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Larson cartoon of aliens 'fishing' for humans :)

Poems Jan 2002

Subliminal Poem #9

I was duplicated in the arrangements of worlds
Golf courses forming and warming nearby hills
A ghost spoke to me a gentle, silent voice
Reminding me that I always have a choice

But how does one decide which path to explore
Further possibilities are encountered on the shore
I read the sacred texts and my mind becomes still
Enchanted by the wisdom that these words can distill

I used to think that I was going insane
Due to a few chemicals going haywire in my brain
This may yet be the case but I suspect
The true explanation is beyond that which we expect

* * * * *

Poem written by a wandering madman

I stare into the eyes of eternity and soon become blind
Searching for those treasures that no one else can find
Love dwells within my molecular structure
Birds take flight in a vision of rapture

A cold wind suddenly blows all our cares away
As solar heat slowly ignites this new day
A baby is born in a distant spiral galaxy
With two arms and legs and untold verbal dexterity

I'm always glowing but I hardly ever know it
Sometimes I find a ball and feel an urge to throw it
Reality is infinite but I cannot show it
If there was one last chance would I blow it

I was distracted for a moment
Which seemed to last forever
Deep inside a local monument
I locate the secret lever

I used to believe in the sentimental realities of lifetimes
Then I examined the ways of this world a couple more times
An old man in the street asks I can spare a few a few dimes
So I show him the way towards the oldest of true rhymes

How much do we ever really know about our own silly lives
It might make more sense to talk to the bees in their hives
A soft voice inside me lives on and it thrives
Waiting for the time when liberation arrives

I keep crawling into the gaps in this reality
That may sound strange but it makes sense to me
Don't put another dollar in my trouser pocket
When you walk out that door be sure to lock it

I don't even know why my life is so bizarre
Perhaps it is because I come from a distant star
I used to think that reality lived inside my head
There are words I know that have not yet been said

I used to live in a house with a roomless view
There was nothing terribly interesting to do
None of my thoughts or words made the slightest difference
So I sat in the corner and started building a fence

My life is a delightful experiment in the absurd
I have thoughts and dreams that wait to be heard
I have absolutely no idea of what I'm going to do next
This can make those around me feel somewhat perplexed

I was never born and I have never died in vain
Allow me a few moments while I try to explain
This poem has now reached its premature destination
It continues silently in a realm beyond imagination

* * * * *

Another Rainy Day

In the silent green atoms of my recently reconstructed mind
A lonely brain cell sits patiently waiting to be purified
Contemplating its own existence
Walking the path of least resistance

* * * * *

A handful of sand

Knowledge is just a colection of random facts
True wisdom arrives only after you relax
Sit back and let your mind foat in vagueness
Towards that presence which is forever nameless

My head used to be filled with other people's thoughts
As I sat on the couch watching televised sports
Then one day out of the blue I suddenly rejoiced
As I started to pay attention to that soft inner voice

* * * * *

The Magician

What I do is so bizarre
People come from near & far
To watch me love everyone I meet
They think it such an amazing feat

* * * * *


My mind simply went crazy one fine day
There isn't a whole lot more I can say
It happened silently with barely a hint of a warning
So I went back to bed to wait patiently for morning

* * * * *

One is a crowd

I was visited in my dreams
By aliens on laser beams
As ridiculous as this seems
They came as football teams

* * * * *

The name of this poem has been changed for no apparent reason

I used to believe in all the federal emergencies of life
Until one day I noticed an ant strolling along my knife
Totally unaware of the metal universe on which it walked
I soon realised his friend the wasp had flown off with my fork

Back to where you came from

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