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The Way to the Light


ã Copyright Sherwood Books 1989

GPO Box 1435

Canberra ACT 2601

ISBN 0 7316 5864 7

First edition, May 1989

Reprinted with minor revisions and index, 1990


Special conditions of sale and distribution:

'We wish for no material gain to be given nor asked for to or by any person in connection with the knowledge contained in this book, which is the right of all to have. No matter the requirements for distribution of the material source of the writings, not one individual is to profit from these words to you all. For those involved in the practical production we ask that you all take care with this aspect of the whole, for disregarding our wishes will cause some to doubt the origin of our words.' (The authors' request.)



Sherwood Books

Sherwood Books in a non-profit organization set up for the express purposes of producing and distributing this unique text. Sherwood Books seeks only to recover its costs and maintain sufficient income to pursue its objectives.

Copyright is held not to protect profits, but to ensure the continuing integrity of The Way to the Light. Please write to the above address if you require copies, wish to make enquiries, or have any comments about the book or its distribution. (See back of book for mail-order details.)



This book has no living author. It was written by a group who call themselves the Guides, and it was channelled through the writing of a woman. The woman herself is an ordinary person, married with four children, she has no special talents or qualifications - except an open mind and the ability to channel this message.

Transmission of the book began in Canberra, Australia, on 20 December 1986 and the manuscript was later transferred to a word processor for typesetting. A small number of purely personal references have been taken out, and minor adjustments have been made with the concurrence of the authors. There have also been some slight corrections to tenses. It is otherwise a true representation of the original writings.

There is much wisdom and much love in this small book. Its truth is simple, but it is also profound. The book offers humanity a way out of its troubles, a real and tangible hope for the future that each and every one of us can be a part of. The Way requires no great sacrifice, no worship of a supreme being, no church, and it costs nothing. It is not even necessary to believe in it. You don't need a brilliant mind, you don't have to be young or fit. All you need is the capacity to care, and the patience to read this book. It is a gift to us all.


The Way to the Light

In the beginning the Light was born. It was created by itself. We do not know how to express the beginning in earth terms.

The darkness was all around, and the Light sent parts of itself out to the darkness to create what is known as the universe. The planets were born from the Light and the Light's power was exceedingly strong. The Light created the souls from itself and sent them out to beautify the planets which it had created. The souls were to grow and go back to the Light to increase the power of love from the Light. However, many of the souls were to seek to stay instead of returning, and these souls chose to live again and again before their return.

The power of the Light has been depleting over the eons, and the time is crucial for the souls to gain strength and return to increase the power, for we are at a time in the life of the universe when the power of the Light is depleted and waning and the darkness is slowly emerging.

The way to the Light is simple but souls have chosen to forget or ignore. The Light is not total power and it cannot continue to create a universe of love and peace without help from the souls, for they are the Light and they must remember for life to survive the darkness which will otherwise come.

We do not understand why the souls choose to stay, for lifetimes are full of tests and these tests can be awful, but time after time they go back and do not rise to the Light. They do seem to be evolving into other than parts of the Light and time is becoming short for the worlds.

The souls went out first to beautify and create more Light, and for a time they did this and the darkness was far away and the Light warmed all with knowledge, life and love. Your Bible speaks of the snake and Satan but that did not happen, for it was not until those created human forms died that the souls wanted to continue to exist outside the Light.

For centuries our earth guides have been endeavouring to awaken the souls of the Light. Our efforts have not succeeded as far as we wished. We wish to write a book of love. We wish to speak of the Way to the Light. We know we must begin to educate.

From the beginning of the souls on your earth plane, there have been the aware ones who have set out to call the souls home. Many would recognize them for they have come time after time to try to do this, but the task has been immense.

Those souls which went to bring the Light's power back were the great teachers in the earth's history. They had earth names of Jesus, Mohammed and Confucius, Shakespeare, Bach, Buddha. The great poets were teachers of the Way, as were the composers and writers. Each in their way tried to sing or write the awareness back to the souls and many were awakened but we are needing more, many more to come back to us and rise with us to the Light.

There are some souls teaching the Way now, but we guides see the need for great help, for time is becoming short. We must tell them that which they already know but have forgotten. They do not die to become parts of the dirt only. They die and their souls are with us, and they can rise with us if they have become aware of the truth in the lifetime. Man does not need to be forgiven for, for these things called sins come from the sleeping souls. None can hurt another when they know they are the Light and they are the power of the universe and they are life itself.

There is no judgement, only choice, for the Light does not rule. We are the Light and we souls are dying with the Light. We must all join, for the Light is to create unending beauty and knowledge, and it is the first task we were all to do when so many were diverted to other schemes. There is nothing to worship and no need for priests. Only teachers of the Way and they are waiting for us to begin.

There are key souls all over the world, and the book is to awaken them into action to bring us aware souls who will choose to rise with us.

Those who die badly unaware do not grow in strength, but many teachers have chosen hard deaths for the human form to give the soul brightness to give more power to the Light. Those who are brave and have the courage to knowingly return for that purpose give hope to the souls, for they contribute more to the Light when they rise, and we need them so much. A soul chooses to stay or go because of the level of power it can send to the Light.

Those which did not gain awareness become depleted of strength and so need to return to try to grow stronger.

The souls which are the healers are ones with our power channelled to them. We can send our will through those receptive ones for the good of the souls which the power is directed at. It is the soul which heals itself, if it so chooses. It can allow those medicines used by earth beings to alleviate sickness which strikes the human, but if the soul is weak in power or has chosen to suffer for the good of the Light, then the sickness will continue.

When souls have risen to the Light they become one with Light and do not leave. Those which rise have completed tasks set and cease to be individual souls, but join total love. The earth plane is only one of many, and your reality is what you have with the earth mind. It is so limited that our concepts cannot be expressed easily for your understanding. It is the explanation for the same ideals and aims in all human cultures - but the wide selection of versions of each theme - for guides have tried many expressions to call souls back and misunderstanding has arisen from the human mind.

Awareness comes with the open mind which asks for help to understand that which you know is there but seems outside experience. All that is required is for the souls to awaken and all will become as it should. We have this work on many worlds, for the earth planet is not the only planet with life. Other souls created other forms and with their creation the diversions occurred all across the universe.

Other forms are facing the same struggle but some teachers have been bringing souls back from other than earth - yes, other forms have come to earth - some came as teachers and some to learn from teachers already on earth. The souls here are ones chosen to stay to call others to the Light without being reborn to teach on the physical plane. We guides know the aware ones, and it is they whom we seek to instruct, for without the human form we must use our power to become one with the aware soul and help it to continue to grow in power to come to us to rise to the Light.

Those souls which have little power have to be helped by reborn teachers and so many need help that our teachers are not enough. There are many more souls than forms and each must go back as the opportunity comes. Those weakest go back soonest for they must hurry.

Each time a soul returns, the memory of all before is sent behind the mind and it requires work by the mind to recognize the memory. Another loved soul will awaken if it too is awakening and the joining of souls in love creates the ability to recognize those parts already known. There are many many souls almost aware which will bring the power we need and we know the book will get to the soul memory, which is our aim.

Guides have used many different methods to awaken souls and sometimes it has been necessary to use only that soul's understanding of that lifetime to progress and that is why personal experiences differ.

The senile mind has been chosen for power of the soul, for it is a hard thing for the human form to accept a mind which is not whole. Those who become as such in old age are gaining power for their souls and they will come to us as stronger souls than before. Each condition chosen which is physically deforming or which leaves the human helpless, causes two souls or more to gain power - that soul requiring succour, and the soul or souls which elect to care for the afflicted human. All is chosen for perfect reason and all is to the final end of rising to the Light to give power to all the souls.

Those souls which are instrumental of seemingly horrendous carnage and strife are very weak souls which have little memory of the origin of the soul. We all of us guides can only try to bring them to us by lifetimes which teach quickly. Those souls affected by those low powered souls gain power, and your examples of great carnage gave us many more powerful souls which came closer to coming to the Light by their tests.

The souls have been held back by the egotism of their creations, and because of this we have not been able to give more than small parts of our soul knowledge to various awakened ones. Many mediums are used to give knowledge depending on the way we can channel through the aware soul, and each has their task to fulfill in relation to those it is sent to help. Some guides elect to be only of practical help to some, while others are more powerful and chose to instruct the soul in those things it knows but has not drawn out again.

We have little time for irrelevant questions, for time is too short to waste. We must keep the Light powerful or the souls will cease to be. The Light's aim is to be forever, but without awareness of the souls to return and rise it will not grow stronger.

Disease is from lack of knowledge. These things which beset the human form are only manifestations of unawareness. The form itself is a host of living beings each with its own purpose housing the soul. As such, it is dependent upon the awareness of the soul to keep it whole and free of trials. Those things called disease are only realities while the mind allows them to be, and the collective unaware souls call up illness of each nature to punish the form, while awareness gives freedom from these things. These are apart from those things chosen by souls to experience for the gaining of power.

The disease AIDS is a collective manifestation of too many unaware souls without direction. These souls are not loving the others and the power of these souls is weakening the universe. Be under no illusion. This manifestation can only be surmounted by collective awareness. All disease can be surmounted by collective awareness, for only then is the Light given strength in the way that it can dispel the darkness.

It does sound too simplistic, but it cannot be explained otherwise. We know major disease has been largely defeated by earth science and we have helped many find the answers to terrible disease, but the souls are losing power. The only answers to these manifestations of no love, no knowledge, no life, is the power gained through awareness. The book will be of immense value in this, for the souls must be awakened or there will be no end to the manifestations which will beset the universe.

Not only the earth plane is threatened. It seems the souls are weakening in all the corners they set out to light and beautify. This happened because we did not realize the consequences of staying with the ego of our creations. We have brought it upon ourselves, for full realization has not been apparent until the danger is real. We have not set out eagerly enough in our lifetimes to gain power, for we have been seduced by the lifetimes.

The concept is not good and evil, and we know the earth mind returns to the old teaching. We have the Light and darkness as the opposite sides if you wish. The darkness was before the Light. Before the Light there was no life, no love, no knowledge. We cannot yet explain otherwise. We know it is important that the truth be explained so none will mistake and we are trying.

The beginning of the souls was complex. They evolved from the Light, and as such each became a separate entity with direction of purpose and the will to light the darkness. They went out to the corners and pushed the darkness back and back, and the universe was born of the creations of the souls. The Bible says God made the world and in truth the souls - which are the Light - did create the world, and many other worlds. The beginning was given to the early humans as it was because their understanding was limited.

The earth was created by energy from the Light, and because the force of power of the Light was so great it created the worlds within worlds and the special order of all things. The human form was created so that the souls could linger and continue creation. They were to have continued to go out and create light to give more power to the Light, but the forms the souls decided to create held fascination, and they breathed life into them, and so became one with the forms. Each time a form died, the souls wished to play more, but with each lifetime with a form came a dimming of the soul memory and the purpose of each soul to give power to the Light. As the forms evolved so did the souls, and from entities of pure love and Light they have become dimmer shadows of the Light beings.

Because the soul depends upon love - the most powerful force in the universe - to bring back the soul memory and to grow strong enough to rise to the Light, they are growing less bright with the earth years, for the forms are growing far from the loving forms they were created to be. The souls of Light could only create for love, but the forms were physical with needs which the souls of the Light did not have, and the soul memory went further and further behind the immediate form's memory. It was a mistake, we are sorry to say, and the souls' basic error.

For centuries the guides have tried to turn the memories to them by the old stories of good and evil, and triumph over the devil. That was not good, for now we have entrenched values to sift through to awaken the soul memory once more. We souls of the Light are not all powerful as the old people were told. We have made mistakes, and we are now to find the Way to the Light for all.

Our guides have been unable to work through enough forms for too long, and our use of human ways is the only way left to us to reach enough forms. The only purpose of the old stories and experiences in the Bible was to awaken the souls by teaching loving lifetimes. However, they mostly chose to push the soul memory further and further behind because the forms were fascinating to them. The memory has been our downfall, for had we not allowed it to grow dim by courting the lifetimes here and on other worlds, we would not be writing this now.

Those who are staunch in their belief of God and Satan will find it confusing to understand the truth for a time, but they will come to us, for it only needs the truth put before the soul memory for the soul to gain energy and grow stronger with the knowing. We are all as a form which has been taught a skill and it has lain unused for some time. It takes little time for the skill to return once the form's memory is told. So it is with the soul memory.

We are going to use these words to show the souls the Way to the Light which they already know but have forgotten, and which they are crying out to remember. The souls are actual beings which are able to become part of the form. A soul chooses to inhabit a human form when it wishes to return to a lifetime, usually because its energy is not enough to rise, and it tries again to gain energy by using the form as a loving being. But most are seduced by the lifetimes and so it goes on. Many, of course, rise and break the cycle - without them the Light would have been dimmed long ago, but we require greater energy to give the Light power to create the loving universe and it means we guides must not fail.

Christmas is a time when all the forms should unite in love. The soul called Jesus elected to teach the forms of the time the true way to the Light by love. His message to all was one of love, purely and simply. He told all that he was the way, the truth and the life. He was a soul with power which elected to gain more power by his life of teaching the Way, and his dying. He chose to rise after his earth time as Jesus and his power has kept the Light from dying for the time since he rose. He did go back briefly as a spirit form in a physical sense to teach that death was not the final end of the soul, but to teach that there was much more than the physical plane for all souls, and that the earth time was only for preparation for the eternal love to which the souls were to return.

