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Sites for Sore Minds

Here's a few places in cyberspace that I have enjoyed visiting recently -

Psychotherapy, Meditation & Spirituality

"A Dream for One World" by Segev Perets

The visionary art of Alex Grey

'The Game of Life' by Florence Scovel Shinn

Art & Healing Links

The Outsider Pages

The Wanderers Forum

Interesting discussion of spirtuality & mental health by Les Mitchell

Fabulous paintings of dolphins & whales by Christian Reese Lassen

Photographic Galleries of dolphins, whales, sea lions, Earth Scenes, Hyperspace and other cute stuff.

'The Golden Key' by Emmet Fox

Wing Makers Forum {updated link Sep 23, 2001}

James Finn Garner - author of 'Politically Correct Bedtime Stories'

The expanding web of consciousness

Michael Leunig Appreciation site

Cropped image from that classic cartoon about the WWW and Grandma!!! :)

The Quest for Truth and Accuracy in Information on what's happening in the Universe and on the Nature of Reality

An extensive list of interesting or alternative mental health sites, composed by a former 'Murmur' editor

Green Peace Australia

The Law of Life

Fun things to do on a winter's day

A collection of quips and quotes that may make you think or may make you laugh. It's up to you.

Have fun wherever your travels may take you.

Special bonus section for advanced souls or those with an insatiable curiosity to know just why they are here on this planet at this particular moment inhuman history:

Articles for Awakening & more visionary art & Soul Cards & much else besides ...

The bipolar road to freedom

Beyond the Illusion

The Monroe Institute

First conference of three beings

Zen Computer Dojo

Click here for a random Buddhist site

The writings of Anthony De Mello

NDE videos

Lightnet Links

Spiritual Anarchist

Afterlife knowledge

Cosmic Awareness Communications - enjoy exploring the literally millions of words transcribed from these Cosmic Awareness readings.

But first ... Are you ready for cosmic awareness?

The Spirit of things

UG Krishnamurti and his non-philosophy ...  

Our natural need to get high

Glossary from the WingMakers time capsule

Near death experiences & the afterlif

There is a theory ...

The art of Dan Rhema

Wisdom of Solomon (Paul Solomon, that is)

Exploring the unknown

The Madman

The DeoxyRiboNucleic HyperDimension

Update May 22, 2001 -

A date with your soul

Attainable affirmations

Shel Silverstein

Network of Light Visualisation Project

Light at the edge of creation

Loving the planet & each other

Seek ... and you will find

The significance of the year 2012

Another Brilliant link

Isle of Avalon Knowledge Bank

Visions Unlimited

Going through the void

Ask Osho

Creator Page

Interesting Websites

Jean-Luc Bozzoli

Dr Katz episode guide

Secret life of plants - at a funky little site called 'Fusion Anomaly'. Well worth a stroll around if you have the time/inclination.

Testing ...

The Forgotten Song

Laughing with the Dalai Lama

What is depression? Now, this site is not quite what you (or eye) might initially expect it to be, which is a lovely illustration of the value of setting aside or letting go of our expectations. Part of the Circle of Light webring.

Friendship with God along with the first chapters of many otter books

Fun Stuff II

Ask an expert - on any subject under the sun

Bush Tucker Man - Unofficial Home Page

Large collection of quotes about Thoughts & Thinking

Children's letters to God - guaranteed to put a smile on ya dial or your money cheerfully refunded

The void

Your Mind and Soul Can Traverse Time with Ease

Elias session #689

Advanced Awareness

Interview with Neale Walsch, author of Conversations With God

More Walsch links - May 30th

Fortess of Infinitude

Fun Quotes

Active meditations

How can I go forward when I don't know which way I am facing?

A random quote from the Elias transcripts. Take pot luck.

True happiness

Update June 6, 2001 -

My first effort at generating random links

Can We Know God Through Experience?

Mysticism in World religions

Neuromagnetic Therapy

Sufi Soul

Possible Geomagnetic Field Effects in Psi Phenomena

Interesting article on human biology & brain function

Anne Elk's Theory on Brontosauruses

The Didj Shop - genuine termite-hollowed didgeridus

Java tunnel meditation - some interesting search results

The Neurology of Spritual Experiences

Internet bumper stickers

This life is a test. If it had been an actual life, you'd have been given instructions on where to go and what to do. :)

Lily Pond

The hidden unity of hearts

One definition of truth

Meditation Handbook - some excellent tips

Webshots - over 10 million photos

Meditation Chambres

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the Brain, Mind, Evolution, Emotion, Spirituality, Sexuality, Astrobiology and The Origin of Life ... But Were Afraid To Ask

More useful links - including Ripple Makers

Perceptions of Spirit

   Gibberish Meditation + some rather nifty links

500 Nations

The Random Place - some great one-liners

The Mind Warp

Laughter Therapy

The Headless Way

Inner Landscapes

Reflection on the death penalty

Emily Dickinson & shamanism

The Human Face (with John Cleese & co.)

