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A few more poems Feb 2001
I must remember to upload this cute picture or this page will look awfully silly ...

A few more poems Feb 2001

In case I do my usual trick of not actually getting around to fixing up this page ... {it's Feb 14, 2001 as I write these words} ...

* Poems from Journal Feb 2001 & I think a couple in January as well ...

* Here's one I wrote this morning ... been in a real 'funny' place lately ...

* Could include 'Click here to read the original handwritten version' ...

* Or could do a screen capture then use cut & paste to shift or blur the words ...



Contemplation 101

One day I sat down
and observed my thinking
Thoughts arising
Come to think of it
what is a thought
Is it a part
Of some strange cosmic sport
Some thoughts flash by
While others linger ...
What is this tingling
In my little finger
Is my head about to explode
Am I carrying my fair load
What's that
Did a dog just bark
In my mind
I see a spark
A fire burning
In the dark
A voice that sounds
Just like a
                   lark ...

Now ... I could do that as a hand-written piece now that I have access to a scanner ... hmmm ... which might convey the 'sense' of thoughts arising and dissipating and moving at varying speeds ... or maybe not ...

... or possibly a screen capture then use cut & paste to move/blur words ... fonts ...

Then I went and sat on the bus for a while ...

A naughty little poem

If this poem has changed your life
Is it okay if I kiss your wife
If this poem has destroyed your brain
Why not jump off a moving train
If this poem is really stupid
Why do you read it as you just did
If this poem has been highly annoying
Why not go and wash the children

I must also remember to upload this screen capture of the poem 'silent echoes' ... it's really quite effective with the different fonts and colours ... I especially like the penguin font ... thanks Dave ... that came from the fontastic website ... :)

Another ridiculously brief poem written on a bus

I like to let my consciousness drift all over the place
This explains the strange smile that often apears on my face

A few more ideas ...

With such an abundance of seemingly contradictory views,
It's little wonder that a person like me might feel a bit confused

The universe has been exquisitely designed
To drive me clean out of my mind

Plus a very silly possible poem title - Life is so much more than a zobdakrolic rampage ... and please, don't ring me up asking for an explanation. I have none.

And another one tough to 'convey' in HTML code ... so maybe handwritten ...

I must remember to upload a scan of this poem ... if I do not ... here are the words but not the 'arrangement' ... We generally assume that REALITY will work PRETTY much the same from ONE day to the NEXT, Otherwise we all might TEND to become just A LITTLE BIT PERPLEXED. Okay, it's not Shakespeare, but then what did you expect ... :)

I live each moment on this tantric landing,
Walking, talking, sometimes standing.

There are questions the human mind just cannot grasp,
Exloring this reality is no easy task ...

Many of these ideas popped into my consciousness while I was sitting watching some ducks and a couple of swallows at a local pond ...

... another possible title ... Early warning signs & early morning minds ...

Plus many of the mantras from Jan & Feb 2001 journal ...

If, by chance, you find yourself reading this page, why not lemme know what you think, even if it's just to say that this is all just complete **** ... it's virtually impossible to be 'impartial' about your own 'stuff' ... besides which ... I mean, I am perfectly aware that it is all in the eye of the beholder ...


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