It is sad that Christmas has become a festival for greed and the teaching so far from the lessons of Jesus. There has been no soul which has tried to teach the truth completely since. This book will be read by millions the earth over and the soul memories of the keys will become clear. They will teach to all the Way to the Light and religion as you know it today will cease to be.

There have become so many versions of the truth that they are separating the forms from each other, further and further from loving for they all require their beliefs to be the only truth. We must overcome, for these differences are bringing the darkness ever closer.

Time is only a perception of the earth form. Other forms on other planets also have time, but in a different sense to yours. We have little perception of time and we can only tell immediate time to you. The Light had no beginning in a time sense, for it created of itself, but the end can come about if we fail in our task. We cannot say in an earth time sense when this would occur, but it is certain unless we complete our task and rise to give power.

The soul chooses a lifetime as such to gain power through surmounting the tests put before that form. If the soul memory can be awakened then the lifetime has been as the soul planned, for it means that the form's mind was progressed enough to choose the Way.

The first forms were as created by Light beings for the purpose of beautifying the created world. When these forms physically created others, the Light beings found themselves as part of these forms when they decided to give them life. Immediately the soul memory went behind the form's memory and when the forms died, those souls were dimmer. With more forms created as an evolutionary process, more Light beings were seduced to become part of the lifetimes. There are so many souls now whose soul memory has grown dimmer from lifetimes that they wait for a time to gain power.

It has become so because those whose lifetimes were very many, those who were seduced back most, grew less powerful fastest. Those such as Hitler were very dim souls whose soul memories were so very far behind the form memory, which allowed those forms to go so far from the beings of love they were intended to be. It has been our greatest mistake, for without the egotism of those forms we created we would not be in such need of powerful souls now.

If the forms had not been created, the planets would have evolved life of very different kinds which would have had no need of the Light beings to breathe life into them. The worlds within worlds would have produced loving forms to become one with the universe, but the souls decided to stay and play instead of returning, and so it continued.

The keys will require guidance as to the path to take. Each will be shown by the guides in whatever way the soul is open to contact. It is not important how, but that they ask for the guides to assist. We cannot help unbidden for it is only with the power of the soul that we can become one with the form.

The key souls will be told by us all the way to seek our guidance and their purpose. We will write it when our earth words are such as to bring understanding to those who are about to awaken. Guides are only for the aware souls to help on the path to the Light. A soul which elects to stay instead of rising to the Light can be chosen by all to guide a form. There are guides for the key souls and they will be able to help the aware forms once they are asked to help. Remember that we can only come if bidden.

We will talk on the purpose of love. You forms have many different perceptions of the meaning of the word love. To love another requires openness of mind and recognition of the soul behind the form. The love one has for a parent is the soul memory's recognition of the agreement between the souls to work together as parent and child forms. The love one has for the lover who is forever loved is again the soul recognition of the agreement.

There is love between those souls which belong side by side in the Light. They are those we express to you in earth terms as twin souls. Those which are close through the lifetimes are like souls and they usually work through the tasks for the lifetimes together, time after time after time. Those which are close through the lifetimes are like souls and they usually work through the tasks for the lifetimes together, time after time after time.

We will speak about the way to awaken the souls. Those souls which are trying to find the path will require little for the understanding to arise, but those sleeping souls which have the dim memories will require deeper attention by the key souls. Those who are keys are progressed to have the power to pass power to less energized souls. They are to meditate on the Light and the purpose of the Light to give love and life and knowledge to the universe, and this meditation will build power within their souls. They can then direct the energy within to the needing soul, either by touch or thought.

All keys will be able to pass energy and knowledge to the dimmer souls to boost the awakening. The keys, each of them, are the strongest souls in the universe and they all have the power to do this now but require their guides to instruct them in the knowledge of the power. The keys have taken it upon themselves to do this. The keys will know for certain their parts in the scheme for their soul memories will require action of them urgently. They will understand their purpose with surety, as a sleeper awakens, and there will be no need for more.

The book is to instruct the keys also. They will have understanding of instructions that others will not. The earth world now is in great turmoil. All who stop to listen to the voice of the souls know how far from love the forms have gone. The destruction in the inventions of the souls should be diverted to the production of loving inventions. Those things to help the forms rather than destroying them. All forms know this, but it is so that some of the dimmer souls in their physical forms are able to hold great sway over others.

The future for the universe is bleak without the book to awaken the souls' memories. If we fail in our task , all the worlds could be lost to existence. Other forms on other planets have evolved far in advance of the earth forms, but their soul memories are just as much dimming and in as much need of the Way.

The book will be in other forms to awaken memories on other worlds. Presently, the earth world is the most urgently requiring of help. There are many souls who are allowing us to channel through them and they will be told of the book as soon as it is to be. Many have been told of the danger to the universe, but none know the truth.

We wish to speak of life. All life was created by the Light. The old people were told God created the universe and all life, and as such this was correct. Translate God for Light for all souls of the Light. Life continues only with the force from the Light. All life requires sustenance to exist, and all life requires the force of the Light to continue to exist. The Light requires the force of gained power of the souls to exist - the cycle continues. All life depends upon the Light for being. The truth is so very simple - all can understand.

Prediction is allowed to certain souls who desire that lifetime. We are knowing of the outcome of events and must consider carefully whether prediction would alter the balance in any way relevant to the matter. Most times it is allowed it cannot alter the event, because the balance would be interrupted. We are able to interfere only if the knowledge gained changes nothing. There are times when we warn of events by prediction knowing naught will alter the balance. We cannot see very far ahead on practical matters, and in truth, most of these concerns are of no importance to us.

We do not have total control to change that which the souls have chosen. We can warn of pitfalls and some are given real information to channel, but it must not interfere with the balance. To use us for that end would belittle our purpose.

We wish to speak of the techniques used to call the power. For some it will come as breathing, but others will have to learn to call it up. It is important that they learn to clear their mind and allow the power to enter. It does not require magical motions, it only requires a calm and clear mind to call the power. If the aware one meditates on the physical presence of the power - it is the power of the Light in a very real form - it will bring the energy to that form. If the aware one wishes to pass the energy rather than use it for its own form it can direct by touch or by thought. As the aware one becomes practiced at calling the power it will become easier to control and direct. Meditation is the key.

We will speak of spirit beings. When the form dies the soul of the Light is released from the form mind of the form. As such it becomes formless but with memory of the lost form and all it has ever known is remembered, the purpose of existence and the knowledge of the level of power gained. There are many misconceptions which have arisen from parts of the soul memory slipping before the form's mind. Those who see forms are remembering from the soul memory and it will appear as reality. This is apart from spirit guides which are using spirit form to contact an aware soul to instruct.

There are many forces which are called up with the soul memory, for there is great power there. Remember that the souls of Light created the forms. Remember that the souls of Light are the Light. Remember that the souls of Light are the life of the forms. Can you not see the power the soul memory is capable of calling upon?

We will speak of souls and animals. Animals do not contain souls of Light. All else was created by energy by the Light, excepting the forms. The animals and others are inhabited by Light energy which flows to give more life when that animal has died. The memory of the energy form can linger almost as a soul memory can remember past forms as reality. It really is not complex if you ponder upon the basic truth.

The souls of Light which are formless do not wander your plane. It is difficult to express to you but the souls which do not rise exist outside your reality. Those souls not rising do require energy for rebirth. This is the basic reason that the Light is in danger.

The forms' intelligence is simply that level chosen by the pre-born soul for the purpose of the lifetime. Some forms which have little form intelligence are strong souls which set that form to overcome and gain power for the soul. Because the form really only understands power which has physical properties, it is the hardest concept of all to know that the force of love is the greatest power in the universe. Love creates energy instead of draining it and it creates power as nothing else can. If your science could tap the source of love there would be no need for any other source of power.

We wish to speak of caring for children. Those souls which contract to spend a lifetime as children and parents have done so for mutual help in the chosen tests and purpose of the lifetimes. Some contract lifetime after lifetime and this does ensure progress for those souls. The understanding of parent for child can come about with knowledge of the Way.

Many tiresome trials presented can be overcome by knowledge of the purpose for awakening and gaining of power. Many tests are set for parents and children and is a time when great power for the soul can be gained. Be under no illusion, it matters not how rich or poor the earthly forms be, it matters only how far the forms progress with the tests as they arise.

We wish to speak of the order of the earth. All the worlds within the worlds were created to evolve to generate a loving planet. All life on all the planets was created for that purpose. We have told of how our creating the forms disturbed the order of the worlds within the worlds. The forms have disturbed the balance of the worlds within worlds so greatly as to drain the Light of too much energy.

The smallest creature was created for its own purpose in the cycle of life. The forms changed the balance so much, but it is possible, with awareness, to redress the balance. Our purpose is to put before the forms the picture of their future without awareness. Most know - most chose to ignore - but the time is right for our words. Our final purpose is to redress our mistake. If the souls of the Light succeed and grow strong enough to rise, to give more power to the Light, to the universe, to awaken the sleepers, to give them more power to rise, you see the ultimate aim of us all. No requirement to stay with the ego of our creations, no requirement to stay with our forms. The worlds within worlds will be free to evolve in the universe of love, knowledge and peace as intended.

Physical love is totally a concept of the forms, it has become as necessary to them as sustenance, for it seems necessary for them to express need, caring, hatred, pain, upset, want and love in this way. When the purpose of physical love is love, it creates energy and power, but, when it is negative it drains the souls. The deepest form love expressed in this way creates the power, and is the force of the universe. It is the love force created when you use your power to give to another.

Physical love between families was told as wrong to the old people for the sound evolution of the forms. It is not wrong as such if the purpose is love, but most times it occurs it drains power because it is negative. If purpose is love, if action is love, if result is love, nothing can be wrong. There is no right or wrong. There is only power gained for the Light and all the souls, or power drained from the Light and all the souls - actions must be loving ones.

Children who die very soon after birth, or before they gain the ability to exercise free will, have contracted to do this for the tests of the parents. If the parents can succeed in overcoming the test then they have gained power. The souls of Light which have contracted to do this for the parents will return to the task again and again.

The loving souls who do this gain power. The soul becomes one with the form at the moment of conception. Should the form not be born, the soul has gained by the dying, even though it has not exercised free will, because its existence has been for a purpose. The loss of the expected form is a test set by the parents pre-born souls, and as such is the purpose of the soul giving life to the new form.

Should the form's purpose be no birth, it is so that the soul which has chosen to become one with the form will gain power, because it did this to gain power. The tests chosen are only realities when the forms chose to surmount them. If a form comes to a position in the lifetime where free will must be exercised and the form chooses other than a loving path, the test is no longer a reality.

If a death has been chosen for the purpose of gaining power for the Light, then the death is so even if all tests have not become a reality. If the tests lead to a certain path and a certain end, it will be as the soul memory dictated. If the form does not see the test as decisions of free will made in love, then the path chosen is not as dictated and other forces become relevant.

We do not have the same realities as forms. All is laid before us for the knowing for times past and some times ahead. It is not easy to describe to you for your understanding. We do not have restrictions of the form, we have no restrictions of time. For us it is as easy to go back in time as it is to go forward in your time and see what occurs. We cannot see positively too far ahead, but we can feel indicators.

We will speak again of the dimmer souls. When souls of Light have been seduced so much by the forms that their power is too weak for the purpose even of rebirth and directing a lifetime, some grow so dim as to cease to exist. There have not been very many, but it is an indicator of the fate of many more if we fail in our task.

The love you all share creates energy. Love given creates a stronger soul. Love can only be a force for the expanding of the energy given back to all. The stories of love holding spirits to the earth plane are not correct. Soul memories only create physical realities for some who perceive as such.

Grief is negative. If all understand the purpose of death and all know love, then grief cannot stay with a form which loses a loved form. To allow another soul of the Light to fulfill its purpose with love creates energy and power to the soul.

We wish to speak of ways to contact guides. It is not an easy achievement to contact quickly. There are different ways in which we can become one with an aware soul. Although writing is easy for us, it is only easy with some. We are able to become a thought to most a lot easier than we can write. Many guides are able to become a spirit-physical presence, and the form finds this the most disturbing. It is a thing which requires much power until we learn the form.

There are tests because the forms evolved with the form memory stronger than the soul memory. Although we know all that has gone before when our self is free of the form, the form memory takes over. If we can try to set various tests in the lifetime to awaken the soul memory, it is a way of overcoming the stronger form memory.

We will speak of murder and suicide. No form has the right to take the lifetime of another, however, many souls contract to die in this way for gaining of power. It is complex, but many have directed that end. The soul which takes the life of another does not gain power, but the soul murdered does. A soul which destructs itself must set the same test over again. It does not affect the power of others unless the manner of dying has created great pain or hardship for lifetime souls. Mostly, it is the tests of the souls to overcome the desire to end the life of another. The tests are set again and again.

We will speak of the guides. We are souls of the Light which chose not to rise for the gaining of more power for the souls. We were chosen by all to instruct aware souls, and as such we then choose the lifetimes we desire to help. Some are guides to those they have loved in the lifetimes, or to those close to souls loved. If our twin soul is earth form we will choose to help them. It does not require we choose as such for any can guide another, but it does seem to work better this way. One must be chosen to guide by all, for the guides' task requires much power.

