is your fear and doubt and confusion
I was born before the universe even existed
These ideas are nothing new but you've always resisted

The world is based on some unknown binary code
Some people seem to bear an unusually heavy load
All of the things tou think, see, do and say
Are simply manifestations of spirits at play

Miniaturisation is a seven-syllable word
It's rarely been spoken and thus seldom heard
Sometimes whispered between friends in your dreams
And conveyed to your mind on unseen laser beams

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Image from 'The Big Brain Book' showing a suit with nobody in it and the 'real' youlooking on and laughing - 'Viewed from the outside, our whole life is something we are experiencing at the moment rather than who we really are' ... should send to the good ol' Forum ... :)