Hermit crabs make wonderful pets

Yoga positions

When you can walk on water, take the boat

What's your world vision?

The Moment of Quantum Awakening by Ken Carey

Reincarnation and The Self - your questions answered


'I would like' by Lee Beavington

Crystal insight

Gaining control of the new awareness

Spiritual Sanctuary - a fabulous links page and you can submit your own suggestions ... plus a neat guest book

School of conscious art - some mind-altering stuff ...

Earth Save - Healthy People, Healthy Planet

The 4th way

Science & the Sacred

Another random site


The Edge - exploring the evolution of consciousness

The Scream at the Edge of the World

Working with animal spirits

Soul retrieval              Part II              Part III

Many Hands - another article on soul loss/retrieval

And just for good measure, a site actually called 'Soul retrieval'

DNA versus RNA

Another interesting website

Complexity of the body - the universe within

Update July 4th, 2001 -

Excerpts from 'Love Without End'

Vegetarianism and Physical Immortality

Didjeridoo meditations

Do Fairies exist? (and if so, why do most people not see them?)

Care of the Soul

The Starseed Trans-Mission - 'The sleeper must awake!'

Interesting Glossary

Only from the heart can you touch the sky


About life & death

Interview with Ruth Montgomery

A few links about the 'Celestine Prophecy' series of books

Sophie's World

Powers that be

A few more starseed links, which look worthy of a peek.

Some Buddhist stories, including the one about the turtle & the fish

The Foundation for the Awakening Mind

Testing ...

Planetary Activation Organisation - includes more on starseeds


A list of some aphorism sites ...

Altered States of Consciousness Centre Library

Secrets of Telepathy {This site also has "Return of the Dove"}

Female teachers in Buddhism

Dreamtime Art Gallery

Information about walk-ins & others undergoing transitions in consciousness

Yet another list of cool sites

Reality Shifters

The Mandorla - 'the study of madness leads to greater sanity'

Interesting image I found at Tom Kenyon's site. I like his thoughts/observations about the effect of sound on consciousness. Naturally, his tapes sound quite interesting - see www.tomkenyon.com/products/Products.html

Sally Clay's site - Buddhist, poet, psychiatric survivor ...

Something for the Jung at heart

A miraculous method of singing or click here for a doco & CD

GOD ... in a box

Institute for Inner Studies

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Ghosts & Hauntings Chapter 3

Cosmic teddy bears

When God talks back ...

Interesting reading room

A little bit of Ram Dass

Glowing phoenix ... or smouldering moth?

Unity - the journal of a young mystic

My random number generator (for Lotto or keno)

Complex questions

Interesting 'take' on the movie, 'The Matrix'

A few Gary Zukav links

An online book about out of body experiences and how to have them

Chart of the three realms of existence from the 'School of enlightened healing' site

The Revelations of Jeremiah

Interview with God

The seeker and the search ...

Healing & spiritual crisis

The Emerging Global Brain


Update September 2001 -

Sacred Places

The way it works - another online book by Ken Page

Some excerpts from 'Cave in the Snow'

A most extensive list of links I received recently in my email

Meditation & the Hopi Way

Conscious Books - more online books for your viewing pleasure

Self Discovery: Warning! This site may seriously damage your beliefs


A little more Osho

Meditate deeper than a Zen monk

What, after all, is reality?

Brainwave Synchronisation

Chance & Choice - another free online e-book

Quantum Awakening linx page

The great illusion - fabulous images (& words)

The Great Mystery

Send pure, unconditional love to those trapped in hate

Spiritual Sanctuary's Interconnections

The Matthew Books

Light Mission

New Awareness Page

    'Is' by Dennis Krum

How to Heal Yourself

Journey of souls - Dr. Michael Newton's research conclusions

Matrix 5 - excerpts from 'one of the most controversial books on the planet'

Earth millennium project

The Awakening Earth

Peace pilgrim

Sir Froggie's Positive News Network

Zen stories to tell your neighbours

Pete Russell's site - very coooool :)

Meditation: science of the inner

Soul fragments & lost souls {scroll down abt 3/4 of the page}

Your Recovery Process

The Tao of God - read it online

Plum Village - home of Thich Nhat Hahn. Includes audio & transcript of Embracing Anger from Sept 25th, 2001

Transmuting Fear

Free healing offer

Eckhart Tolle's 'The Power of Now'

Seven Days of Prayer
{added Sept 12, 2001 after the World Trade Centre crashes}

Circle of Light - some wonderful links here

Look Within

Note: As of November 2001, most of the recent sites have been included in my latest random links page - click

Last update: October 12th, 2001

Any suggestions/comments, please feel perfectly free to send me an email, by clicking on the image below:


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