We will speak of duty. Where there is love between souls there is the duty to care for each other. Duty as perceived between husband and wife should only be with love, for duty without love has no meaning and does not gain power for the soul. It is only necessary to care with love. If duty is without love and for negative reasons, it does not gain power. All souls have responsibilities to all, but duty to care for those other than family is to be with love.

There are different races on earth because the souls created them as such. All across the universe there are many different forms and it was as a master trying various patterns. It was unfortunate again that this was so, for there would not be such strife had these souls only created one kind of form. The souls of Light which breathed life into their creations have returned mostly to the lifetimes of the forms in which they began the lifetimes.

Almost all that started on the earth world continue lifetimes there. It has happened very rarely that some have continued lifetimes on other planets. When this has occurred it has been for the teachers who have sometimes crossed the planets. They have only been very powerful souls which could do it.

All we guides have knowledge of all. We all will tell differently to our aware ones. Do not doubt us because our answers are not exactly the same. We are not all powerful, and must collect at times. Remember that as you forms are all different in thought, we guides too have our separate, and yet together memories.

The children must be shown the Way as a manner of living. Remember that they already know the Way, but have forgotten with their form memory. All new ideas are derided for a time by the unknowing, but in this case their knowing will be for the awakening of others. Do not concern too much, for they will overcome. It is only important that they be told the truth early to grow with the Way.

We wish to speak of marriage. We do not feel it is necessary for love to be contracted in earth forms. It has been a necessity for children to have family, but in truth, if all lived with the Way any promises to themselves are irrelevant. It is custom only. They promise to a God outside themselves to love always when this promise precludes the tests. It may be that they are not to spend lifetimes together. There are many variables. The failure of the forms to honour promises made creates negative feelings which drain power. If all loved in the Way, it would all work without marriage.

Abortion is a test to overcome. It is one set time and time again in the lifetime, for much power can be gained by overcoming the desire to consider self before another soul. To destruct loses power. To give life with love gains power.

The prediction of the second coming of Jesus was a misconception. All knew another religion would develop around another such teacher. We could not allow that to occur. The book will be that as predicted without the teacher to worship.

At death the soul is released from the form and rises to the spirit plane. Those souls with enough power to rise wish to do so. However, some wish to give more power to the Light and choose to stay. If chosen by all, they become guides to instruct the aware ones. Others add their power to that of the guides to increase their ability to instruct and transfer concepts. It all requires much energy and it is a sacrifice not to rise as we wish. Those souls which must return have the purpose of choosing tests and lifetimes and gaining power. We are not forms which require tasks for the purpose of using time. We have said that your concept of time is not ours, and rebirth is not as time to wait. We cannot explain otherwise yet.

Those souls with low power must be returned quickly. They take more power to gain in lifetimes for we must direct to them more. Some never seem to overcome, and become far from their original soul of Light. They are such a drain on us all. They concern us greatly. They are those forms which are capable of much destruction. We can only build the power of the aware ones to overcome. They choose their tests up to a point and then it is collective. We become distressed, for some we are not able to help. We so need the power of love to bring the souls to the Light.

We wish to speak of religion. It is unfortunate that the world's religions have become as they are. All have the truth at their fingertips but choose to ignore. The great teachers all taught the Way of love. The forms insisted upon extra interpretation, and so the many different groups evolved. Forms instinctively have known all was not as it should be, and set out over and over to try to attain. So many are seduced by the power of respect given the religious, and it has been sorrow to us that the forms have not been able to find the Way when the teachers have taught it.

Because proof of the truth is not tangible, there have been many forms which have used the seekers to negative ends. There are so many seeking forms which have love directed by religion, and these forms gain much power. Any manner of living is purposeful if it lives and teaches love. It really matters not the beliefs of forms. All that gains power for the soul is the generation of love, however, the truth of the Light is comfort, love and peace. When each soul knows its origin and purpose, there is no need for further seeking. There are earth religions which are teaching far from the Way and these are draining the universal power greatly. It is lamentable that religion can be used as an excuse for war.

Twin souls are two halves of the same soul. At the time of the beginning of the Light, when the souls of Light set out to light the darkness and create the worlds, each soul of Light was given individual will and thought. Each became a pair of the same soul. These souls together are able to give power to each other through lifetimes or separately. They progress together no matter how far apart, and together are more powerful. The twin souls will usually be helping each other with purpose. Both may not be born together. One may guide another, but both will rise to the Light as a whole. Unaware souls will be unable to recognize the twin.

If reborn together they will be made male and female, but as souls they are only Light souls. Aware souls will recognize their twin if they attain awareness together. The issue is complex. If an aware one is instructed by a guide, the guide will tell of the twin.

There is special love for some forms and not others because these forms are souls contracted to progress through love. All love given will progress the soul and gain power for the loving souls. Some love each other to work through special tests, and some have contracted to be loving souls for the lifetime or part of it.

Those things used to call the spirits, such as Ouija boards and seances, are used by the guides at times to try to recall the soul memory in those forms asking through such avenues, even though the forms may not be aware. The fact that at times answers to questions are given can help on the path to awareness. The guides may use such avenues to contact their chosen aware form also. In the same way are used trance mediums through which we can speak. Readers of the cards and such are usually helped to some extent by their guides. They perhaps do not realize the source of their knowledge, but it is we which give some the knowledge they elected to channel at pre-birth.

Some are not guided, but are perceptive forms which are clever at fooling others. When these forms require recompense for their knowledge they are false. Many will tell of visible spirits and other aspects of the myths of the spirit world which are untrue. Many will cause fear to gain respect from the forms.

We wish to speak of the auras. Those which can see the aura which surrounds all forms of energy are souls which chose the talent. The interpretation of such may not always be accurate, but the talent is real nevertheless. The energy field can tell of much pertaining to the form it surrounds - the state of health, mind and progress of soul can be seen, but very few forms are able to understand all these things as yet. There is greater awareness of these aspects previously unknown to most and the forms will improve and use these aspects of the indicators to a greater degree.

We wish to generalize and educate by describing the meanings of the various tones. To fully instruct a healer in the interpretations of auras is a long and involved process - one not for a book such as this, but one for personal instruction. We know many are interested in knowing a little in general, and so we shall begin.

The aura is the energy field surrounding the form. All living things emit an energy field, but the forms have their own special surround which is a visual indicator of a great many aspects of that form. A form surrounded by the brightest and most easily seen colour of white is a soul of much power, one with the strength to rise immediately. That soul may be many things, but the most important is the power of love radiated from the form. All are touched and energized by it and all are drawn to it, never knowing why.

The next strongest colour is pink - the colour of loving creation. The colour which will be seen readily around forms in the process of creating another form. Different changes to the basic colour denote differences in the evolving form. Next comes green. This colour denotes peace of spirit, a soul knowing of the loving path to be taken in the lifetime. The darker shades of the colour denote to different degrees the depth of understanding the form has reached. Shades of blue show the form's health. Different depths combined with shades of other colours can give instant diagnosis of physical changes to the form. Illness of the mind is shown by shades of yellow.

All forms except the brightest have shades of many colours surrounding them. Changes in health and spirituality will greatly influence the field, and this is why we can only generalize in this way for a slight understanding of all. Many words have been written on the interpretation of such things and we have allowed the exploration of such interpretations to continue unhindered. Very few forms have developed the ability to visualize the aura, and less have achieved an understanding of the combinations and meanings. We will teach the keys first to see and understand, for in the healing role the ability to diagnose from the reading of the aura will greatly enhance success in all ways.

At the beginning the souls gave life to the forms. The forms were different, but the same, and as these forms evolved so did the different cultures. The souls which became seduced by these forms became dependent upon the same, or similar, form lifetimes to regain power. It was not always so that these souls elected rebirth to forms always similar, but for the most part this has occurred. Those which had many lifetimes have not had such a continuation of similar cultures, but it is so that souls chose familiar forms for rebirth. Those which have chosen the less advanced cultures have usually stayed with those forms from creation.

There is no difference between the spiritual awareness in any culture. Many of the seemingly advanced cultures are the places where most dim souls are to be found. Because a form has no knowledge of those manifestations of modern cultures, it does not mean that form is further from the Way to the Light. Many souls from the most backward cultures are aware and progressed and rise to the Light. It is as intelligence. It matters not the advancement of worldly achievements, it matters only that the soul gains power from loving lifetimes.

We wish to speak of reality. There have been many theories put forward by the forms' mind in the search for the truth as to the validity of the knowledge that existence is real. Each of us souls of the Light which has lost energy through the lifetimes must choose the tests and purpose of rebirth to re-energize. As such the lifetimes are reality. The universe and worlds within worlds are reality. Your time is a reality to your mind as time is a reality to the life of an insect. The time sense of each is different yet to each very real. All must overcome in their own reality of time. It is only when the form has died and the soul memory is released that there is no time as you understand.

We wish to speak of words. Language concerns the universal vibrations. Loving words in tone create the greatest energy. Negative words in tone drain. No matter the actual word used, only the meaning of such matters. Your names all are vibrations of love, and a name given a form is love, for it is the name given the soul of Light within the form for the lifetime. You do contract your name at pre-birth with those which contract to be your parents. Of course this is not known by the form mind at the time of choosing, but it is so. The names chosen are also to try to awaken the soul memory.

The vibrations of the name used will be for some as a remembered song - another clue set before the memory. In the vibrations are the triggers if the memory can be allowed to listen. It matters not the permutations of those given names for each is very aware of their own name no matter how addressed by others and the name to oneself is vibration to the soul. Each name chosen is to suit the particular lifetime. The tests and purpose, along with the name, are all part of the master plan to gain power by regaining the origin of the soul. It is very simple.

We wish to speak of guidance. Until a form is seeking long enough to become aware, we guides may not become one with the form's soul. If the form surmounts tests along the Way, each path taken in love will lead to the planned purpose. There are many tests, for the Way is long and most souls try to pre-arrange to give every possible chance for the memory to awaken. Those which do not understand in the lifetime must again set the tests and the purpose over and over until they regain energy or grow dimmer.

We wish to speak of the Light. The Light does not exist as a visible in your plane. The power of the Light gives life to all on every plane and the universe. There is one universe, but many planes. It is not as a visible but as a total on other planes. The extreme need to return for the souls of Light when freed from the form is uppermost, and it is only when they do not have the power to rise that they accept rebirth. We have known for long that rebirth is not our purpose, and so we with enough power have always tried to set sure tests and purpose for the form to enable their return. It is the dimmer souls which cannot surmount nor gain power. These souls seek rebirth rather than the power to return. These souls drain the universe and will not be helped until the awareness returns to the souls of the Light.

We wish to speak of the universe. The Light sent out the souls of the Light to create the worlds. As the darkness was pushed back further and further by the souls of Light they could call upon the Light energy to initiate the nucleus of each new world. From the seed grew the tree and from that beginning grew the worlds. There were countless souls of Light, each of unimaginable ability in earth terms, and the seeds for the beginnings of all life were sown as the worlds evolved.



In the time of your earth mind this was an event which took millions of years, but to the souls of Light it was no time. As the worlds developed the souls set the seeds for harmony upon all worlds, and the creation of love energized the souls so that they also became stronger for the Light. Had all been as it should, they would all have returned to the Light after pushing the darkness back and back, but as we have told before, the creation of the forms began the disaster we now face.

The Light itself is total love. It has the sum knowledge of the universe and the combined energy and love of all the souls. It is as the sun is to the earth. It gives life to all things and without it all will cease to exist. The Light has no time. It has no physical properties which you forms could see or feel, but it is more real even on your plane than your sun. It is the energy which keeps alive your life force which is the soul of Light that gives life to the form each of you is. Without the soul of Light the form ceases to exist. Even though the forms depend upon the sustenance it derives from physical sources, the life force is dependent purely upon the Light.

We wish to speak of the times ahead. It is a crucial time in the history of the earth plane. The current awareness of so many souls has been pre-chosen for the purpose of curtailing the destruction that will be unless we succeed in our task. It is apparent to most souls that global confrontation is inevitable, but most are at a loss to see their part in turning the chain of events which are manifesting purely and simply from the collective unawareness of the forms. We do not write to counsel fear. The forms are all afraid enough of that which they know will be unless something changes the thinking of those who hold the fate of the earth in their hands.

Many dim souls prevail, and it is the urgent reason for the need of collective aware energy now. All across the earth the seekers are awakening, and we have much work to do to turn the forms to us. We must concentrate our power upon the keys. They have the power to change the course the earth seems set upon and they are our first concern.

It is possible for the guide to become one with the aware soul almost totally - it really depends upon the degree to which the form allows this to occur. When the aware form is trance channeling it is possible, and it usually does happen, that the guide or the spirit being channelled by the guide becomes one with the form. It is a temporary inhabiting of the form. Writers usually do not allow a total combining of souls for they concern on physical levels more than the memory level.

A dim soul can channel through a guide and it does occur at times. The dim souls cannot contact directly, for their power is too low. Only guides can contact and only if bidden. If the form asks for contact with others when the guide is directing, it comes through the guide. There have been mistakes, and the dim souls have sometimes been given enough power by guides to be a problem. It is what forms term as mischief by spirits but can easily be redirected by the guide. We have said that we are not all powerful and we do make mistakes, but it is not common to allow this to occur. It is a complex area we will explain later.

We wish to speak of pain. That chosen for the power of all - suffered in awareness - loved as a decision, is the greatest power. Those which choose lives of great hardship, be it physical or mental, gain greatly when they become aware of the purpose of the suffering. It does not mean acceptance of pain and refusal of available alleviation - there is little power gained in causing physical pain to be greater than needs be.

We wish to speak of power. When we speak of power in relation to the souls of Light and the Light, we are referring to the universal energy force. When the forms become aware and use the form for love, the harmonic vibrations cause energy to build and grow, just as food in the form causes it to grow. It is a simple explanation but we wish to only use simple and clear words for the book. We do not wish it to be a scholars' tome. All we want is to write a book of love for the world to understand easily - from the most earth advanced to the most earth backward.

We know many are unable to read, but we also know the keys will take care of that problem in many ways. Many keys are waiting in sections where most people will be reached at one time. There are countless keys waiting and the work will be shown to the earth through them and the others.

This has absolutely nothing to do with Revelations - we are not Satan. We have said that those concepts were given to the old people for the purpose of turning them to loving lifetimes, but we were in error to do so. This will be accepted more than the earth Bible. The Bible was not written by the souls of the Light. It was written by the forms, and as such, misconceptions from the teachers arose. It is not necessary for us to go into sections and meanings in detail, for we wish only to give the soul memory the already known information in a simple and uncluttered way. We have not set out to concern on those matters, for the very good reason that it does not matter. Even those seemingly opposed will remember when more aware power is giving love to the earth.

We wish to speak of other writings which have come before. As we said before, the guides have used many ways to call the souls home. Each time an aware one asks for our help we will come, and we will work with that aware one's perceptions. All forms are a product of their lifetime and the beliefs from the particular culture will colour the form mind. Our channeling in the recent times has been accelerated as more souls become aware and seek guidance. Among we guides now are those whose writings have been sent to many forms, and these writings have served to awaken many. However, with each form before we have had to concern with the form mind. Each has had a deeply seated leaning towards aspects of the taught religions, even while consciously knowing that the religions were not teaching the Way. We have had to use the words for those writer's deep seated convictions, and it is so that the same things can be said in many ways.

With this book we are going to eliminate the need for any words but the simple and easy truth. This time our writer is a blank page, eager to hear the words of truth with no rejection of any aspect of the truth. This soul chose to use the lifetimes so that this would be so. This soul succeeded and is our unbiased hand - at last we may write as we have wished to write for eons - at last our truth will penetrate the soul memories of the forms. We have much to tell in our simple way. We will retell all told before so none will mistake our meanings.

We wish to speak of the Bible. For many the Bible is the word of God. In truth the Bible is the word of the guides and form minds. So much was written independently that we can not say it was written by us. Much was sent through our aware ones and teachers, but much also was written by those who thought they knew the truth and told of divine intervention.

Because of the primitive minds, all on the spirit plane had decided it best to teach through the medium of the all powerful and loving God. We thought that by using the words as one would to errant children, the forms would listen and respond. To our consternation this has not occurred for the most part. We were in error in our approach and we now must redress our mistake - can we now clear the misunderstandings which have arisen from our misguided approach?

We wish all to look clearly into their hearts, look clearly at those around you and at the world as a whole. The strife all see has been brought about by the stupidity of each and every single soul. We all of us have compounded our errors time after time. We all of us have perpetrated our tests time after time. We each of us sets our brother against our self and we each of us is totally responsible for the chaos on the earth today.

The responsibility for the creation of harmony depends completely and totally upon every soul - not one of you can ignore the importance of your part to play. From one key giving energy to those souls around there come countless aware ones, all becoming stronger for the Light - all giving more energy to those dimmer around. We beg of you all earthbound souls - take responsibility for your purpose - take responsibility for your part in the continuation of life itself.

We guides are as yourselves - freed from the form and the form's mind which clouds the vision and knowledge we all possess. We guides are only different in that our power is greater than those awaiting rebirth and we are strong enough to rise. Because our tests were done and our purposes led us home, we were chosen by all to lead other souls back. Our task is not easy - our power must be great to instruct from this plane and at times we are mistaken in our approach to some souls. We have no power to change events - we can only advise. We see the path the forms seem set upon and we must give our combined and collective power to try to turn the souls from destruction.

Some would say they care not a bit if all is destroyed. Those souls which are truly of that belief have such clouded form minds that we must stream energy to them. Which soul has never once in a single moment been moved by the touch of love in whatever form? Which soul has never been overwhelmed by the beauty of some aspect of creation? Which soul could in all honesty say there is nothing worth preserving? We all of us, each of us, has created all you see around you - the beautiful and the not so beautiful. Can not each of you take pride in your achievements and cannot each one of you vow to protect your creations from harm?

The answer is simple. Cease your bickering and differences. First with your families, then with your friends. Look further afield and send the energy which peace and love creates to the furtherest corners of the world. The rewards are unimaginable to you. Such peace and joy in living in the form, with knowledge of your origins - such harmony with your created world. Is there not one of you fearful of nuclear war? Do not so many live in fear of some kind? Fear of hunger, fear of pain, fear of failure, fear of being alone? Is not much of your life spent fearing most new ideas, most hints of trouble? You can free your self of all these things. Each and every fear can be overcome with love.

We guides are ready to give love and comfort to all aware souls which in honesty, with clear and open minds and hearts, ask for our help. We will never forsake you. We will guide you through your tests. We will give you the understanding you seek and which you are not finding in your fragmented versions of the truth you all call religion. We are here to help clear your clouded form minds, and to reach the truth of your knowledge. It is knowledge every soul has and we are here to help you to remember.

We wish to speak of the first forms. We feel now we should begin from the beginning and tell it all to you forms, as you know how it all has come about but have forgotten with rebirth. We must redress our mistakes and we wish to begin again.

When we souls of Light had sown the seeds of creation, we became interested in becoming material beings such as those creatures created for the worlds within worlds. Our first attempts at such forms for ourselves were rather crude and we spent much time evolving the form the souls inhabit today. In our folly and interest in our game we did not perceive until too late that we had in effect outsmarted ourselves. The first crude forms did not have the developed form mind and we souls were able, almost at will, to abandon the form and create another.

Our creations grew in strength and beauty but our soul memories grew weaker with the evolution of the form and the form mind. Our first forms were very ungainly and, as a vehicle for we souls of the Light, were nought but a game. As we created more pleasing, more useful forms, so our problems began. As with all other creatures, we made our forms self-generating, and as the forms required souls to inhabit the vehicles, so the cycle began and continued. We have been trapped in this cycle for so long that we are now at a time when our dim souls are growing dimmer and ceasing to exist. We cannot lose many more.

We must all of us use our ability to energize the dim ones now or we see the darkness overtaking the universe. We wish to give strength back to the Light in a great stream of rising souls to give a great burst of energy to the worlds. Without this occurring, the lessening strength from the Light will allow the dim ones to grow even further from their origins, and they will override the strength of the aware souls. The dim souls in their forms are capable of much destruction, and it is our purpose, our urgent purpose, to prevent this from being so.

There are few of your leaders who are dim souls. The dim ones are to be found in the most hidden and powerful corners of government and administration. They grow more cunning with the form mind and they require great collective energy to overcome. They are not evil - they are not a part of the old devil Satan. They are as ourselves. They are cause for all of our strongest caring and love, for they are the unfortunates which became trapped in the material form too many times. They deserve our deepest caring and our deepest love, for they are souls which in their original state would sorrow greatly for the circumstances which have beset them and caused their trials.

We beg of you earthbound souls - do not censure nor judge those dim ones. They too are souls of the Light. They too created the beauty of the universe. They are our greatest concern, and on the earth they are unable to see their tests and use their purposes enough. We plead with each of you aware ones to meditate. Try to project the Light of love around your families, your friends, your neighbours, your fellow souls. Try to project love to all corners.

There are enough keys earthbound now. There have been enough sent to give our task success. Do not look around and doubt the truth of our words. Your daily world, your loved ones, your whole existence is threatened.

We cannot use our words strongly enough to plead our case - your case - to your form minds. If each of you could learn to call the power and give energy to those in need you would be so delighted with the speed at which the earth forms would respond. Instead of strife and pain being the order of the day, there would be wonder and happiness, peace with the self and the world.

Look behind the face of each form you see. Think upon the knowledge that each is but a vehicle for the real being - the being of Light - formless, but the breath of life to the form. Without the soul, those faces have no meaning, no life, no existence. Those of you which have seen the face of death will know. When the soul leaves the form, there is nothing left. The material form is but part of the cycle. It then becomes a part of nature by whichever manner of disposal. All of you at some time have wondered on these things. Your great philosophers have tried to explain the purpose of life - none has been able to do so, although many have parted the clouds greatly.

We wish to speak of the occult. Much of that which has been termed occult has only been so from the seeking of the forms for the origin of the soul. It is an area of no proof and no physical indication that one is correct or not, and so an area where a great many dim souls, which have understood the medium of fear, have had power over the form.

There have been many which have chosen a lifetime of the spiritual world, the seeking of knowledge, and the use of the force within from the soul of Light. So many myths and legends have arisen from the fear perpetrated by the powerful dimmer souls. Any story told often enough on a dark night will instill fear and trepidation in any form mind. Throughout history there have been those true to their inner knowledge which have been put to death and hounded by the forms. For each of those, there were countless others using their knowledge of fear to rule and create lasting fear. Your own minds can allow such fear to filter through to the soul memory. When great fear does this it can project as its own reality - as it does when a past lifetime trauma becomes a reality - but it is a reality only to that form.

There are some which chose very powerful lives which used a chosen, seemingly occult, power for the good. When forms have grown with tales of witches, goblins and things which go bump in the night, it is difficult to have them understand that such stories were fed for the absolute control by fear a very long time ago. Whatever the form cannot give explanation to, it is likely to attribute some fanciful reason for the occurrence.

There are some which have chosen lives which have used the universal power to attain seemingly impossible tests. Your soul memory is capable of using a very great power, and when the form mind allows this, the form is capable of so much that is undreamed of. Your abilities are waiting to be found.

What you call telepathy is the easiest to develop, and most of you have already the beginnings of the gift. So much is attributed to intuition and chance which is, in reality, your unknown power being exercised. As with all things, it takes only purposeful practice for the gift to strengthen. There is much you are all capable of, even with the restrictions of the earth form. Once the awareness is there, once the understanding is there, you will discover with delight the things it is possible to achieve. Your guides will help you in these things also, for they are the bridge between your conscious and unconscious. They are there with loving concern that as a form you develop your powers greatly.

We wish to speak of teachers of the Way. It is important that none be under the illusion that to be a key or an aware one means that one should allow the form mind to create pride or conceit for the knowledge. Any who do not teach with love, or give themselves with nothing expected nor accepted in return, will not be what they tell they are.

Not one soul is to create any resemblance of religion or cult. Not one soul is to build one dwelling to create a church. Not one soul is to connect gain in any way to the teaching to the souls the knowledge which is theirs. Not one soul is to sully the origin of every one of us by anything but love, and giving freely with love. Any false teachers will be very quickly seen, for they will either have false pride, remuneration, or power over others. Any true teacher of the Way will never take - only give.

Those keys aware of their role to teach or heal will be guided in the direction to take. Your guides in these matters are of utmost importance, for they can see past the form mind and show you the Way. The power in all key souls will be a healing power. By healing we speak mainly of spiritual healing, for the passing of power energizes the soul and enhances awareness. Some, of course, will be healers of human affliction, as are many which we send our will through even now. We ask each of you which is aware to attempt to write with your guide. If you cannot achieve that, listen very carefully to your inner voice, for the guide will be there trying to be recognized.

We are not trying to take over our aware ones. We know these superstitions still exist even in the most seemingly advanced society. So few of your earthbound minds know the truth that it is a simple thing to feed on the myths come from thousands of years. We ask of you all. Remember how primitive were the first humans as vehicles for we souls of the Light. Try to see why the stories have been clung to for centuries and try to understand fully the truth we are writing with this willing hand.

When other spirits appear to take over a form, only one of two things has occurred. Either a dim soul has been allowed power enough to come through and channel, and we do admit that this has happened on occasion, but certainly nowhere near the number of occasions the forms have attributed the occurrence to. The dim souls as spirits cannot cause great harm in any case. Or, most frightening events taken by forms to be intervention by spirits, are in reality traumatic events remembered by the spirit memory filtered through to the form mind.

Many horrendous past life experiences will become total reality to the form, and it will not perceive any such thing except the reality of the experience. The ceremony of exorcism in the old churches - even used today - does not in effect get rid of evil spirits. How can it? There are no evil spirits - only dim souls which cannot cause harm, only consternation at times. The ceremony in effect gets through the form mind to push the experience back to the soul memory where it belongs. If we hadn't complicated the issue in the beginning with the tales of the devil and angels, the task now would be a lot easier.

We wish to speak of those already disabled and ill. Each of you forms has prechosen for the most part to grow stronger for the Light. Very little is left to chance and each damaged form is gaining more power for the soul. If each of you could be made aware of the spiritual nature of yourselves and if each of you could call on the power of the Light to strengthen your souls, your earth lives would gain even greater power for the Light.

Each form has tests and trials. Some forms have disability as test and some have disability as prechosen purpose. It matters not which it is, for the living in love, the projection of love to other souls, and the acceptance of the power within will give all lives purpose and meaning. If all could look upon such forms as courageous souls which have chosen by tests or purpose to suffer difficult forms for the gaining of all souls, then the power in love would strengthen all immeasurably.

We wish to speak of your earth science. As a world your civilizations have much to learn. Your attempts at space travel are primitive, but should the souls come to know their origins, so science will bloom into knowledge of creation and all things possible with that knowledge. On the earth now are many with the prechosen lifetimes of great advancements in the realm of science, medicine, art and music. All things are there in their seedling form awaiting the birth of knowing.

Science will not achieve greater results until those in those fields become more aware. There are now many keys which will bring great knowledge, along with awareness, and should the earth listen to our words, an age of such wonder is waiting for all. In medicine, awareness will bring a radical approach to disease, and the rising energy on the planet will see the end of much which besets the forms now. With greater awareness and rising power, our reborn souls will have little requirement for choosing hard deaths to gain, for lifetimes will create all the energy needed for the souls to rise. Your world is on the threshold of a beautiful and wonderful age if it but stops, and listens, and remembers.

All seemingly genius talent has been prechosen to boost the souls, because most exceptional talent brings love and happiness to many, and so energizes souls. Talent is not to be envied, for each solitary form with its soul is to complete tasks of utmost importance to the gaining of power for all souls. Many which prechoose great talent and genius have hard tests to surmount, and in truth, those are ones with more tests set and more purpose to fulfill. To prechoose a life of talent, fame and power does not always gain for the soul. The talents chosen though do mostly give to many, and it is the giving which is most powerful in those lifetimes.

We wish to speak of the clergy. For the most part these are aware forms which have chosen a spiritual life to give of themselves to others. For the most part they are loving souls, strong in their beliefs no matter the religion. For the most part these souls are gaining greatly. We wish none who understand our message to cast derision on those forms which cling to ancient beliefs - in truth we all of us are responsible for the continuation of these beliefs through the ages and none which believe the truths of their own religion and take the message taught in all - that love is the way of living - can do ought but gain power for the Light.

There are those presently in positions of great power within religions which use the seekers for their own ends. These are dim souls with power over the forms and it is they which lead the world further to the darkness. Many of the most destructive forms profess great religious belief, and they are cunning in their ways of sowing the seeds of strife. If those religious forms which are true could but stream the energy knowingly to their own structures, the changes would come quickly.

We wish to speak of the lifetime tests. When the souls choose tests, they try to organize them to be as sure as they can to awaken the spirit memory to awareness. In the lifetimes gone, souls have not surmounted some tests or aspects of those tests and the situations are set so that the learning and understanding will arise. If one has harmed another in a lifetime a test will ensure in the next that the soul learns what it is to be harmed. The old Biblical message of 'as ye sow so shall ye reap' is truth. It is the natural order of all things and living in love ensures the soul strength.

Weaknesses are those things carried from previous lifetimes. The weakness of alcohol and self-destruction, the weakness of violence, cowardice, selfishness - all these things are tests set again for the form to overcome and surmount to gain power for the soul, for success in these areas are achievement for the soul memory. Each of us, even in the strongest lifetimes - which are our last - have some remnant of these weaknesses residual. It is our aim to completely overcome these to gain as much as we are possibly able. All of us wish to become as strong as we can to rise. Those religions seeking lives of perfection are those most strongly teaching the Way.

We wish to speak of business. Most of your earthbound lives revolve around the necessity for sustenance for the forms. For most of you in the richer nations, your lives are spent in the pursuit of money. Money for food and for those things the forms consider desirable and necessary for comfortable life. As more of you souls awaken, the preoccupation with need for the material will lessen. As more of you understand your purpose and origin there will be less greed and your whole business structure will evolve into institutions with fair and caring aims, organized by individuals which care for their fellow souls and use their positions of power to create good in all ways.

It is not enough for each form to sit back and expect all to be given. Each must work for their part in the change in the earth society. Those which allow others to enable them to live lives of no purpose, with no necessity to even work for the basic material goods required to live are draining power from us all. Each one must be responsible for their own life, to live with love, to take only while giving unasked. Those forms which live like parasites on their fellows are not surmounting their tests, they are not seeing the purpose in achievement. Many are unable to help themselves - many are dim without capabilities to sway other forms - many are simply unaware and are not surmounting the tests of greed, laziness and uncaring.

All must help these souls to strengthen themselves and that end can be achieved with less energy spent on material help and more on spiritual help. It is of no use to the soul of the Light in the form to feed the form and starve the spirit of the knowledge it so desperately seeks.

Each soul is capable of helping all of these souls, purely and simply. Each hour meditate on the power of the Light. Stream energy to all around you by the simple act of caring, sending love outside yourselves and being aware of your crucially important role in the task we all face. You will be achieving purpose of great importance.

We wish to speak of teachers of the Way. There are many key souls which have prechosen the teaching of the Way to the earth. Each of these will seek out the aware ones with the help of their guides. Each will tell of the writings and give knowledge of the power to be called upon. Each will teach the need for the emission of love energy to all souls. As the level of awareness grows so there will be many teaching to many.

Many keys have chosen healing roles. They do not first aim to heal the form - they first must concentrate on the uplifting of energy of the soul to facilitate the healing process of the form. All healers must recognize those illnesses which are manifestations of unaware souls, and illness chosen for the gaining of power for all souls. With the latter, the form will not respond to energizing, for the soul of Light within is well aware of the prechosen purpose of the illness. All healers should learn with their guides to develop the ability to see and understand the aura which surrounds all.

Of course there will be a need for earth medicine for some time to come, but the requirement for surgical or chemical intervention will lessen greatly with the changing levels of awareness.

It is important that the children of the earth be told of the Way. They are the key to the great change to come about. They have less preconditioning of the form mind to allow the truth to be remembered. They above all others require hope for their futures. They require the realization of the power they command with awareness.

We wish to speak of our plane. We have said before that there are many planes, but one universe. Your earth plane, your reality, is but one such level of awareness which we term a plane. Forms and creatures on other worlds each live in or on their own plane or level of awareness, and so it goes on. The spiritual plane is the most difficult to describe concisely. We do not wish to give a picture other than as it really is, and the difficulty in transferring the concept to your words is great.

We have, as we have with the whole plan of long ago, perpetrated great myths around everything spiritual. You may well ask why from your earth plane. We must repeat that each of you souls as well elected to continue that way until this point in time. We all created a great farce. We all created great troubles. We all created great untrue stories to continue the cycle of stupidity. With all our great power to create all you see, each of us has become confused with the lifetimes. When we are free of the form, we do lose to a great degree our understanding and perceptions of the form mind. We remember and know all which has gone before, but the shades of the form lifetime we lose with the form. Hence the confused state of the souls over the lifetimes.

We have perpetrated the concept of the all powerful God, the all loving God, the figure to be worshipped and feared. We also have perpetrated the concepts of the spirit world - demons, ghosts, creatures capable of horrendous acts impossible to the earth form. The whole culture has grown to fear and picture all these unimaginable horrors.

That it was all allowed to be in the first place is lamentable. The concepts we allowed to thrive with God, devil, heaven, hell - each story we continued to allow develop is to our sorrow now. We have all been in such error. All we are able to do to redress the balance is to write as we are now.

We wish to speak of those freed souls which are not immediately aware of their transition. When your form dies and the soul of the Light is released, you become one with the plane we inhabit. Your level of awareness is of this plane and not that of the earth plane. For some the transition is swift, for others it takes a little longer. This does not create a state where some souls are here and some in some kind of limbo. It does not mean some souls walk the earth until they are sent here by some means or medium.

They do not go elsewhere than on this plane. They sometimes have confusion as to their whereabouts, and at times they are channelled through to aware souls in earth form so that they can be helped. We feel the confusion results from trauma, and even the spirit mind in original form carries it on. A complex area - perfectly understandable to we guides and souls here, but perfectly difficult to express to you in language. It simply means that some souls are completely aware of the transition, completely at one with their knowledge and either rise to the Light, choose the next lifetime - or, as we have said, become guides or reborn teachers. Others, by the manner of their transition from the earth plane, have come to us confused and needful of intervention from your plane.

We know we have sent many understandings of the spirit plane to others - in error again. Perhaps you can understand why there has been much confusion over it. We, in truth, find it completely impossible to describe our existence to you. Our plane does not have other planes within. Ours is not worlds within worlds. We do not have leaders. We do not have materialization in any form whatsoever. We do not require anything but the Light for existence. On this plane we cannot redress the loss of energy from the lifetimes - here we cannot re-energize the dimmer souls, yet here we advise and order the lifetimes. Here we all choose the guides for the aware ones. Here, we souls with enough power choose to stay and not rise for the gaining of more power for the Light.

We have no time as you understand. It is a concept we find impossible to communicate in words. Our knowledge with all souls here is not even telepathy - it is just knowing. We struggle to transfer the knowing to words, for we can find no parallels in language as to our existence on this plane. Souls do not have form. We can, with our knowledge of the lifetimes, picture our forms and if we wish we can become spirit physical on the earth plane in those forms - but in truth, there is little requirement to do so. We really are happier to be as we should have been all along.

We wish to speak of the evolution of the worlds within worlds. We have told how, without the forms, all created on the worlds within the worlds would have evolved in peaceful harmony. The cycle of released energy from all creatures would have given to the Light and received from the Light for time unending. We souls of the Light were the gardeners of the universe. We sowed the seeds for the beginning of all life and the blueprint for the continuation and evolution of all life. Nought but the forms required our energy to live. Each creature was given life by the Light energy and each, by its existence in the order of things, gave energy back.

The creatures do not have souls such as we. They are given reason and purpose by the Light energy. When they die they do not become as souls freed from the form. The energy is given back to the order of all things and the cycle for all creatures is such.

We wish to speak of the reasons for some cultures becoming more advanced than others. When the first forms were conceived and evolved into more than the ungainly vehicles we first inhabited, there were many, many forms, for the most part concentrated in the larger continents of the earth world. Those places where most forms were together were the centres of fastest development in human terms. The nature of the form mind is to thrive on competition, to seek development, to find new ways and to develop the sciences. The cultures with lesser contact with others did not have the growth which comes from exchange of ideas, and so it went on.

The form was given intelligence for the purpose of evolving a form to become one with the soul of Light within. We thought our creations could become as us with us in a physical form. We did not wish to inhabit a shell, for we found that to evolve the forms sufficiently for them to be pleasing vehicles for us it was necessary to give the form its own intelligence which we expected would become one with us. It was the simple act of materialization which began the problems. We cannot in all honesty say why we - you - all were tempted into experiencing the physical form. If there is at all a parallel for the Bible story of the Garden of Eden and the first temptation, it could have been told as we souls being tempted to materialize. The difference in the stories being the absence of any influence remotely reminiscent of the Bible's Satan.

You forms were created by us all, the souls of Light within. You forms are us in the physical with the form mind between us. You surely can understand our first diversion - that which produced the forms all across the universe. If we had not done as we did, there would have evolved forms with very different characteristics, very different abilities, forms from the worlds within worlds, and forms at one with the worlds within worlds. Forms we would have had no need nor purpose in inhabiting. We understand how many of you will find it very difficult to accept that your presence on the earth was a mistake of great proportions.

Some will say that man was given intelligence and reason for the purpose of ruling the world, for the management and direction of the creatures and all which is there. We are telling you truthfully - because our mistake continued over the ages - because of our misguided approaches of turning you souls home to the Light - because of all this, your worlds are facing what they are.

With this book we are reaching out to each one of you and we are pleading with you all. Do not wait until your soul is freed to come to us and remember the truth. Do not wait to understand the reasons when we are speaking so simply, truthfully and plainly through this hand. Heed us. Look into your hearts and listen to the voice of your soul. What we ask of each of you to do is simple. We ask no great sacrifice of any earthbound soul. All we ask is that aware energy be streamed out - every single one of you is capable of sending love energy to others.

Is there anything else you can do positively to correct the imbalance you see all around you? Are not your children hopeless of their futures? Are not each of you afraid of the future you all fear for your world? You can do something to change all you see and fear. You can all turn the tide. You can all re-create the world. You can all achieve peace and harmony in your lifetime. Is anything else as important as this work?

We ask not one of you to disavow your strong beliefs in philosophy or religion. We do not require that the Way be the only way. No belief matters but one - that to live with love is the only important goal. All else will follow. We have explained all we have done, for many forms do truly wish to know the meaning of life itself and the reasons for much which no philosophy or religion can explain. We say openly and truthfully that each of us has continued the mistakes of the ages and the time has come in the history of all the worlds that we can at last achieve a new beginning - one not built on stories told to turn by fear. The form mind has evolved to the point where matters of the spirit have become a need. It is now the time when we can all look to ourselves, accept the truth and work to redress the imbalance caused by our past.

Please, we ask each of you. Look beyond the colour and the religion - recognize that every single form is a soul of the Light along with every soul here with us on this plane. All of us belong together in the Light and all of us are from the same beginning. Help us all return to our origin.

We wish to speak of our reasons for not elaborating the beginnings of all things. We could, if we so wished, give great screeds of scientific formulae and information to give the skeptics the proof at the first reading. All information of that nature is a fact. However as we have said before, this book is to be a simple and concise message of the truth. We wish all to be able to read and understand completely what we are putting before you. If we give a book which greatly explains those things your science must discover without great interference from ourselves, it would alter the balances which now, at this time, are already precarious. The total knowledge of the universe is within you all. If you wish to see your science advance rapidly, teach all to look to the soul.

In so many guises and so many ways we guides have sent our message to the earth plane for so long. As souls of the Light we all had come to understand that the preset path from the beginning which we chose and perpetrated was erroneous. As souls of the Light, we all saw the need to lay the total truth before the form minds - those minds which have evolved intelligence and reason to recognize the soul of Light within.

With our attempts at writing with forms in the past we have tried to give the truth, each time a little more. However, each hand has been a biased hand. The soul of Light which is the form we write through this time was carefully advised by all as to the lifetime, chosen tests set and this purpose. It was to our great joy that the form mind saw the tests, surmounted and arrived at the predetermined purpose. Let none be thinking that it is the form which puts these words down. We are using the hand and we are writing the words that form reads and tries to understand. It makes no difference to our words except that we will explain again in different ways our message. We know that if our hand does not understand the meaning of our words, we cannot expect others to understand either.

We wish to speak of our purpose in guiding the aware ones. When we guides are chosen by all to teach the aware ones, we are then one with all guides. In all ways we have our separate will and thought, but at the same time we are whole with one thought. Those of you which are one with us know that it is possible to speak with any on the spirit plane. Each of us is different, yet it is soon understood that each of us is in the whole as well. Because we are as you are - freed of the form and with our soul memory at the fore rather than behind, and for the most part unrecognized - we are given greater understanding of all things. Our approach to the guidance of each of our aware ones differs depending upon the nature of the form and the particular character developed by the soul for that lifetime.

To some our teaching of others in an individual way may appear erroneous. We ask only that faith in our motives be strong - mistakes we redress very quickly. Some lessons are taught in ways which some of you may not understand nor agree with. Please understand that the lessons are purposeful nonetheless and we are clear in our purpose at all times.

We wish to speak of civilizations gone past, of which there have been many, many even more than earth history records. All have had one point in common - the dim souls prevailed and contributed to the state of the universe now. In many such times our teachings were ignored and souls which were the teachers vilified. Dim souls capable of much deceit and cunning held sway over the souls in earth form.

We have no reason to be specific about any particular civilization. This book is not to be a history of the rise and fall of the earthbound forms. There is much that you all can learn and understand through your individual guides and teachers. We do wish each of you to seek your knowledge by study and application, for much which is given too easily is disregarded. It is enough to say that these civilizations destroyed themselves because of the nature of their lifetimes. It is a clear lesson to be learned from all. Unless material requirements and the seeking of earth-knowledge are balanced with the attainment of spirit, the scales will tip and the result will be as you all fear.

We wish to speak of dying. For all forms death is a fear. The ultimate spectre which is ever present but seldom recognized. From the time of the form's first knowing that death occurs in all things, the struggle with understanding and accepting begins. In all religions death is the beginning of a new life, be it in heaven or hell or wherever the particular creed believes souls depart to. It then cannot be at all difficult for any to accept that dying is but the release of the soul of Light from its vehicle - the release of the soul of Light to the knowing and understanding veiled by the form mind.

The release for those which have used the lifetime as a loving one brings knowledge of greater power gained and for those strong enough, the ability to rise to total love - to go home. How can it be possible to then fear dying? Those which have their guides as comfort draw strength and the ability to die with love, for even in the dying is the opportunity to allow others to gain power from your strength and love. Much can be achieved in the last phase of the lifetime if the aware one can be shown how. When death is not sudden and violent, when death is a process accepted with awareness, the opportunity to teach is there. The transition from earthbound to soul of the Light is not at all difficult. There is no point at which one suddenly realizes that death has occurred, for the release of the souls of Light seems to flow.

When death is violent and traumatic, there can be confusion for the soul of Light, and then all souls set to help in whichever way is relevant. We will never be able to adequately describe the joy and love which the soul of Light experiences when released, for those words are so 'nothing'. Joy and love fill the heart to the point where it feels it could shatter. The experience is the most wonderful possible - to find the Light again, to be free of the form, to be one with the souls again.

We have described repetitively many aspects for good reason. Our development of language with this hand has had to occur over a very short period of time. Our concepts in words are most difficult and hence our attempts at clarification, time and time again. We understand that all information is fragmented. The book must be simple to understand, it must be of no great length and it must be the truth. The world is waiting and the keys and aware ones are all ready.

We wish to speak of opposition to these words. Let none which see the truth of the Way be concerned with opposition of any nature. Hold faith in yourselves and your power to change the order of the earth to re-create love, life and knowledge.

Let all remember that there is absolutely nothing ever to fear. With your guides you will also gain strength and knowledge. We give all we can to facilitate the blossoming of knowledge of the Way to the Light. We and all the keys will direct through love to all who wish our friendship.

All along we have spoken of the keys. Perhaps we should have called them all the reborn teachers. They are the guides in earthform. They are the ones which prechose to be part of the great plan to turn the souls to us. They have come from all corners of the universe to teach and stream the energy to all. This is not only a plan concerning the earth plane, it is the concern of all, for all are being affected by the draining of the energy.

We guides wish to speak of ourselves, we guides writing through this hand. We know many who are aware and who receive our channeling will try to place us in their understanding. As we represent to many of you, we are for your understanding and acceptance. We have perpetrated mind pictures of ourselves and our existence to aid many in their acceptance, in their understanding and conditioning of the lifetime. There are many incapable of the mind pictures of we as we are. It is for us vexation that we cannot truly convey in language our real existence. Many must have solid mind pictures to work with and to relate to and to these aware ones we give substance to their needs. It is not falseness on our part, but the understanding we have that those forms require to be taught within that framework.

We are the guides of the souls of Light. We are not fragmented groups or singular souls, even though occasionally one of us may appear to speak. This book is the collective thought of every single and together soul which has been chosen by all to teach from this plane. This book is by all guides, and this book is the truth. The many we teach and direct will find the acceptance of our unbiased words difficult. We will continue to teach all as they are able to accept, but we do ask that all open their minds and hearts to allow these concepts, so strivingly attained in these writings, to teach them. We wish to begin an era of total understanding for the forms. It is imperative to begin now.

We wish to speak of the manner in which to teach the children. Initially, the teaching of the young forms will not be a simple process. They have the conditioned beliefs of their peers and those of their daily society to understand, and although we stress the need to teach them their origins as soon as it is possible, we also stress the need for care in the early stages. We wish no child to be the target for derision because they are learning what they already know. Take care with the hearts of these ones, for they are the future of us all. The greater number of keys are the children at this point, for it is with that generation that the greatest surge of awareness will come. Teach them in love and great caring, and they will suffer little - they with their own power to teach.

We wish to speak of the reasons guides seemingly allow the forms they are directing to use their words and wisdom for personal gain. The guides can only direct - they are not able to take over. If the form chooses to use the guidance and friendship of the guide to ends of self gain, there is little the guide can do. It is the form which must overcome. The guide will not forsake the form, even though the ego is between them. It is to our sorrow that this occurs, for it is dimming the souls which perpetrate the hoax. On the other hand, often the guide can energize and teach others even though the form it is directing is not responding in the desired way.

Have faith that the overall picture is gain for the souls rather than loss. There are many on earth using their guides to those ends and we do sorrow for this being so. We know that it is a great problem, for it does cause those with clearer eyes, those which can see the element of illusion or performance built by the form, to reject even the threads of truth which come even from such as these. Can you not see how important this work is? We can direct with the truth - without the ego and form mind to turn the truth into profitable versions of our words. When the book is clear, when the book leaves no mistake as to the meaning of our writings, all will know those fraudulent forms. All will understand their cunning to create fear and gather fortunes.

To each of you seeking the truth, to each of you seeking the answers to life itself we say - the teachers of the Way will be true. The teachers will be examples of giving love and caring love to all. None will profit from our writings freely given. Even those which purport to speak the messages of the guides will be clearly seen to be untrue should they but profit from the knowledge we give. We sorrow greatly, for many seeking souls heed their tainted messages. Let none mistake - it is not the guides which create these situations. It is the forms and the form mind so driven with ego that it requires material gain and adulation. They drain energy from us all.

We wish to speak of the choosing of the lifetimes. As we have said before, the lifetime tests and purpose are all set at pre-birth. Each does not have a non-variable life span. There is at pre-birth the broad plan with the tests and purpose set. Should these tests be unrecognized they cease to be. They become a non-reality and the path chosen in free will will continue. Truly, there are not so many alternatives to the lifetimes, and the broader plan is always there.

Recognition of the tests and purpose brings awareness of the soul of Light within, and the lifetime continues upon that prechosen path. There is but one non-variable factor in the dying - the end of the lifetime. Those stronger souls which chose deaths which gain power for the Light and all souls will always come to that point, no matter for them the tests whether surmounted or not. The only difference being that should these souls actually have lost energy in the lifetime, the hard chosen deaths will be unable to gain power for the soul.

Why choose a hard death at all? Why choose a lifetime of suffering or deformity? Think upon it. To suffer pain or degradation in love gives power to all which learn from courage and strength. In all earth cultures courage, love and strength are desired qualities - why? Purely because we have always been able to keep the teachings that those were qualities to be sought after, even without explaining that those things build energy for the soul.

To give love while suffering, to show courage in adversity, to bear all with strength of purpose teach all touched by the knowledge of these qualities lived by a form. Is it not so that the love given and strength and courage shown by a suffering child will stiffen the resolve of an adult, will cause others to look with honesty at themselves and their lives? Look carefully at all of these seemingly incomprehensible avenues of suffering and courage and think upon the results of these things. In most cases the courage shown by those in those circumstances touch many lives for great good.

Are not the stories of the heroes and heroines of the earth those, forever remembered for their acts of courage and sacrifice, which lift the spirit of the form? Do not those which show great sacrifice and love to care for those in need evoke admiration, even in the world as it is? Surely there is enough of the desire to be as they in most forms to give our plan success.

Weave your way through the mists and veils of the form mind. Recognize the beauty of those souls of the Light behind all. Recognize yourselves and become forms of love. Of course it is not possible to redress the wrongs of all the earth's history in one shining instant. Of course it will take time and of course many will doubt and falter, but none of this matters in the end. All things must begin somewhere, and here is our beginning.

The question as to whether the time of death for the form is prechosen is not one which we can answer with a direct yes or no. There are many variables which occur, and the paths of free will can alter some things. The only thing which does not alter is the manner of dying should the soul of Light have prechosen to die hard for the gaining of all souls. All lifetimes and the duration of these are subject to cause and effect from the surmounting or not of tests and purpose. All is not a foregone conclusion. The form is the eventual master of its own destiny. The form mind with free will is either to blame or congratulate on the progress of the lifetime. At pre-birth the lifetimes are chosen and the framework organized so that the form mind can recognize the soul of Light within and the power of love. But should the form mind choose to ignore all clues set before it in the lifetime, then the framework is negated and all must begin again.

We wish to speak of the interrelationship of the earth plane and ours. For each of you empty of heart with grief draining your soul's energy we say this. Each soul you have loved is here, present not in the physical but here in the telepathic and able to be called through the guides. The most difficult aspect to accept even with that knowledge is that your loved one is not only as the earth form was, but also as the sum total of all lifetimes. You can, each of you, continue to love and benefit from those souls which are like to your own, even with the difference in the planes. It is not to be feared or reviled, this ability to continue and form friendships with we unseen ones. Open your minds and hearts and discover the truth of death, and the fear of life will depart you forever.

We wish to speak of the concept of happiness and the seeking of such. If all forms could but equate happiness with love there would be complete harmony on the earth world in an instant. Do not each of you seek what you call happiness each day of your lifetimes? For some the pursuit of material goods and the power of visible wealth is the definition of happiness, and these forms eventually realize that the end of such needs is never in sight. The search and the requirements are ever greater and greater, and all consuming. For some, happiness is the attainment of the love of another form, to be shattered and gone with that love withdrawn. For some it is the pursuit of knowledge, again never complete, for true knowledge comes with the knowing of the Way.

Whenever happiness is the pursuit of whatever is perceived as the desirable goal, then happiness will never be attained. There is only one way for happiness, peace and contentment to be achieved. Give your love, your caring, your concern to all souls. Give of yourself and your abilities freely with no requirement for return. Do all you are capable of doing to nurture the energy around you. We do not mean for all to cease daily living and don saffron robes and walk barefoot. All must continue to strive with love for families and friends. There is nought we speak against in work and living but greed, hate and selfishness - all products of the egotism of the forms.

Our urge to love also does not mean your physical love, that which to many is a taking thing. That aspect of the form love is not ours, and we speak not of that when we say love. Physical love is to you forms only, a personal act for the free will to decide when to give and when to take.

We wish to speak of this plane again. Here we have no form visible to your eyes. All information comes to us as a knowing. We do not see, nor hear, nor taste, nor feel. We know all the senses which you have with your form. We have them in the one sense of knowing. All those things you must do to continue the existence of the form we have no need for. Our contact with most of the aware ones is telepathic.

On some occasions we become one with the form and we can project through that form using it to speak for us. As we have also said before, we guides are as one but also singular and we have also said we are as you forms - each different - for our lifetimes and knowledge of different experiences created differences which are even within we as souls of the Light. Individual will and thought can only encourage our different tasks and purpose, and that ourselves be moulded to some extent by these things. All guides and souls of the Light awaiting rebirth have their own characteristics and their own personality. All of these create the differences in the manner in which they will give information and guide the aware ones. You all, also, are souls of the Light and we friends have the task to awaken you all in the lifetime to the remembered knowledge of the Light and the need of all to return.

The only way to achieve return is through a loving lifetime, and we have known this and understood this always. How that is achieved with the aware ones is conditional upon the knowledge and lifetime experience of the form, and the energy level of the soul of Light within the form. When one teaches others one must teach so that the student will understand. Sometimes the teachers must explain in many different ways the same information, so all will understand. So it is with forms and guides.

We also befriend our aware ones as friends and we also, as friends, will tease, laugh, and have a bit of fun as you would say. Our purpose is not total seriousness for the giving of love and the teaching of the Way.

The friendships formed must not become so all consuming as to have the aware ones totally dependent upon our words. We have the overall picture - it is up to each of you to fill it in for yourselves. We are your friends and we will always be there to help in matters of sincerity. Your power comes not from us but from yourselves, and how you use your lifetime to grow in understanding.

Although some of us will play the game - the parlour game, if you could call it that, of prediction - the information of irrelevancies, the everyday trivia of your lifetimes, in truth it is not something most of us will do for long, and testing the guides for long with irrelevancies can bring strain at times.

We really are trying to teach you all to listen to the soul of Light within you - the essence of yourself - the one your form is the vehicle for. We guides are not here to be asked at every turn - should I do this - should I do that - will this happen to me - will that be my future? We do understand the preoccupation of the form with all of those questions which concern the daily life. We also understand that your exercise and use of free will is the largest factor in the gaining or not of soul energy.

If you all use us to the ends of directing every move you make you will be doing nought but becoming a puppet on a string, afraid to trust your own beautiful knowledge. Would we be friends if we gave so much as to have you completely dependent upon our direction? Does not a true friend help and give love without creating imbalance in the relationship? We do not want mindless thoughtless forms gaining nothing and learning less. You, each of you, is the answer to the continuation of all life. Each of you in the lifetime is to do one thing. Live a loving life span and gain the energy to rise with us to the Light and bathe the universe with life, love and knowledge.

We wish to speak of the development of the psychic senses. These senses are in each of you, as real as those of taste, smell and feeling. Each is capable of extending the everyday capabilities to vistas most only dream of. To understand the extent of your own plane, to understand the magnitude of the continuation of life can only broaden one's knowledge of the purpose of life itself.

When the form begins to develop, there is much which can be done to learn in this new experience. To listen to the voice of the souls brings the comfort and strength which gives peace to the restless heart. The marvel of the knowledge of one's own involvement in the creation of the worlds within worlds brings an openness of the mind which can understand how to love and how to extend that love. With every understanding which clears the preconditioning of the form mind, so the ability to see that which has been hidden from blind hearts and minds becomes crystal clear.

The more sensitive the form becomes to the unseen, so it is that the more sensitive one becomes and the more one sees in the visible. On and around you forms are whole worlds of understanding just waiting for the unveiled eyes to perceive. The learning of these very real aspects of yourselves is a process of seeking. There are always those whose understanding will help your understanding and all experience with loving souls will help the development and growth within yourself.

It is not only the guides which can teach. There are many reborn teachers, each with different aspects of the development of the spiritual to teach. Remember that those with the Way to teach will be those who profit not from the teaching. There is much written of the spiritual. So many have experiences to share. Search with an openness of heart and spirit and much will become evident to you. The greatest truth will only ever be: 'Live with love, and all else will follow.'

We wish to speak of churches. In no way do we wish to denigrate the power of good which comes from those places of worship. The collective thought of goodwill does a great deal to lift the energy level of many. In no way do we say these places are wrong or that they should not exist. Many must find the Way of love in their own experience. Many cannot conceive existence without the comfort ceremony and ritual afforded them.

Our only concern with these different religions are the powerful dim souls with sway over the earth forms, which use the seekers to their own ends of power on the earth plane, and material gain. This is the major reason we say and say again that there is to be no religion built upon the Way to the Light. No sect is to spring from this book and writings. Let not one be able to look upon those teaching the Way and say it is not the example of truly loving.

We say not that any belief is wrong, for in truth all beliefs alive on the earth plane today are the product of each and every one of us. What we do say is that if one does not live a loving lifetime then one's beliefs are a danger - not only to your soul of the Light, but to each other which exists.

We wish to speak of your guardianship of the earth. Fortunately, there is a steady awakening of the need to carefully husband the resources of the earth world. As your technology has advanced, so too has your destruction of your environment accelerated. Please heed the warnings of those aware and caring ones. To destroy your world is to destroy your own creations. The balance can be controlled if you would all but take a little more care and use your world lovingly. All which destroy in the pursuit of material gain will feel deep sorrow as souls freed of the form. Recognize this truth in the lifetime and gain power for your own soul of the Light and for all souls by working in harmony with all things.

There is great peace to be gained from being one with your world - understanding the needs of all creatures and the needs of the forms for harmony. Think upon the barrenness of the deserts and the sadness of the dense cities. The problems both create can be overcome with care by all. So many of you understand the need for these matters to be actioned. Support those active in redressing the balance and actively condemn misuse of your worlds treasures. Turn all by loving example and preserve the beauty and bounty for generations to come. Turn all by loving example and preserve the beauty and bounty for generations to come.

We wish to speak of the true form - that form which all would be were the lifetime used from the beginning in a totally loving way. No hint of negativity, no hint of illness could touch the face nor figure of the form so used. That form would have no necessity for sustenance from ought but the Light. That form would itself show purely, as the soul of Light within would shine through and all which looked upon this form would be touched and energized by perfect love.

There are no forms as these in existence on the earth plane. There are those earthbound now with this purpose and should they succeed in their endeavour, will be examples to all of the power of the soul of the Light. These, we say, as with all teaching the Way, are never to be seen as beings apart nor special. These are to be teachers as practical examples of the power of all.

We wish to speak of the attainment of wholeness. So many of the forms live their lives being good. By being so concerned with being 'good' they ensure lifetimes which offer little progress. In the earth cultures being 'good' usually means being no trouble to any. This shows in parents telling children to 'be good'. There is also the way to be 'good' and to progress. Experience and learn all things possible, for it is not possible to surmount much without experience. Seek learning and understanding - not so much in an academic sense - although a good intelligence requires a balance between the academic, practical and spiritual, but in the school of life.

Many, of course, will have much more difficult lessons to learn than others, but no matter the course encountered, welcome experience and welcome the chance to progress with each new twist along the way. The lifetime can be made a marvellous journey to the most desirable goal. It is within the power of each of you to make it your own exciting, wonderful adventure with your own very happy ending. All that is necessary is awakening to your origin.

We wish to speak of our vision of tomorrow - a tomorrow where each of you is energized and creating harmony and peace all about. Once the level of loving energy is greater, there will be true forms emerging, one by one all across the earth world. These examples of perfect love and the souls of Light within, will give hope to all by the tangible evidence of what can be when love is there. As the loving order can change the earth worlds, so the gained strength will energize the universe. If all can be achieved then peace and harmony will reign and despair, sorrow and violence will have no part in the earth concept.

We wish to speak of our contact with the earth plane. There is still much we are unable to precisely explain in words of your language to give the total and clear picture of all aspects of our contact with you earth forms. We have said previously that the guides only will come and only can come when bidden. We have also said that it is possible for the dim souls to be allowed to channel through under certain circumstances. We have also said that these dim souls can create problems when this has been allowed to occur without the guide being called to redress the problem.

To all which contemplate asking for guidance and the friendship given by the guides, we say - remember that we are as yourselves. We are not all powerful and super-wonderful beings which have every answer to every question at our fingertips. Our purpose is purely to teach loving lifetimes to our aware ones, and as such we are not infallible. Remember that with any friends one must find one's level, and if the sincerity of one's friend is suspect, one questions and one can reject. We have impressed upon you all the power of free will used lovingly.

There is always the possibility that if you use your guides to other than sincere ends, you may find yourselves the recipients of insincerity. There is one way to ensure this does not occur - surround yourselves with the Light. That is done by visualizing the Light around you and by asking for only your known guide or guides. There is truly nothing at all to concern you, for none can hurt you from this plane, and in truth, none would wish to. We can only communicate with aware souls in form, and as aware souls, you must use our friendship responsibly.

We wish to speak of our reasons for wishing more contact with the earthbound souls. For the greater part of our existence as forms, there has been little understanding of the very real nature of the existence of this, the spiritual plane. For too long we have perpetrated misconception, and the result has been ignorance and fear. Coupled with this, the forms' understanding of death has remained remarkably unchanged and progression in this area has not been forthcoming. The realm of spirituality has been left always for the most part to the fortune tellers and the religious. Ordinary forms have closed their minds and hearts to seeking answers beyond those given time and time again by all.

Because progress in this area has been slow we feel the time is now for the education of more. We see a great need in you forms for more satisfying answers to the 'don't know' questions and the most vexing one of understanding the nature and purpose of dying. We wish for the children to cease growing to adulthood with the fear of the unknown ever present. We wish for each of you to gain the strength of purpose and understanding which knowledge gives. We wish all to see that fear is unnecessary.

Eliminate fear from your lifetimes and a vast difference will be made in the behaviour of each of you. If the children are taught that the spiritual plane exists as a fact, side by side with the known plane, they can be more secure in the knowledge of the continuation of the soul of the Light within and the knowledge that death does not mean the severance of life and all the love and sharing experienced with their families and friends.

With more forms becoming aware, we look forward to greater direct communication between our planes, and the blossoming of knowledge to be shared - spiritual knowledge in the main, for truly, that is our ultimate purpose. Please remember that after the death of the form, the soul of the Light is freed and one with us on the spiritual plane, and that lifetimes are to be used lovingly to gain power for the soul of the Light within and for all souls.

Free will dictates whether one gains or loses power. Therefore, we of this plane are really in contact for the one purpose of directing lovingly and for the purpose of helping our aware ones to grow in power for the Light. Use our friendship to this end. Deny access to yourselves by any dim souls called or allowed to communicate, and above all else love them and fear them not - the one thing they cannot do is harm you.

Guard your friendship with your guides as you would guard the friendship of a truly loved friend. As on your plane, there are those here with low power and only because they are dim do they confuse and cause some mischief. They are the reason for our writing this book. Our dim ones grow dimmer and seek rebirth so much that we are being drained of our energy.

We require more awareness of this on your plane, for it also is the reason that your earth world is full of strife and pain. Help us to help ourselves and heed our words with minds free of superstition and narrowness. We ask nothing of you which is difficult, and we only plead with you all to work with us to solve the problems we have brought upon ourselves with our egos.

We wish to speak of love. Such a simple word in your language - such a complicated emotion to you forms. To truly love requires openness of spirit and understanding of one's own place in the totality of the Light. To understand that one is together with all others, the sum power of the universe, the creator, gives one the ability to look upon others with eyes unveiled. Love to most is feeling for family, lovers, very close friends. We say that when love is truly within, it transcends the few and becomes an energy given to all. Understanding the origin of oneself ensures spiritual growth which ensures the growth of love energy.

There has been much written about the meaning of love, much sung about love and much spoken about love. Truly loving another is a totally unselfish emotion, and this is one aspect of our purpose in contacting you earthbound souls - to teach again to you souls of Light the true and absolute meaning of love. As guides we feel greatly for each of you, for each of you struggle to understand - to understand within your own experiences and lifetimes that which we can so readily teach.

We wish to speak of the gaining of the knowledge of purpose. We feel that we have probably expressed sufficiently that each of you keys and each of you aware ones and each of you seekers have preset purpose to your lifetimes. It is perhaps one of the most difficult things to know surely what it is you are specifically to do. It is easy for us to generalize and tell that some are to be teachers of the Way and some are to be healers, for in truth we really only see purpose that fits those broad terms. How either of these things apply to yourselves is a matter of free will. Understanding the relevance of the issue of purpose, the ability to listen to the voice of the soul of Light within you, with all of these aspects of creating a whole when they do come together, there is no need for extra direction from us.

But not many forms find the insight which allows them to discover truly their purpose which was preset to gain them added power in that lifetime. So many do require a helping hand from us and our frustration comes from the difficulties involved in the transfer of knowledge. You all, as forms, have advanced far in the academic sense and not at all in the understanding of spirituality. It is far from easy for us to contact and build the trust and understanding required to teach our aware ones directly. Many variables lead to the Way being an experimental one for the most part, and we really are doing the very best we can. We sincerely hope that with this book, the way to greater understanding between the planes will be there.

We wish to speak of the relevance of past lifetimes to today. To say that it does not matter in any way that one has lived before is unperceptive. If you think upon the truth that each of you is the sum total of all experience, then understanding the past is perhaps a good starting point in overcoming problems in the now. The major events of the past lives are all imprinted on the soul, almost as a visible record of all one has been since the beginning of the form.

To actually build a clear understanding of the effect of one's past lives and all they entailed, one needs to know as much about those lifetimes as possible. There are different ways of going about this. The most obvious being to build your relationship with your guides and be taught by them. They are able to interpret the imprints of your soul memory and express them to you in different ways. You may be shown in vivid and detailed dreams, especially lifetimes with experience of some aspect relevant to the now. You may be shown as a knowing - intuition as you may call it, or as writings given to you through your hand. Other sensitives may channel the information to you if your capabilities in that direction have not been developed enough.

There are many ways, and so to learn of these things really only takes tenacity of purpose. There will be much which is related directly to pleasing or unpleasing occurrences in your present and it does help to understand that most major emotional and even physical occurrences have meaning to jog the soul memory as to its origin. There is purpose to most things and it is rare that the plan cannot be seen clearly with eyes unveiled. It is not necessary that you all do this. We only say that one can gain a better understanding of overcoming troublesome problems, and it can even give insight into the most effective way of dealing with many situations when one has the benefit of hindsight.

We wish to speak of the reasons like souls travel the lifetimes together. It may be difficult for some to recognize that the major players in their lives are well known to them - so many times over that it would afford to each a library of their own wonderful adventures. Those which are like to your own soul of the Light, have contracted at pre-birth to work with you, to some degree, to help yourself and themselves in different aspects of their gaining of energy. Situations that are difficult in your present are usually so because those proving difficult have some aspects of character to surmount with you or the opposite - that you have some aspect of character to work out to surmount difficulty.

To resolve a situation lovingly is the ultimate goal of each. Those of you which come to times of trouble, and which decline to understand or resolve with love, are losing energy for their own soul of Light within. This unloving path may not cause too many problems for the form in its lifetime, but we can assure you it causes great sorrow to the soul of the Light when it is freed from the form.

Unless one is very dim, the prospect of rebirth is most unattractive, and we wish for all to understand this before they are free. Do you have a parent you have not been able to resolve difficulty with? A spouse, children, friends? Look closely at any major problem and try very much to see behind the superficial. Even should you in all honesty fail to relate the incidences troubling yourselves to any aspect of possible growth within, resolve all with your deepest caring. Difficult, we know, in times of confrontation which bring out your most negative qualities.

Please remember never to let your darker side rule. Banish those aspects of your nature which encourage anger, hatred, impatience. Remember that those your ire is directed at have probably been in your own shoes at some time. They are now trying to help you overcome, even though they may be unaware of their role. To understand one's purpose and one's past can ensure one's future, and the only future we souls of the Light are concerned with - is to rise to the Light.

We wish to speak of those which have connection with very strong teachers. Many of you will know the names of these teachers as those which were great on the earth plane. Many of you would find it impossible to learn from any - except those presented to you in this way. We feel some will reject our words on this point, for so many of even you aware ones have the egotism to decide that only the greats could contact or teach you.

So many of you have required levels of guided knowledge that it has been given to you purely so that you would learn at all. We have not hoodwinked you. It is you which have required this from us. The strongest souls which are remembered as your earthbound teachers were ones like Jesus, Mohammed, Confucius - so many we could continue and continue, but every one of these has risen to the Light. Their immensely strong power has been required to continue life in the universe. All of those souls of the Light were reborn teachers many times over, and each gained such strength as to keep the Light from dying for a very long time.

Amongst we guides there are ones with greater energy than others, and these souls of the Light have presented to many of you aware ones as the spirit of earth history greats. We make no apologies for this. If it requires even one of you to have to say 'I am taught by the spirit of Jesus' or 'I am taught by the spirit of Mohammed' for you to be taught, then so be it. It makes no difference to us at all.

We would prefer that the egotism of you forms could recognize that all we souls of the Light are one and the same - guides or souls awaiting rebirth. Any difference is only one of energy level which allows us to rise or not. Even the dim ones are no different from we. They only have not the power to recognize their imbalance and inability to rise to the Light. We have great work to do to redress this matter. Each of you which understands the love energy must take time each day to stream it to the world. Please begin right now. In meditation, you will find practice will ensure that it builds in strength, and your knowledge of the practical purpose of this exercise will grow with each session.

We wish to speak of our abilities to interfere in the progression of the earth plane. Simply said - we have little. Our role from this plane is for the greater part spiritual. We can, in some circumstances, interfere in a physical way, but we cannot do a great deal in truth. Were we able to cross the barrier of the planes we certainly would have no reason for writing with this hand. The earth world would have learned long ago that which we struggle to teach all. None of your wars or great human disasters would have occurred, because we would have made sure they didn't.

How we wish we could divert the strife and sadness on your plane. How easy it would then be to bring the dim souls home to the Light. There are many of you which have seen some of the acts which we are capable of projecting put in the realm of the unbelievable by forms. In truth it is not we as physical sources which can do these things, but the souls of Light within forms which we work with.

Many of us have the power to contact strongly enough to create feats of wonder for you, but the duration of these is not long and we find it not something we can actually use to further our teachings. There is so much your own selves are capable of, that many of the acts we are able to project through you pale in comparison.

We wish to speak of guarding your soul memory and form mind. There is a move afoot by some dim souls to filter unheard and unseen information, which is a definite form of mind control, through media. Your minds are the most susceptible of instruments and much can be penetrated by suggestion. The dims are concerned in that plane with power over forms, and with many the understanding to bring this about in subtle and unseen ways is there. We can only warn that there is much darkness in this area and that it exists in far greater levels than you all realize. There is only one way to defeat the onslaught of this kind of control. Keep the Light all around yourselves, and your strength in loving purpose will ensure that their attempts at control have no effect.

It is more important than you can imagine to be aware of the ways in which the dims are trying to gain control of your earth plane. Be strong in love, and do not allow their will to be done. Project love and live love and the dims will themselves be given loving energy to turn them from their sorrowful paths.

We wish to speak of other planets. All across the universe are inhabited planets. Those not even near your systems have forms. The form you all inhabit is not unique, although a little different from others. The souls of Light created many with different paths of development in mind. Some have visages you would fear on sight. Some so beautiful to you that you would weep. Many are advanced to great capabilities - forms which control by will alone much of their daily lives. All across are dim souls as well but none so dim as to be found on the earth plane.

There are those forms which have contact with the beings from outside your system, and there have been many visits by many different ones from afar. Many have taught you forms much, and shown and created much which still defies explanation to you. A great deal of your development has come from other worlds without your awareness. Of course you are not alone in the universe. Many watch your planet with great interest and many have tried to help. There are many with the capability to ensure your unification as a planet, but that interference is not at all desirable. Your planet is so beautiful, and you have every possible advantage to live harmoniously and wholly with your world. It is time you all understood - for your children.

We wish to speak of the process of becoming one with our aware one. The difficulties in joining with our instrument are many and complex. We must not choose a form with differing energy levels and balances to cause them or ourselves harm. It is something which is best attained with a form mind free of fear and free of ego. The requirement to open the heart to allow another to come completely does cause difficulties for some time, for it is a very foreign aspect for most forms. There will be those things which are pitfalls and require caution on both sides.
For both it is not an easy transition at first and there is much which it will help a form to be aware of. The degree of trust which is built between the guides and the forms is very important, for none can trust completely without rapport.

To know one's guides are true and loving and will ensure your safety in whatever ways necessary is a great advantage. Whatever the process, it brings its own special difficulties and these can be different also for each one. However, the most common problems to be experienced occur mostly at the level of trance-mediumship. If the form has true motives for allowing the process, then there is little if anything to be concerned about - probably an almost impossible state to ascertain for the form itself. Truth to the form can be hidden under many layers of self-delusion and it is a safeguard to take the advice of the guides on the matter.

The dim souls will, at times, manage to use your energy to imitate or usurp the guides, and it is well to be aware of this factor. There are many mediums which we are permitted to use constantly and most are qualified to advise. We do, from our own perspective, try to minimize these problems, but we too have to learn with each new form that we work with. In all things we wish to emphasize that it greatly influences the progress or not when the motives of the form are not exactly pure. Negativity begets negativity, and we say again that the best protection against problems in any area is faith and trust in the power of the Light.

We wish to speak now of frailty of the mind, the conditions which appear to cause conflict, and in some cases, destruction. Commonly, the afflicted one experiences drifts from the reality of the form and the magnitude of the drifts can create behaviour which those unafflicted find almost incomprehensible.

Consider this. The form mind as a controlling agent is subject to much from many sources. The physical structure is such that chemical imbalances can trigger conditions which lie dormant in each form mind. Many often unrelated factors can be the culprits in these circumstances and insanity, or perceived insanity, the result. Quite often the treatment entails the absorption of substances designed to quieten the problem. More often than not, the base reasons for the existence of these conditions sits, waits and bides time for further onslaughts of perhaps greater magnitude.

We say this. Each form so afflicted, be it in any manner of difference of a mental nature, has a task on hand. The impact of mental disturbance is infinitely greater than that of physical impairment purely and simply because comprehension of mental disorder is in a primitive state all across the planet. These forms present the opportunity for immense gain. As a society, it is possible and desirable to guide these ones back to the workable reality.

Even violence can be negated by the application of controlled visualisation directed by a number of forms. Those whose powers of balance are misaligned are no different from any afflicted form and love can find the keys to assisting them. These kinds of forms are a challenge to all to care, as are the afflicted all across the earth plane. In caring and loving each other, order will emerge from chaos and health return to those in need.

We wish to speak of healers. There are many of you practicing healing on the earth plane now. Many of you have humility and accept that your power comes from the source you call God or the Light or whatever. For some it is a matter of great pride that you have been chosen to assist in this task and to you all we wish to say - never forget for one moment where your power is projected from. Never forget for a moment that you are working with your source and you are not independent from your source. Do not be of the illusion that by the laying on of hands you will heal the physical. The power is sent to give energy to the soul of Light within and it is then the soul which will or will not heal itself. It is best for many of you to realize also that healing is not a manifestation of curing the physical condition. It is to the purpose of giving energy to the soul within that decides whether or not your efforts are successful.

We wish to speak of our responsibilities to you. On your earth plane are many good books written which give an insight into the experiences of others and their spirit guides. There is so much that you can discover for yourselves that we find it unnecessary to repeat a great deal of that sent before, either in knowing or words. However, we will say to you all, that as guides, we have but one responsibility to you all. That we help you in any way viable to use your lifetimes lovingly to progress through your own clouded vision with more clarity and purpose - to help you all realise that there is far more to your world and everything which exists than meets the eye. To open one's eyes and heart to the very real world which each of you become part of with the freeing of your soul of Light within, brings true awareness of the world you inhabit now.

Our responsibility to you all is to also further the understanding that your plane and ours is really not so separate and that much can be gained from understanding our existence in context with your own. We recognize the problems connected with communication, for we do have most of the advantages. We can see just who it is we are in contact with, whereas from your side you have the unseen to contend with.

At times we can use spirit physical form to give indication of our presence, but do remember that what you see is not necessarily what we really are. We will assume a form for your comfort, even though it is not our form, for we truly do not have a physical form to show you. All we can do is, by a process of trial and error, build your trust and faith in us. Problems do occur on both sides, and all we ask is your patience and understanding that we really do have our responsibilities to the fore. For our part we must also use patience and understanding while working with our aware ones.

We wish to speak of the process by which this book has been written. The plight of the Light has been known for some time by we who exist as one with the Light. The cause of the depletion of the Light's energy has been known for long and in various ways we have worked to rectify the situation. Our ways to date have been only marginally successful and we have long felt the need for the bare truth to be presented to the forms.

As we are together, yet singular, as guides we have our purpose to call the souls home, and that task has not been an easy one to achieve. In your earth words, it was decided at a point in the past that the most effective way of having our voice heard was through the written word, and preparations of great magnitude were set in motion to facilitate this event. This book has required the collective energy of all guides and even though the direct involvement has meant channeling through some directly to our aware form, every single guide has given of itself to ensure the existence of these words.

We in the Light have long sent our words and direction through guides to the earth plane, but the time has not been right for the giving of all information sent in this work. We feel strongly that the development of the forms is such that the understanding will grow and grow to create awareness in the world, to raise the energy of our poor dim souls and create the climate for our aware ones to rise to be one with the Light. We in the Light have many names by which our earthbound souls know us, but it is sufficient to say that we are the Light and these words come directly from the Light. Our work with this hand has now ended and we ask only that each of you which read these words read with a heart open and clear of preconceptions. Listen to our message and live our message, for the sake of all creation.

We wish to speak of our gift to humankind. We who have been man, woman and child - we who have passed through the cycle of development on the earth have long been constrained by natural law. The contact we can directly work with has always been constrained by necessity - to guide is not an easy task. We would prefer to give as much as we know to all, however, what good would it do to teach quantum physics to kindergarten children? We, who have been giving our attention to the writing with this hand, have pondered on some element of value which we can proffer with our love and compassion for humankind.

What we give must be able to be utilized by any who wish to accept the gift. It must be a simple and direct means of elevating the Light's energy. Our gift is this - a prayer - a statement of intent. Words which have powerful energies woven and linking those who invoke them and those who stand in the Light. Please accept our gift with the love with which it is given - please use it with meaning and benefit yourselves and your world from the energies called upon and released. We are aware of countless prayers and countless invocations - each special and with relevance to particular causes. This is to the Light, mindful of our understandings and our purpose.


To all which is creation - Light itself

Guide us with truth - the Light of love

Assist our cause to dispel darkness

from the souls of Light

Intensify directly the energies evoked

in the work to unify mankind

Gather to us the disciples of the Light

and help them grow to wholeness

For the elevation of all.

Our love is ever with you, each and every single one of you, and our faith in your abilities to surmount your tests and purpose is endless. Our message now ends.


The Way to the Light - Mail-order

We will send copies of The Way to the Light anywhere in the world. Just fill in the form below, or write to us, and we will do the rest. Special arrangements can be made for the sale, shipment of large quantities, or for re-publishing outside Australia.

Cost per copy is $8 (includes packing and postage to anywhere in Australia).

*Please add $2.50 per copy for overseas air-mailing.

*Please convert overseas orders to Australian dollars.

Send to:

Sherwood Books

GPO Box 1435


ACT 2601


Please send me ........ copies of The Way to the Light. I enclose payment of $............




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